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Forgotten again
no surprise
people change like seasons
yet I remain
undeserving of love
nobody stays
i'm too hard to handle
too much of a pain
Beautiful your face
that mask you wear

but I can see the tears
the face you hide

between the stains
behind the smiles
a blackening

laughing like cries
silently screaming

a crack in the Great Divide
of who you are
and what the world will see
There is beauty here
You can see it,
Through the cracks of the universe.
You can see it all.

The clear night sky
In a polluted city
Where all stars come alive
And sit ablaze among the black

The mirrored echo of the sky
On a frozen lake
In the crisp and harsh winter
As above, so below, in beauty

The vibrant gold
In autumn months
Where all is tired and dying
But colour is awake and bold

There is beauty here
In the cracks of the universe
You can see it,
If you look.
Bruised wrists
thighs slashed
feelings inside can't get out otherwise
healing begins
but scars reopen
blood runs red
pain never forgotten
My Tuesday visit wasn't a visit at all.
Rather it was, yet again, another chance for you to tear me to shreds.
I wish that as tragedy and heart ache continue to strike
I would be better equipped to handle it.
Now I have no words to say.
No love to give to you.
No hope left.
Family is no more.
It never was there to begin with.
It is what I deserve.
  Aug 2015 Molly Anna Sartor
spend too long
pulling at my skin
in the mirror silently
abhorring my body with-
out which I couldn't exist, and I
wish I could see the beauty in the
way my joints fold and unfold but
all I see is the line across my stomach
and a decade of hiding at the swimming
(c) Brooke Otto
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