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  May 2015 Misha Fitzgibbon
Tim Buggy
I am a natural being,
I have a heart, and a brain
I am full of essence and breath,
I have a mind that emits itself for others to inhale.

But why does my existence bother you?
Do I not fit into your assigned categories?
Do I not clear all the ticks in your brainless mental box?

I appear too fragmented for your approval,
A broken disc glowing in its spectrum,
But the more I glow,
The more I am alive.

So I'm not sorry if your fragile, small head aches when I'm near,
I suggest you ask why it's so delicate,
Before you blame your afflictions on me.
Little bit personal but yeah
  May 2015 Misha Fitzgibbon
Rosie Dee
I have oh so many thoughts and feelings,
Hundreds and thousands,
Millions and billions,
But can i put them into words?
Not at all
I have so many thoughts and feelings in my head and have done for years, but have never ever been able to put any of it into words. I swear my head is going to bust soon with them all. Writer's block is a *****. (on a side note 'writer's block is a ***** was actually going to be the last line of the poem but i decided to leave it out)

— The End —