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At a time with no hope,
You mended a broken heart.
More beautiful than a piece of art.

In a place where I was lost,
You were the light that guided me home.
A body that I could call my own.

When I was at my worst,
You picked me up and kept me strong.
You stood by me as you watched my healing wounds.

You gave me a reason to want to live.
You gave me a reason to want to stay.
And no matter what happens,
We will never go out seperate ways.

Our hands are held tight with our fingers intertwined by love.
For your beauty and your desirable heart.

You have me and you always will.
Our love will never end.
This is only the begining.
After all I have been through. Battles with being broken, you have managed to fix it all... A girl who I will always call my own
 Mar 2015 Mike
you might not
 Mar 2015 Mike
you might not ever love me
like you loved her
when the sheets were on the ground
or on the bed
and you might not love me
as much
with bruises on my skin
from your bite
because my skin will not ever
taste quite as sweet
but you will love me
with different mattress springs in your back
maybe not quite as big
but when her hips are washed away
by time of us together
you may not love me like you loved her
but you will love me
with my earth filled scent
at night, not quite as much
you will love me
but you will love me different
and that is okay
 Feb 2014 Mike
don't want what you have to give me
don't want what's in your hand
because what you have to give me
just sits there on a stand
a stand of  easy breathing
and a sign that reads "take one"
but I hate easy breathing
so I choose to take none
from a bowl full with affection
overflowing as we speak
but this one sided bowl of affection
hears no words coming from me
so when you ask about the glass
Half empty or half full
I say "take another look at the glass"
it only belongs to you
 Feb 2014 Mike
The taste of your lips was almost as good as the last sip at the  bottom of the bottle
But the difference is I can forget that
Your words were almost as sweet as the coating on my pills
But atleast those were there to make me better
Your look was almost as bright as the sunrise
But I still see that daily
And your goodbye was almost as great as the scars
Both of which I feel forever
 Feb 2014 Mike
my addiction
 Feb 2014 Mike
I was addicted to something much worse than drugs
I was addicted to you
& I was in so deep, there was no escaping
& the rehab you called rebounds were always temperary
because getting clean from you  was always followed by a relapse
It started with a hit & then I was back
because my skin craved you like a smoker craves nicotine
But there's no patches or pills to save me from falling in love with something
So dangerous
Because it's just a matter of time till my blood runs out of what it needs to work my heart
the wrong way, also known as the only way I know
& I end up needing every ounce of you back in my system
 Feb 2014 Mike
 Feb 2014 Mike
it's like those dreams when you're falling off a cliff but with your eyes open*
 Feb 2014 Mike
 Feb 2014 Mike
she let out a sigh that lingered through the air & shattered the atmosphere like broken glass*
 Feb 2014 Mike
Silent Cries
 Feb 2014 Mike
Sit there silent but you want to scream
you're pouring your drink past the brim and it's bound to spill
you spill more than you poured ending up more than empty
you tried to keep the lid on for too long
And now you're bad you're going worse than ever
And you're leaking
a never ending dripping sensation of emptiness
But how can you be empty when you're dripping of a feeling worse than emptiness itself

— The End —