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Jun 2016 · 135
Mike Jun 2016
I lay awake In the bed we called ours
Wishing there wasn't a space where
You used to be when we'd lay wake for hours
The things we did when you used to care
Make me stay awake wishing
That maybe one day I could
Call you mine and maybe fall asleep
Like we once used to
Jun 2016 · 151
Mike Jun 2016
To **** the time
Left empty from you
I think of you
And the times we had

To **** the time
Left empty from you
I count the days
That you've been gone

To **** the time
Left empty from you
I wish for the days
Where we'd **** time
Feb 2014 · 1.3k
Mike Feb 2014
On the outside we seem as
we have it all figured out
when really on the inside
our feelings are crushed
and were torn apart
physically and emotionally
but nothing can fix us
except those that tear us apart
Feb 2014 · 216
Give me your eyes
Mike Feb 2014
Give me your eyes
For I can not see
Because of that
I feel I miss things
Things that impact
For I am in need
Of being impacted

— The End —