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It has a way of talking for my father.
Whenever I ask a question, it has the negative response
waiting for me.
Like a snake coiled up in it's own spite against all things enjoyable.

It started talking for him when I was very young.

Daddy, help me ride my bike!
Mommy, where did daddy go?
Mommy, why is daddy in jail?
Mom, who is this man in the house?
Dad, I haven't seen you in a long time.
How are you?
Dad, I have an awards banquet for school.
Do you want to come?
Dad, my friends mom said she could smell the alcohol on you.
Were you drinking tonight?
Mom, why is dad in jail again?
Father, please stop yelling at me.
Father, I have called you 10 times. We're at the restaurant for my 16th birthday. Where are you?
Father, please don't drink today. It's my graduation.
Father, your cough is bad. Please go see a doctor.
Father, please be safe. I love you.
Father, where are you? We found your car. We're worried.
Mom, can I look at father before he is lowered into the ground?
Alright so you know how if every color was in it's perfect form and they were all combined perfectly, they would make white? And how if just a small portion was off, it would turn black? Well, i think that's how love is. If you have every component (passion, caring, listening, selflessness, affection, attraction, interest, the list goes on forever) in its perfect form and at the right amount, I think it makes love. And if people get in fights, they're taking away from one of those components and distancing themselves from love. I dont know, it's a weird thought and I'm tired but I think thats what love is. Thats what our love is. I wouldn't want to make white with anyone else. I love you.
A piece of you
Reflecting back
The bitter words in your mouth
Too raw to speak
A poet is
Someone in pain
And someone in love
Someone who looks at the world
Through a kaleidoscope
Who takes a magnifying glass to each
And every
Word you say
And lets them imprint on their heart
A poet is
A star gazer
A dreamer
A chaser of
The improbable
But hopes anyway
A poet is
Tissue paper skin
A heart of glass
And a soul of titanium

A poet is
A sharp tongue
And a gentle kiss
She is a sob
He is a sigh
A poet is
The sun at midnight
Bright and
But cloaked in a darkness
They cannot shake
The brightest day
And the darkest night
A poet is
The human experience
A paradox
An oxymoron
So complicatedly

A poet is
A lover
Who refuses
To stop wearing their heart on their sleeve
No matter how much it bleeds
But rolls them up
So you can’t see
The blood stains

A poet
Is Poetry
It's days like this
where I remember
the time we have    
spent before the ice came.

I remember when
I tried to calculate your age
by the coffee rings in your mug.

I remember when
you used your finger as a brush
and my back as your canvas
while goosebumps were our medium.

I remember when
I was admiring the beauty in nature
while you were admiring the beauty in me.

I remember when
you found the key to my secrets
and I have never asked for it back.

I remember when
I woke up in tears from a nightmare
and you fought off the monsters.

I remember when
you said that if I was an illness,
I would be worth catching

After everything is said and done,
there is no one more magnificent
than you.

I wish I could've told you this
before you drove away.
To be continued.
If you date a poet, you will know the true meaning of 'swoon' and you will do it often. They know the power of a stunning phrase and it's way hotter than the Hallmark lines a non-poet will default to.

2.  They see the raw beauty in things that others take for granted.

3.  You will never ever need to worry that they aren't telling you something. Poets are ALWAYS trying to tell you something.

4. They're quite handy if you need a graceful way to tell someone off. They can tell em where to go and how far to stick it without using a single foul word.

5. Roses are pretty sub-standard and typical. Instead, you will get hand written love letters and sticky notes with one line *****-wetters. (Yes, I said *****-wetters. You know what it is.)

6. You will never not know the deeper meaning of something. Anything. There is nothing at all that a poet cannot analyze the hell out of. There's an underlying meaning behind EVERY single thing and if you ask a poet, they'll be elated to share it with you.

7. Poets tend to be minimalists. They don't always need a lot to set the butterflies a flutter. If you can come up with a couple of your own expressively charming lines, that will pretty much substitute a $125 dinner date.

8. Poets make curiously good alcoholic beverages. Because poets drink a lot of alcoholic beverages.

9. You'll never be without somewhere to go at any given moment. There's bound to be an open mic night, a poetry slam, a house party centered around poetry, a poetry in the park event, etc. There will always be something poetic going on. And they will know about it.

10. You will know what a true apology sounds like. Poets can apologize like NONE other when they know they have done something wrong.

11.Making love to a poet feels like syllables being whispered along the curve of your spine as you unravel into a million pieces.

12. Poets like smell good stuff. But not obnoxious fruity scents. Poets don't like to smell like fruit baskets. Poets like sandalwood, and amber, and lavender, and patchouli oils. You know...the **** stuff.

13. Poets cherish quiet time. Meanwhile, most non-poets you date will probably have the television blasting, music playing, friends climbing over one another and a cell phone conversation on speaker phone...all at the same time...every day.

14. You will always have a crowd-pleaser on your arm. Not all poets are attention ****** at parties BUT all poets know how to say at least one extra deep/witty thing that will have everyone else envious that you are the one dating the poet and not them.

15. Poets can wear the color black during all seasons, during thunderstorms or sunny spring days and make it look extra sophisticated and intentional.

16. Poets break rules...but also enjoy the process of making them. Keeps things interesting.

17. Poets shun conformity. So you know that if your poet bought it for you, said it to you, wrote it for you,'s gonna be something edgy and unique and outside of the normal (boring) box.

18. Poets are great with their hands and even better with their mouths. Enough said.

19. Poets are the gatekeepers AND the rallyers (is that a real word?) of the community. If you don't know what a gatekeeper aren't dating a poet. If you don't know what a rallyer is, it's because there's a possibility that it's not a real word. But you get it.

20. Poets like to make up their own words.

21. Poets don't like to be told that they can't do something. Maybe it's the whole submit and rejection process of writing. Who knows? But tell a poet NO and they'll keep trying until they get a yes. Persistence is way more handy than what can be explained here.

22. Poets read books. Book readers tend to have better vocabularies. A broad vocabulary is usually a trait of a good conversationalist which means no lame dinner convos.

23. Poets can write ugly things beautiful and can ***** up a pristine scene like nobodies business. In other words, when you need a different perspective on something...your poet can provide that for you.

24. A well-written poem can be the most powerful and therapeutic dose of truth and self-realization. Poets write poems. Therefore, dating a poet is like getting free therapy.  

25. Poets don't need a list of 50 things to prove why dating them is the best thing you will ever do.
Found poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources and reframing them as poetry by making changes in spacing and lines, or by adding or deleting text, thus imparting new meaning. The resulting poem can be defined as either treated: changed in a profound and systematic manner; or untreated: virtually unchanged from the order, syntax and meaning of the original.
Today, you asked me why I only capitalize the L in love whenever I write it for you. Every other letter has to be lowercase because my love for you deserves to be a proper noun at least.
Last week, you asked why I want to stay with you forever. I just told you how there was no one who taught me how to value myself besides you.
In the future, you will probably ask why I almost always hold my necklace when I kiss you. I will explain that I have to have my hand by my heart in case it tries to go to its rightful owner.
The first time I realized I was in love, I walked to my room and started crying. I felt like I was shot in the stomach and left there to die. I felt so vulnerable. I would've rather just laid on my floor for the rest of my life asking, "Why did you do this? I like being alone."
However, after I spent more and more time with him, it made me feel warm like a towel fresh out of the dryer on a cold winter day. It made me feel protected like the teddy bear in my bed. It made me feel comfortable like tea and a good book.

He makes me feel alive and dead at the same time and I don't know which is better. Alive to feel the emotions, or dead to forget all of the worries I have ever had. I hope this never ends.
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