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Meiyun Dec 2017
together we are a velvet dress
comfortable, warm, high-quality material
knee-length, not too fancy
rich, earthy-green in colour
one strap, a bit quirky?
accentuates the thin waist
smoothly caresses the full hip
effortlessly ****, soft and flirtatious
not a casual piece, although it is adaptable
the dress hangs heavily on your shoulders and is strapped to your soul
never collecting dust
sometimes worn around the house on a free evening, just for you
wear me here, wear me there
wear me everywhere, the velvet dress cries
but of course this cannot be done
opt for the denim today, the workwear tomorrow
life says it must be so
let's save ourselves for the serendipitous occasion
knowing that this is the greatest part of our beauty and charm
not sure about the ending hmmmm
Meiyun Dec 2017
glistening pavements and snow-topped trees surround
the December chill hangs perpetually in the air
but my head is on fire with thoughts of you and our Summer love

wrap me in layers of burning desire
pull me closer towards your fiery breath
surround me with your pitta-filled arms
my body is bubbling with thoughts of love on a Summer's day

all around me i hear the bones and teeth of a Winter's day trembling and chattering
i walk among them, naked and unbound
for i am floating in the lava of this Summer love
Wish this was true, it's cooooooold !
Meiyun Dec 2017
i am filled to burst
savoury on paper
but with such a sweet centre
you question me at first
for i don't sound so appealing
one bite and you're obsessed
your greedy lips
kiss my hard crust
lick my sugary top
and engulf my mincemeat each day
and then i disappear
and you forget all about me
'til next year
Meiyun Dec 2017
i see your name
your face
i feel your voice with all its pain
i'll take all the hurt and then some
to keep you alive in my brain
please come, take over again
invade my body and mind
come back to me
my favourite false friend
  Sep 2017 Meiyun
today i thought
of you
and i didn't flinch
my heart didn't
beat any faster
my mind didn't
i'm getting along
without you
Meiyun Sep 2017
Eat this way
No - eating this way is best
Eggs are gonna give you cancer
And fruit is banned now, too
Don't you want to live to 150?
Don't you care about the world?
Well - this water is gluten-free so, drink that
And eggs are actually cigarettes now so, avoid this
All this conflicting information everywhere
Is putting my head in a spin
The quest to find true health
Is actually creating a sickness within
Anyone else sick of trying to be healthy??
Meiyun Aug 2017
Galvanise my mind
Your touch like a class A drug
I think I am hooked
Really pleased and surprised by the response from my last poem! For me it was an achievement :) thanks to everyone on this site
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