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Aspen Sep 2017
today i thought
of you
and i didn't flinch
my heart didn't
beat any faster
my mind didn't
i'm getting along
without you
Aspen Jun 2015
you are so important
to me i need you like
a fish needs water i
just wish i wasn't so
******* disposable
Aspen Jun 2015
i've seen you missing
her and her missing you
and i feel like i'm in the way
of something better but i can't
make myself leave you're under
my skin
Aspen Jun 2015
i feel so stupid i get sad over the
dumbest **** but ******* it i
wish i didn't have to feel like
some kind of ***** secret i
want to know why what
other people say matters
so much i want to know
you're proud of me i want
to feel important to you
i'm so tired of feeling
like i have to hide for
you to like me
Aspen Jun 2015
it's almost 4am now and i keep
having small flashbacks to the
first time we hung out and how
you kept saying you were sorry
for where we ended up but i didn't
care i was just happy you were around
i've never wanted someone to stay
so terribly my entire life and that
day still makes me smile
Aspen Jun 2015
it's almost like some
kind of terrible joke
you are paper
i am glue
i'm so *******
stuck on you
Aspen Jun 2015
it's late at night it's
the middle of the day
it's early in the morning
it's all evening it's every time
i'm alone it's when i try to
hangout with other
people it's when
you're busy
i miss you
this with you / without you ratio is killing me
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