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Megan Kendall Oct 2015
I love you
With all of my heart
You mean more to me
Than I could ever explain
It hurts me to know
That you can't see it
There is no one else.
Not a single person
Could make me feel
The way that you do.
I love you
With every fiber of my being
Why can't you see that,
I only want you.
From now until forever.
I just wish you could see that.
Megan Kendall Aug 2015
Some days, I miss my family. I wish that I could just go knock on their door and say, "Hey, I miss you. How have you been? I'm finally getting my life together and I hope you're proud of me because that's all I want."

I miss my cat. I've grown up with him since the age of four and I've never spent this long away from him. All I get to see is pictures every couple of weeks. I don't get to hold him or hear him and I just don't want him to forget me.

I miss my sister. The one who raised me. She taught me right from wrong, how to make sure that I was safe, how to cook, how to smoke without coughing my lungs out. Sure, I'll always have a tattoo to remember her by, but it would be nice to see her every once in a while too.

I miss my boyfriend. I feel so much better when he's near. I'll see him sooner than the others but I still appreciate everything he does for me. I can't wait for him to come home.

I miss myself. Sometimes I lose myself in the chaos of life and I forget the things most important to me. I have a new family that treats me as if I were their own child. I have friends and even old family that love me and care about me even with little contact.

Although I miss parts of my past, I still would not have it any other way. I have grown from what has packed me into the ground and I am blooming into something great.
Megan Kendall Jul 2015
I'm just trying to figure out how its gonna be after we die and I'm terrified. I don't wanna lose my memories of this life. Is there anything after? Am I just gonna wake up as someone else and not remember anything else from the past? Does everything just go dark? Is there a place after death? Do we just relive our lives over and over? Have we already died in some other form? I don't want to know but I do so badly. I don't want to lose all of this and not remember what happened before. I dont want to keep reliving the same thing over and over, but I dont want to forget either. I'm just scared.
This keeps me up at night
If you asked me to tell
where the ceiling ends and
the walls begin,
I wouldn’t be able to tell you.
When I think about you
everything blurs into black
like an unkindness of ravens.
And I—
You are
the only thing that ever
crosses my mind as soon as
dusk turns into night,
and I could never tell you why.
I like to think that
just as birds know when to fly
and time knows when to die,
I was meant to love you.
When you are too afraid to tell someone "I love you" so you write a poem that dances around the subject
Megan Kendall Jul 2015
My words
Don't come out like they used to
I think too much
And I'm always too late
I can't seem to find the words to say
Is this right?
Will this make you angry?
I was always taught
To only say
What makes people happy
Lately, I've gone against that
It's never right
I'ts never right
I'ts never right
I try so hard to be perfect
Why can't I just say the right ******* thing for once
Maybe if I don't try so hard
The right things
Will just come to me
I was in a mood when I wrote this
Megan Kendall Jun 2015
I believe
That we become stars
Part of constellations

We watch as everyone goes on
And they have no idea that we're watching
But lonely

Planets thrive around us
Full of life and new adventures

From death
We create new life
And it isnt so lonely anymore
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