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Mary Beazer Feb 2018
I love the holidays
Family, Laughter, and Joy
But sometimes you don’t see the

I guess I wasn’t above that.

The phone rings
I hear nervous voices I guess they can’t hear me askin’
What is going on.
Hanging up brings me relief
And stress

I guess I wasn’t above that

I can’t even hear the words
I don’t let it be real
I might have lost a loved one

I guess I wasn’t above that

I has all changed like
Slamming on a brake
Making my mind go blank.

I guess I wasn’t above that

Now I am surrounded by tears
Those around they can’t even hear,
I am the silent one.
I am all alone when I don’t need to be.

I guess I wasn’t above that

People voices things surround me,
Why keep talking
I just want peace.
Why can’t you just leave me
I don’t want to hear
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
Over and over again.

I guess I wasn’t above that.

I know it is hard to mourn
When you feel relief.
Why is it so hard
When you are filled with grief?

I guess I wasn’t above that

Restless nights are filled with
Being left alone is a thing,
I Fear most.

I guess I wasn’t above that.

I don’t know if I can let you leave.
I won’t be able to keep you away from me.
Visions of pain are too much for me to bear.

I guess I wasn’t above that.

I know that we all are broken in our own way,
Broken Hearts, broken bodies, broken lives.
We all have a mountain to climb.
One step at a time.

No one is above that.
Thanks for reading!
Mary Beazer Oct 2017
On a shore,
you can hear the
whisper of the sea,
If you listen.

On the forest
you can see the
colors of the trees,
If you look.

On top of a mountain
you can feel your
If you close your eyes
and feel.

We take action and,
and feel.
Mary Beazer Jun 2017
A girl sees herself as,
Ugly, broken, worthless
and most of all no use.
Her life feels all alone.
She need to make a choice,
but the day she decides to to
take a risk-
She stops
One complements can make a difference
She is flying soaring feeling
One day at a time she takes life
She feels
Beautiful, happy, with so much
This is how others see her.
thanks for reading! One thing can make a difference, So be kind!
Mary Beazer Jun 2017
Men and women can be known as the people that help the world.

Can we be those people?
Can we?
Mary Beazer Jun 2017
We are alone because we improve day by day.
thanks for reading!
Mary Beazer Jun 2017
a light switch that helps me escape in darkness away from a world of people.

A desk at school so i can concentrate on
and language so I don't have to focus on my own problems

a pillow of my own that I am comfterable with that is on my bed

a piano so I can feel many peoples emotions in the music-
all of them.

snow in my hand that i can make into many things and it is my choice

comfy clothes that make me feel like I am beautiful even if I don't look like it to some people.

a hand of my sister in family love in my young childhood

a playful shove of a friend in happiness and laughter that I wish could be with me forever

a pencil of a begining of a story with ebdless e amounts of words in a story yet to write

A BOOK that helps me escape into million worlds i wish i could live in.
Thing that help me.
Mary Beazer Jun 2017
some people don't understand
the pain you feel

We sometimes let it take over but,
we cant, we have to fight
if it takes over is consumes
leaves us with nothing

We cannot give up
only we can really overtake it
we must do what we can,
all that we can do

to have a happy life.
this  is for all the people that feel this pain.
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