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Marvin Paul Apr 19
When i looked deep into your eyes.
I knew i had to apologize.
From one perspective
Her diamond heart necklace
is nowhere to be found.
Her hearts beauty leaves people spellbound.
When i saw you my heart failed me.
I was a clown drowning in my own fears.
I cant tell you because something always interferes.
Who knows what the next few weeks will bring.
That we might not see each-other.
Even though we never met one another.©M.P.Jacobs
Sadly she will never receive this poem because of the Corona virus and lock-down. This poem will be gathering dust until that day arrives.
Marvin Paul Jan 5
I sent millions of letters and poems hoping everytime she was my soulmate.
I ran after her just so she could disappear
Left my whole life for you only to find you dont feel the same.
I constantly dream about loving you and holding you, only to wake up then you are gone.
I searched for my soulmate in a cold vast world.
I cried a fountain full of tears for her.
I found you and we said we are going to spend our lives together.
Only to find out it was all a lie.
I will never find you, because i only see you in my dreams.
I looked for you everywhere, but i never found you.
I threw a rose in a pond for you.
When i loved you the most guess what you didn't exist.
I opened my heart to love only to be disappointed.
I had so much love to give but it left me empty.
I looked at every girl, wrote poems for some of them only to find out they weren't my soulmate.
I cut down a forest of trees to forget about the pain they caused me.
I gave up on finding you my soulmate but i never stopped loving you.
Is the soulmate something that does exist or is a soulmate made up by brilliant authors to fool people?
Marvin Paul Dec 2019
You slammed the door in my face.
When i was down you kicked me.
Rejected all my letters.
When my heart was broken, you stepped on the pieces.
You left me out in the cold waiting for you.
When it rained you left my tears running.
When i wanted to do everything for you,
No you wonder why i don't love anymore.
Marvin Paul Feb 2019
An array of flowers.
Your tears like showers.
Your heart like a masterpiece created.
Your shoes gold plated.
There is no certainty.
When you are happy
The grass turns green.
Like a queen on the front page of a magazine.
Fate had other ideas.
Your heart's music plays for different reasons.
Be wary of those who trespass.
Your beauty shown in creativeness.
Go either left or right.
Beauty is every womans birthright.
Marvin Paul Jul 2017
Her hearts grandeur.
When I wrote this poem I didn’t know what was in store.
A plaque against the wall reads beware.
Her heart is a place untouched.
A long abandoned corridor which leads to places untouched.

It’s something she must confront.
Her hearts beauty is unmatched.
Her heart is entrancing.
An alarm goes off if you are found trespassing.
Her heart is still filled somber memories.

Nature’s bizarre masterpiece –
The valley of desolation that has been untouched for centuries.
They had to build a huge dam to keep all her teardrops.
Hurt her and its like opening Pandora’s Box.
All her memories kept in a safety deposit box.

Make her cry and you won’t get a warning of the attack.
I hope she gives positive feedback.
I can’t expect her to write back.
She has the name of someone and something
Tattooed on her arm and a dragon on her back.
Marvin Paul Jul 2017
She is like a princess.
Her poem is priceless.
Beautiful flowers blooming.
A rose kept in a glass casing.

The bees start stinging.
All those who are caught staring.
There’s a thousand words to say.
Her beauty leads the way.

No matter what they say.
She couldn’t have imagined.
That her poem would be created.
On her beauty’s terms.

After all,
Hanging on a brick wall
A mirror confirms
That she is the fairest of them all.

If you don’t recognize her beauty.
You will be attacked by something spooky.
Even though we haven’t been talking.
I pray that she will enjoy reading.
Marvin Paul May 2017
Megan a comet with your name.
That is a shame.
I am not writing your poem for acclaim.
Her heart in chains.
Nobody can see her pain.
A stone wall entrance

Describing her beauty in one sentence.
Hope this poem got her attention.
A bubble to keep her happy.
Her reflection in the water.
The water froze of jealousy.
Does this poem even matter?
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