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mari Feb 25
me? am i lost?
what are you
talking about.

i have two feet
firmly planted
in the earth.

i know where
my toes dig
best into the soil.

i know how to move
with the winds.

how to flow
like the rivers.

just because i
am a thousand
miles from your
home and heart

does not mean
i am lost

does not mean
i am not content.
mari Feb 24
my lover’s lover is beautiful.
her skin is soft, and clean.
her hair is made of rays of light,
her songs are from the sea.

my lover’s lover is wonderful,
her laugh is bright and clear.
her body dances like fire sparks
he's lost when she is near.

my lover’s lover was there first,
truly, i cannot lie.
though i was his second choice,
somehow i thought he'd try.

my lover loves her more then me,
for my lover has good taste.
i just wish i could've be the one
to maybe take her place.
mari Nov 2018
i want to say so many things
but a kiss from you turns my

tongue to lead and i cannot
dream when you are in my bed

i cannot hear when you are
in my ears and i cannot cry

when you are still in my eyes
i cannot tell you anything, darling

my sweet, my dear, i cannot
give you the words i want to share

cannot give you the love in my bones
for fear that you could not hold it

i will sing in whispered tongues as you
dream; i will mourn you before you leave
mari Nov 2018
i am a sunny sky
when you need an
umbrella and i am
the morning frost
when you pray
for summertime
i am the crashing
waves when you
rest in the meadows
i am the moon
to your meteor shower
and maybe i will know you
one more time
mari Oct 2018
hunger did nothing for me.
it gave me no new growth,
it did not give me strength
for my bones, it did not fill
me with wonder and longing.

hunger could not stay with me.
it romances with tiny spaces
and the idea of belonging,
but my stomach growls louder
than the wolves outside my bed.

i stretch, i shrink, i swallow;
hunger could not fill me up,
hunger cannot take up space,
hunger cannot hold my body
in my bed at night and tell me

it’s all going to be okay.
i swallow you, hunger,
i cast you out,
hunger gave me nothing
and i loved her as nothing, too.
mari Sep 2018
thank you for not loving me.
it made me burn myself and
learn that trees can live when

fire has hollowed them out and that
forests regrow after the flames come.
and that sometimes, destruction can

be a darling lover, bringing beauty
back to the forest floor, dappled light
on ferns, and trees reaching to the sky -

thank you for not loving me. it made
me reach my arms up, to see if i
can go anywhere near as high.
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