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 Sep 2014 MariaLoves
This delicious dish!
So full of wonder and taste.
Layers of sauce, cheese, onions
with grounded beef and penne.

A stroll by the kitchen
is a heavenly moment.
The smell of it baking,
Oh, the anticipation swells within me!

One long sniff
can inspire great dreams,
and one bite,
can cure the misery
of a cold dreary day.
 Sep 2014 MariaLoves
Speak softly,
so I may savor
every morsel
of your tender

 Sep 2014 MariaLoves
 Sep 2014 MariaLoves
It could have been our summer
Now it's just a dead flower
All the hopes are locked into a tower
Come and save me as the clock is on it's last hours
 Sep 2014 MariaLoves
SG Holter
She smiles as if she has her whole  
Entire being in the cookie jar.

I laugh from my spine, as the wheels
In her pretty, dark-humoured head

Visibly turn within some sweet, twisted
Process. She speaks with the wit of a

Secret agent; the vocabulary of sailors
And intent of someone like Skeletor.

Her mouth is an instrument from which
Poetry as the opposite of itself sounds;

From where come words that make me
Either thrilled to talk back, or blush. The

Less you care together, the happier you'll be.

She smiles like that. I'm loving this lesson.
 Sep 2014 MariaLoves
I descended slowly so long ago.
The memory of how
and why it began floated
away with the flotsom on
the warm surface currents.

On the frigid sea floor of my mind
crushed beneath the pressure
of liquid self loathing.
A kingdom of cold piercing
darkness was my domain
and there I stayed.

"Please, come back."
Her words echoed in the depth.
And it began.

A slow ascension passed the
darkened depth through murky grey.
The grasping demons that preyed
on my spirit lost their hold as I rose
beyond their reach.

Faster I climbed.
My soul expanded with every passing meter.
Pushing away all that held me down
and breached the warm wavy surface
where it all began.

Golden rays and azure blue skies
fill my sight as I float with the current.
Miles from shore with hope as my
only compass.

The journey to my redemption now begins
with you as my guide.


KCsPoetryContest  depression  recovery
#KCsPoetryContest #recovery from depression #recovery #depression

Poetry contest submission on recovery from depression.
 Sep 2014 MariaLoves
SG Holter
Resting my back against
A back resting itself
Against mine.

What was lifted from my eyes
That made the end of summer
Seem so bright?

This could be a hospital, but
There is good health and honest,
Unpaid care in the walls.

Wherever I am in a room
I can reach out and feel the
Warmth with which

A goddess would sign her
Every most self-mirroring

Feeding me dinners, and gentle
Strokes on my arm by my
Side in the

Cinema, taking it easy. Talking,
Loving and getting to know.  
Slow. In and

Out of a place of light in weight
And colour, being asked nothing
But not asking,

And calmly, gratefully accepting
Carresses and other gifts.
Being given to,

By someone who loves to give.
Sometimes I have so much hope
For humanity.
The Earth No Longer Nests Within Summer's Clammy Palms,
But Is Suspended Upon Autumn's Chilled Fingers,
Soon To Fall Into The Chasm Where Winter Bides It's Time;
The Dwelling Place Of All Things Which Lie Dormant

The Lawn Remains Long And Untamed,
For The Carcasses Of Summer Leaves Litter The Ground,
The Summer Sparrows Have Flown Down South,
And The Pigment Of My Skin Has Faded With The Sun

The Breeze No Longer Harbors An Exquisite Song,
Only The Husk Of A Hymn Which Was Once Sung,
The Summer Leaves No Longer Whispered In The Trees,
For They Lie Speechless Upon The Frosted Forest Floor
Autumn's Arrival
 Sep 2014 MariaLoves
You are in my thoughts and in my dreams. You are part of my ideas and the decisions I make. You are so inside me that you are naturally in the steps I take. You are far away but I can feel you, soulmate.
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