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BIGriel Sep 2014
This delicious dish!
So full of wonder and taste.
Layers of sauce, cheese, onions
with grounded beef and penne.

A stroll by the kitchen
is a heavenly moment.
The smell of it baking,
Oh, the anticipation swells within me!

One long sniff
can inspire great dreams,
and one bite,
can cure the misery
of a cold dreary day.
BIGriel Aug 2014
the ground is rumbling
the crowd is cheering
as the hardworking players
tear up the field

as he swerved around the opponent
every roulette, every fake
every slightest touch
is a sparkle in the night

it's amazing how this simple game
so fun and so enchanting
yet so emotional
has taken over our lives

football isn't just a game
it is a lifestyle
BIGriel Aug 2014
School is important

As children
we overlook important things
that may seem crazy
but is in fact the truth

As children
we see school as a prison
we see school as torture
we see it as a place of endless work

But as children
we overlook the more important aspects
it's not just a jail cell
but in fact an open world

School is gives a chance
to socialize
to make new relations
and not just memorize facts

The relationships you make
the friends you make
all the bonds you create
shape who and what you are
BIGriel Aug 2014
what is true love?
someone once told me
that love doesn't exist
until you've reached the age of 60

I dated a girl with mental problems
and had a lot of expectations
and she somehow expected
that I could deal with it.

Her attitude was inconsistent
she was happy at first
and sad the next
but always told me it was because of stress

but I could say this
despite all the problems
despite all the stress
she is the first girl I felt love for

but a strange feeling occurred
as our relationship ended
I had feelings for another
and i start to wonder

am I in love with this girl
who I've known for two years
who I've helped through tough times
who I've never gotten sick of?

someone once told me
that love doesn't exist
until you've reached the age of 60

so is what Im feeling true love,

maybe for a 14 year old.
BIGriel Jul 2014
There is one moment
That almost everyone experiences,
The moment that you know will happen
But you don't want it to

When a vacation has to end,
When you leave some of your family members
That you know you won't see for a while                                
And when the endless of fun has to end.

I myself love vacations
And hate having to leave                  
a life of leisure and relaxation
But vacations always end.

I've noticed that whenever I leave
A place of wonder and of fun
The weather is never the same
As it was during my voyage.

In fact it's rather dark and cloudy.
As It begins to rain
And the streets are quiet
As we drive away.

But on a recent trip
A trip that was so fun
Time seemed to go slower
Something different occurred.

As we were driving away
And the clouds swormed the sky
Eclipsing the sun
A beautiful sight of color appeared

A double rainbow
As bright as I've ever seen
Arching through the sky
And over the mountains.

The end of a good time
Doesn't have to be dark
Nor cloudy nor rainy
In fact it can be just the opposite

I think the weather responds to our emotions
Just as we respond to it
And the double rainbow
Symbolizes it exactly
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