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Sep 2014
Resting my back against
A back resting itself
Against mine.

What was lifted from my eyes
That made the end of summer
Seem so bright?

This could be a hospital, but
There is good health and honest,
Unpaid care in the walls.

Wherever I am in a room
I can reach out and feel the
Warmth with which

A goddess would sign her
Every most self-mirroring

Feeding me dinners, and gentle
Strokes on my arm by my
Side in the

Cinema, taking it easy. Talking,
Loving and getting to know.  
Slow. In and

Out of a place of light in weight
And colour, being asked nothing
But not asking,

And calmly, gratefully accepting
Carresses and other gifts.
Being given to,

By someone who loves to give.
Sometimes I have so much hope
For humanity.
SG Holter
Written by
SG Holter  Fenstad, Norway.
(Fenstad, Norway.)   
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