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 Aug 2014 MariaLoves
it's not what it looks like
no, i promise
it's not what it looks like
less of my relationship with gravity
and more how i occupy reality
 Aug 2014 MariaLoves
Your perfection is an illusion.
My faults are real.

'Trust' is the stitching
that holds my fragile
parts together.

Whispers of what we share,
like confetti in a breeze,
cannot be recovered
once carelessly set free.

Don't release me to the wind,
I beg you.

 Aug 2014 MariaLoves
haunting grey outside,
forced to reminisce.
some believe we should just be.
no mind,
no chemistry,
friends in need.
I was born complete
but now fractured and
blown with Autumn's leaves.
running in place
no direction,
just haste,
faking my way.
the membrane
between me and the pain
is thinning away.

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