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DiamondGirl Aug 2016
You fill my heart
And other things
And make me feel
Like I have wings
And when you spin me around on the dance floor
I fly
  Jul 2016 DiamondGirl
Turtle Eyes
The plane hasn't landed yet and I already miss her.
I found my happiness in her smile,
I haven’t felt this way in a while.
She is my world and my one and only.
I know I would never leave her lonely.
She is filled with beauty and perfection,
She has an angel’s reflection.
When I look at her I instantly feel secure,
I know I love her more than anything for sure.
I love her more and more everyday,
She never seizes to take my breath away.
She’s mine, and I am hers,
Our love will forever endure.
I believe that together we belong,
I just can’t stand to be away from her for too long.
I know I’d take a bullet through the brain for her,
Because this is the girl I love for sure.
DiamondGirl Nov 2015
I am on the couch
I am without you and
My heart aches
  Nov 2015 DiamondGirl
Turtle Eyes
Every day I fall deeper in love with you baby!
  Sep 2015 DiamondGirl
Turtle Eyes
You have the type of beauty that will never fade,
Because it comes  from deep inside your amazing spirit!
  Sep 2015 DiamondGirl
Turtle Eyes
I miss your sweet smell,
I cannot wait to have your aroma
Filling my nostrils again!
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