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  Apr 2020 Madison
sad like her cheeks when she forces a smile
dry like her lips when she kisses my cheeks
lost like her expressions when she stares into the darkness
Quivering like her voice when she lies that she's okay
Deaf like her ears when she slips  back into her void
tired as her eyes when she hasn't slept all night
Yellow as the pills she places on her tongue
And red as the wine she gulps them down with

If you ever wonder what depression looks like
It looks like my mother's face
Madison Apr 2020
I am controlled
They take hold quick
conquering everything I am
emotional insanity
I’ve got to save myself.
Madison Apr 2020
When you find
that we are lost
nobody owes concern
direction is guided
by open eyes
the reward
unfurled wings

— The End —