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 Jan 2018 Luke
oh sunshine
 Jan 2018 Luke
oh sunshine
  how do i tell you?
  i am flying so high
  above these clouds
  weightlessly mine

            **oh sunshine

                 how do i show you
                 the butterflies that live in me
                 my veins full of ecstasy
                 the warmth of that summer breeze

oh sunshine
  the monsoon comes closer
  and that rain is here to purify
  everything will find its place
  there is so much to see
  so little to say

             oh sunshine
                  how do i show you
                  there is so much more warmth than cold
                  these golden rays never get old
                  the grass blades sway with hope
                  there is so much more to live for

oh sunshine
  the morning is yet to come
  the dawn is where you're from
  hold my hand and let me show you
  together we'll run
  straight into the sun
good music, good vibes
 Sep 2015 Luke
strawberry fields
petals pirouette
in the air
a wreckage nobody
will know
 Sep 2015 Luke
it's cold
 Sep 2015 Luke
and you're stuck again, shivering
pretending to hear god
pretending he gives enough of a ****,
no- there is no one.
the sound of your breathing is my salvation,
i've exhausted my resources. too many times.
some weeks i forget about your love,
last Sunday, and i showed up to see you with my neck bruised
as if i didn't know it'd lead to here,
now, reaching for someone something some high
it's always been you,
should i stay silent now?
rummaging through the heart ache, contemplating
a proclamation of everything i've ever felt,
or is it too late
tell me there's no deadline, no due date
loving each other is a ******* catastrophe
spilling emotions like wine, wine like hate
if i had one question, what the **** is fate?
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