Jan 11 strawberry fields
when eliot said a mobile app was coming out last year? Lol
  Dec 2018 strawberry fields
flash from beneath the christmas tree
like a person diving in the water
truncated by a fluffy tail, a blur of reality
a ball of fur as fast as lightning
thumping up the stairs
then back down
then back up
then back down
  Dec 2018 strawberry fields
two poems below. Took a page from Laura hahaha

For context, the poems are blocked from everyone if I put them in the poetry paragraph for some reason but not blocked if I put them in the note section.
I’m sorry, I’ve been
craving the feel
of the pen again even in the Sun
the cold wrapped around my body
as I let fly the arrow
and let the feminine
rise in me, wanting the ink
to spread its wings

Thank you for holding out for me
as I plunge myself into the light
seeking myself with you
undergoing the triumphs
and transitions-
let this be my contract in which
I write in vigil towards


My vacuum called my phone
one day (had no idea it could do that)
it’s true, it cried out:
wedged underneath the sink counter
and the wall and unable to back out
I drive home to free it
from its self-inflicted accident

My Audi’s seat warmers
don’t automatically adjust when I sit
on them and it bugs me
the bluetooth and Wi-Fi also
don’t automatically
connect to my phone

First world problems
material me,
I drown in the daylight
secretly and there’s nothing
moving me but desire for the future
newness - Raw and whole
with no distraction
even though the distractions
are perfect.


November was a blur. I miss the days where I could hike with minimal clothing on. Lol.

December descends upon us and winter came early. I love the general moodiness it brings and also the coziness of reading next to the fireplace (as well as rescuing my poor vacuum). I sincerely look forward to what 2019 goes, as the tradition of Christmas is a large burden on many as well as my own family.
  Dec 2018 strawberry fields
in love with danileigh’s music
above the dull day’s hips
roils the late afternoon
evanescent drama
then sinks into night
listening to her music
and wondering
where my life went wrong
  Dec 2018 strawberry fields
when there's dark
when there's dark, there's no you
big moods, therapy's too expensive
sometimes it's better to lie
than to **** the vibes
and waking from dreams
'cause when there's dark
there's no you and i'm staring
at the ceiling instead of stars
  Nov 2018 strawberry fields
egg whites
Cold and sunny— to be honest
you’re the only person
it shines on these days

negligent happiness
******* poking through
the egg white sheets we lay in
  Nov 2018 strawberry fields
All these boys do is meet
behind the shed, 4:20 alert
dagger of the day climbing rocks
and making bets on their teams
pressing feet on gold coins
dropped from birch trees
and well trodden hills
Idiocy comes in many forms—

I join em and ignore the world
the cries replaying hundreds of time
during the daytime, night time,
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