dreams drip and drop
saliva draped and daubed
across fine lips

the gallery of night
drawn curtains, unwoven robes
falling plump in the mist of a crush

want to be more than friends
before the kingdom of day
coldly sheds light in yellows and orange
subtle and solemn undertones
she’s becoming a no-vac mom
stars and pyramids have fates
designed for each of us,
schemes and snake oil posing
as natural herbs and curing
the werewolf of decaying intellect
the true nature of blissful ignorance
HP is lame and filtering all my recent poems as explicit lol
usually last a few minutes
the slow burn
bitter taste
wind chill needs to chill
fam needs to chill
bank account needs to chill
room remained behind glass
sipping coffee
bad fridays taste just as bad

won’t waste a minute
unless i’m wasting it with U

  Nov 4 strawberry fields
rofl the test worked
ya throw fits at the mall
speak ***** in a child's voice
i hear delicacy in your dialect
but it's optimism, imagination
on my part, trepidation and mistaken identity
tantrums later, spilled coffee
deforestation in my thought's trees
skinny love, blood in sinks
listening to that song
ya don't dig a whole lot
about him, you don't have a shovel
but you drive your
pink nails in the sheets
it's probably why i can't escape you
  Nov 2 strawberry fields
and just like that
wind blows and the sun’s out
the money’s gone
and the trap is on
phone’s a mirrored pond
an infinite void to jealousy
and just like that
it’s all gone, always gone
  Nov 2 strawberry fields
and you said i wasn't good
enough for you
yeah right yeah right
you're probably right
i'm good for no one
between the heavy breaths
and the bellyaches from laughing too hard
when we were high
i'll be gone when the lease is up
and i'll hope you're feeling free
with a better guy
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