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lucydrips Feb 2017
“I know you miss me touching myself , getting my pink ***** really wet begging to *** … Don’t you miss my round beautiful *** and how it shakes to every step I take naked ? I know you miss me , I know you want me you crave me I know you lay at home touching yourself sexually with the imaginations or the memories you have of me, you touch yourself and *** because of me, you miss my mouth and how small and wet my pink lips are and my titis you loved how small And perky they where and my pink brownish ******’s You love and enjoyed every second of me how you loved my taste of my ***** how my *** slipped right into your mouth and my tight little ******* you beg to **** , how I know you want to open me right up. I love it , I love to sit back and relax and watch you crave me, want me beg for me but you know I wouldn’t give you **** and I love the fact that you know I wouldn’t making you suffer of wanting me makes me feel good! So beg for me tell me how much you want me I love to hear you say it .”
lucydrips Jan 2017
Tight classy long red dress smoothly cut from a side showing off my legs , oh come on don’t you want to touch me ? Red is the candy all dolled up for you , don’t you want to dance to a girl and a shadow smoothly and gently pressing my small body onto yours how are you feeling , Enjoying this moment ? Enjoy the music the vibe the company you have . While you’re enjoying those moments those feelings let me entertain you , dancing for you keep on touching my body for you while you look at my face of innocent you didn’t expect me to be so ***** , It’s okay I give you permission to touch me but slow take your time touch every part of my body . Under my dress over my dress do what you please, now let me sit back and watch you impress me look at me and tell me how much you crave me , now taste me baby lick my richness am I good enough for you , Do you like what you see ? You make me feel so good how your hands are still running across my body , getting there mind completely lost how they enjoy my moaning my heavy breathing how they moan to every nasty thing I say … Oh how I moan “please baby **** me” stick your fingers in my mouth while looking at my face does my blue eyes tell you a lot about me ? Pink soft lips that they beg to kiss, it’s a trick baby it’s a ******* trick tight warm body of mind that you like , falling into maze there hands going up my legs kissing them from toes to lips pull my hair and talk ***** to me . I get this rush when they let me feel them from the inside , allows me to see what they think and what they like they love it and I needed the energy . Kissing and licking my small round *** a Manson sweet but ***** , I won’t regret so I memorize the words to a ***** movie the filthy ******* is the enemy and when I said we I meant by me.
lucydrips Nov 2016
I looked at her like a queen , I dreamt of drinking wine and listening to "Colors of the wind" by Marilyn in a nice place alone like we we're meant to be . I wanted to sweep her off her feet and make her love me, but now the room is so empty full of hurt and sadness sitting on the table that I dreamt of us having a good time drinking beautiful red wine , now I fill my glass up high so I can drink for two and cheers to myself "at lest you tried" . Dancing alone wishing she was here with me but now I'm left with memories and imaginations , whispering to myself "I love you" hoping she would have felt my energy , forever hoping she would come back and fall in deep love with me but for the mean time I'll be dancing like a ballerina in a music box waiting for her to come and join me.
  Nov 2016 lucydrips
Pull me under
with you into the sea
hold me close as we sink,
and don't let go of me.
You're still my octopus.
I hope you know you're the one that I'll love always, there's nothing that could take away these feelings. The ones I've held inside my heart for you, for so long, and still am holding.
  Nov 2016 lucydrips
Evie Day
I'm not going to lie.
A piece of me died today.
The part of me that I saved for you.
For the rest of my life.

I'm not going to lie.
And say that it didn't hurt like hell.
Hearing the truth from your lips
Ripped my heart open
And left behind...nothingness.
A shell of knowing that
I did all I could.
And it was not good enough.
And never will be.

So now, as I sit here
I can feel the numbness creeping up on me
And wrapping its arms around my rib cage
Just tight enough to make me feel oddly put together
And never tight enough to make me feel loved

But nevertheless... I welcome it.

Numbness is bliss
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