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Lucas Abbott Oct 2019
Silly me, silly me
Thinking I was fine.
I walked through the city that’s so bright,
Blocking out the wails coming out from the night.
Silly me, silly me,
Why would I be fine?
I think of what I used to have,
And how my mind has turned so mad.
Silly me, silly me,
I should have known so much better.
Then to turn me against the tides
and crash the waves of all that has past
Lucas Abbott Aug 2018
You almost had me fooled.
thinking it was alright to waltz in
with your smile wider than the ocean
talking with such eager about the past
"I miss how things used to be."
"Why can't you still be with me?"
funny thing is,
I already had one foot out the door
thinking of all the joys I have felt
since leaving you in the dust

— The End —