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 Mar 2021 lily
Savannah Kajdan
Poisons and potions
Past years of emotions
Regretting my actions
Forgetting my passions
Feelings can't be felt, I've drowned them and numbed them out
I'm insecure and full of doubt
Any chance of hope, I snuffed it out
Replaced it with fear and impending doom
Get out of my way please give me some room
All alone, isolation is home
Pushed everyone away so I can suffer alone
Look in the mirror, see a stranger I fear
No longer trust anyone, death is near
Can't handle feeling, won't allow it
Redirect my thoughts,                          
self destructions my power
Silence is deafening, hour by hour
Forget I exist, I won't be here tomorrow
No hope, just dope, is how I cope, I'm a coward
Self mutilation, my ****** creation
The more I bleed, closer to freed
Please God forgive me, my souls in need.
 Sep 2020 lily
He's very caring about his family,
And not only that, dear readers,
To every poet, he is so fatherly.

He's your most regular reader,
His words are so encouraging,
He is The Caring Corvus here.

He's the guiding light for new poets,
His profile is not available right now,
The Raven on the tree of Hello Poetry.
My HP Poem #1781
©Atul Kaushal
 Oct 2014 lily
Your work has been found posted here...

Go through them carefully as titles have been changed but poems have been posted verbatim with no link to the original.


LOL.... no more than half an hour later, the blog is closed to me... not sure if he blocked me after I commented or just closed the whole thing... ****** parasite!
THIS is plagiarism... ;)
 Sep 2014 lily
boxed emotions
 Sep 2014 lily
I have a box of memories.
I have a box of dreams
I have a box of days gone by
it's broken at the seams
I have a box of past actions
I have a box of future thought
I made a separate box for love
because I thought, if it fought
against my hopes
if it fought against
all my memories
in a world of dreams,
and against past actions
it seems, I was wise
to take such action
against Love
and boxed it separate
from my distractions
 Sep 2014 lily
Belly Fruit
 Sep 2014 lily
Just a twinkle in the night sky
A yearning to be someone
A sparkle in the darkest night
Your journey has just begun

Longing to grow into your long held dream
but at just little more than heart and soul
your sudden appearance holds me in thrall

Swimming in a safe haven
developing on the wings of dreams
you start to understand what it all means

Little Human…
Longing for the world of open spaces
waiting to arrive, you see, you hear, you feel
to bring a touch to a life you can heal

A breath, a cry, held tight against warm skin
bursting into life with little fanfare
all your senses become aware

A shock of hair, a cupid smile
a perfect name to suit
an amazing gift from the Tree of Life
my precious Belly Fruit

© Helen Doogan 09/09/2010
for all my babies.... I miss my older writes :)
 Sep 2014 lily
 Sep 2014 lily
She hung roses from her window
their tiny dangling corpses ever so slightly mangled
And strung up by their ankles
inside her mouth was shredded
her parted lips leaking licks of blood
the dribbling remnants of her lesson
that beauty cannot be ingested
 Aug 2014 lily
Aaron Bee
I want
To put 
Your leering
Deep in.
Make me feel
The pain,
I once felt,
You leaving
Me, shocking
My spine into 
***** ness.
Throw my breath
Onto your 
Ceiling, and
Suffocate my
With every ******.
I will
My torso,
Coil like a 
Pounce into 
What holds
 Ill intentions.
Venom oozing 
Out through 
My loving fangs,
Going for your
Laying flat, you
Feel excitement
Course all throughout 
Your being.
Curling at the toes.
Attempt at erotica
 Aug 2014 lily
Lucy Sky
allow me
 Aug 2014 lily
Lucy Sky
Darling, you're confusing. Like a puzzle that can't be solved.
You remind me of a book that hasn't been read. The pages only skimmed, touched by rough fingers, sometimes tearing your fragile pages.
I want to immerse myself in your words. I want to tear them apart, dissect them so I can see what's underneath. I want to be a part of the story you have yet to finish.
Im drawn to you like the morning tide.
I would love to explore the depths of your existence, if only you were to let me. Even just for a quick moment.
I can feel your insecurities, the ones hidden in the depths of your pages. I know them all too well, like they are my own.
Won't you let me break down your walls, explore the world of your subconscious thoughts.
Let me in, please?
I showed you the heart I wear on my sleeve. I gave you the pen, invited you to help finish the novel that hasn't been published.
I want to show you what its like, show you that you aren't alone.
Let me be the one to help knock down the temple walls you cling to so dearly.
If you could only see what I do.
I want to become a part of your world. Immerse myself in the depths of your existence.
Are you ready?
I want to break you down, rip apart the images you have created. I want to see you totally exposed. I'll stand with you, I'll show you my skeleton. Let me be the one that helps paint the walls of your psyche.
Do the same for me.
Tear me down, rip me to shreds. Shine a light in the darkest corners of my being.
We will rebuild ourselves. Refurbish  old images. Bit by bit, using scrapes from our ruble. We can create a world that is for us. Parts of us, mixed together, securing the infrastructure.
Let me be the only light to shine in your temple. Let me mend the pages that were torn by careless fingers.
I want to melt, my colors bleeding into yours. Illuminate our souls with the fire we sparked together.
Do you trust me?
Will you take my hand? Will you allow me to catch you incase you slip? I won't let you trip over the liter left behind by our pasts.
Leap with me, dive into the world we create. We can fall together.
What do you say?
I've given you the key to my pages, the pen to write your words down.
Will you do the same?
Hand me your key, I'll show you what its like. Remind you how it feels when my pen touches the pages of your soul.
Give me your love, your heart, your life.
I'll handle it with care.
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