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You was not just only our Mother. You was our provider and our queen.
And God gave you the biggest heart this world has ever seen.
Rodney Mendoza Dec 2022
We shouldn't have many complaints. Our lives have been pretty good.
There's been some things we shouldn't have done and some things we wish we could.
But all in all it hasn't been bad.
Because our happy days out ways our sad..
So we really shouldn't care what people may say.
Because God wakes us up every single day.
He says we won't fail us as long as we try.
And we should always be truthful and try not to lie.
So even if we're broke and have no way to borrow.
Our credits good with God for today and tomorrow.
He makes sure our life account is balanced and there's no overdraft.
And he assures us he'll protect us from Satan's wrath.
So when Jesus was put on the cross and they hammered in that nail.
That guaranteed if we believe we will not fail.
So every day when we awake we should just keep pushin'.
But if we fall we have God as our cushin'.
Rodney Mendoza May 2014
There's always been one word I could not figure. Why do we use that vile word ******. We've been called that word since we go off the boat. And now we think that word fits us as if it were a coat. It rolls off our tongue so very smooth. It's as if we don't know another word to use. It's become a part of our culture and a part of our life. Men say it to there children and even to their wife. But when white people say it we pull out a knife. I hear Mexicans say it and Puerto Ricans too. But when they say it, it's ok with you. That's one foul word and sometimes I use it to. I'm trying not to, and so should you. There's nothing good in that word. Not one little letter.  We are not stupid people. We need to get better. That's one six letter word we don't need anymore. That's one six letter word we should kick out the door. Because when we use that word every single day. That one little word will never go away. R.Mendoza
Rodney Mendoza May 2014
Sometimes we don't realize how truly blessed we are. We've been killing ourselves for years and it hasn't left a scar. We still wakeup every morning with another chance to live. Yet will still refuse to acknowledge the blessings that only God can give. How many blessings are left? How many chances still remain? As long as we do wrong the results are still the same. We always make life more difficult than it really has to be. We continue to walk around blind when we know that we can see. At some point during our life it seems we've lost our way. We've been living during the night for so long we forgot there was a day. One day we may realize that enough just is enough. And at the same time we may realize that we really ain't that tough. All the people who tell us they love us have go to be tired as hell. They have to be tired of hoping that one day we'll get well. We are not stupid people. God gave us all a brain. Even though some of the things we did made it seem like we're insane. One day we may wake up and surrender our life to God. Then maybe we will realize that his way isn't that hard. R.Mendoza
Rodney Mendoza May 2014
Sometimes people don't like to hear what has already been said. But some of us have died, we just don't realize that we're dead. We've been walking around dead refusing to lay down. We have'nt smiled in years. Our face wears a permanent frown. Happiness and joy is no longer a part of our life. And because we walk around dead we live in misery and strife. How can someone walk around dead? Is a very good question to ask. They are very easy to spot because they're the ones wearing a mask. They wear a mask trying to hide what they have done. But when you walking around dead you can not hide you can not run. You can not run because the dying has already started. All the people you hurt during your life. You have left them broken hearted. We never see the damage because dead people can not see. We don't see that we're not the same person. The person we use to be. There once was a time in our life when we were alive not dead. Then God gave us the chance to choose and we chose death instead. So God decide to let us die because he truly is our friend. So now all we need is his blessing and we can be born again. So if your walking around dying or your already dead. When you start to think about the choices you make. Maybe you'll choose life instead.
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