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lily Sep 7
Kintsugi gold glue?
The smart ones stockpiled it.
I'm still in pieces.
lily May 15
The study of waves
is a scholarly endeavor.
The sun might disapprove, though,
and turn my skin to leather.
But the surf sings like Sirens,
"We should always be together."
Icy drink in hand,
I may study waves forever.
lily Aug 2017
I swallowed my pride
like a miracle pill
hoping it would heal us.

Every morning I put my heart back together
and every night it factures, again.

I scream ****
into the nothing
and nothing hears me.
lily Apr 2017
The longing tattoos.
Meanders over skin like
a drowning river.
lily Aug 2015
Rice hugs yellow fin
as they tango on my tongue
melding sea and earth
lily Mar 2015
Fashionably gloved
Flirting with the pierced bald man
Lemon scented me
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