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Kevin Bennett Nov 2015
Stealing another ****** moment - her eyes were watching
All of his movements till she had to have - his body dripping
Melting over all the other flaming pools will do it to you too
"How do you do?"

Acetylcholine failing, blaming it on ethanol
Despite a dehydrogenase, he's bounding for the fall
Cold, scared, and dying on a billowy soft cloud and out
She takes his body to sleep the first time he was weak
Kevin Bennett Nov 2015
I have no friends - I have no wife;
An ogre in a bog.
I have no love - I have no life;
But ****** I've got a dog.
Kevin Bennett Nov 2014
I've been hoping for months
Hoping for years
Hoping I might forget

Oh, but it don't get much dumber
It don't get much dumber
Than trying to forget a girl when you love her
Kevin Bennett Sep 2014
I mustn't fear;
I must always be brave,
For the way I treat the world
Will save the world some day.
Kevin Bennett Aug 2014
I saw a goose alone in a pond;
The morning fog settled 'round him.
One more night survived on his own
The promise of dawn ever so dim.

A lame wing was his wicked ailment;
Forever stuck in this place.
Unable to fly with the flock he so loved,
But a different story told on his face.

A stern embrace of his abnormality
Gave him the look of a royal Swan.
Not fearing the lonely life of an outcast,
But sanguine with each new dawn.
Kevin Bennett Aug 2014
Though I did not know you well
Or watch your stand-up routine,
You posed to me life's greatest question,
"What will your verse be?"
Kevin Bennett Aug 2014
The insatiable urge for living free
Flows strongly through my brain.
Others sit idly by,
While I sit through the pain

Of this trite and shallow routine.
I cannot be bothered with this.
The test of my will and perseverance
Will never feel the bliss

That others accept as having made-it;
Accepting the facts of life.
Instead I choose to seek adventure
If I must be a martyr till it is rife.
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