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Dec 2016 · 944
Time Drifts
Kelly Rose Dec 2016
Time drifts
Moments just pass by
How I long
To grasp time
Bringing it to a standstill
As I struggle
With dreams
At a crossroad
Autumn’s chill
Holds me back
As dreams are
A young one’s game
Opportunities have
Gone away
Dare I pursue
The unexpected paths
That have opened before me
Even if time is
Faster than I’d like
Afraid of making
The wrong choice
Feeling life
Slip through my fingers
As I linger
A bit dazed and confused
As the future
Becomes the present
Time drifts
As I stand still

Kelly Rose
© December 23, 2016
Dec 2016 · 619
Kelly Rose Dec 2016
In the blush of youth
It is easy to believe
In fairy tales
That a knight in
Shining armor
Will rescue one
From all their sorrows

In the Autumn of life
One finds that love
Is not always about
Happy endings
Love must come from within
Not from without

Self-love if often
I miss the love that
Is right in front of me
If I do not love myself
I end up rejecting the
Gift of love

Love tries to welcome me
And sometimes…
Love seeps in
Coloring my world in
Many beautiful hues
And I find acceptance

A beautiful gift is before me
For the taking
If only…
If only I would embrace
This precious gift everyday

Kelly Rose
© December 22, 2016
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
A repost _ labels
Kelly Rose Jan 2016
“I am not going to be the person
I am expected to be anymore”

I heard this thought and was
Kind of blown away
Making me question
All sorts of things

Who do I expect me to be?
Who do others expect me to be?
Am I
Do I even care?
What do these labels even mean?
Why can’t I label me Friend?
Is there anything expected of
An acquaintance?
I am trying on new labels


Whatever the label
Poet, daughter, wife, maybe even friend
These masks sit a little uncomfortably upon me

What of the unspoken and often unseen labels


Do these fit me any better?

I don’t think I have ever been
The person others expected

Certainly not myself!

How extraordinary!
“I’m not going to be the person
I am expected to be anymore”

Kelly Rose

Heard this in a commercial and it hit a nerve  
Someone asked me to post an old poem and I give others the option of posting an older poem that touched them - it is a lovely experience
Jan 2016 · 1.4k
Just for Today
Kelly Rose Jan 2016
Just for Today....
My smile came easier
I laughed more freely
I liked myself just a little bit
Causing a certain calm, peace, and warm glow

Just for Today...
I had a golden moment

There is hope for tomorrow

Kelly Rose
January 27, 2016
Jan 2016 · 1.6k
A New Beginning
Kelly Rose Jan 2016
A New Beginning
Can happen any time
Any where
And at any age

A new beginning is
The dawn of a new day
Or a new year
From one moment to the next
It is an opportunity
To start anew
If one has the courage and
The drive to capture
And willingly grasp this change
To make new dreams
And then make those
Dreams come true…

A new beginning
Whispers of wishes and dreams
As the morning sunlight
Gently kisses me good morning
Filling my soul with delight
I dare to take flight
In a new direction

Kelly Rose
January 2, 2016
To letting go of fear and living one's dreams
Dec 2015 · 637
Loneliness (10W)
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
My odd companion
Is a hard habit to break

Kelly Rose
December 31, 2015
I think I have chosen loneliness for so long, it is hard to give up
Dec 2015 · 7.3k
Lucky to be a poetry lover
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
Is there anything more wonderful
Then being part of the poet’s corner?
Lucky am I to be a poetry lover!
A romance novelist used poetry to ponder
A story that changes and transforms
One’s heart.  Is there anything more wonderful?
Joining a poetry site, I blundered
My way to writing a poem, oh what torture!
But lucky am I to be a poetry lover.
Many offered their support, allowing me to discover
My path and slowly my writing became stronger.
Is there anything more wonderful?
So many inspired awe and wonder,
Giving me strength to claim my own corner,
Justifying my becoming a poetry lover.
To those who offered encouragement so tender
I offer my thanks and give honor.
Is there anything more wonderful
Than becoming a poetry lover?*

Kelly Rose
December 29, 2015
When I first came to this site, everyone was so supportive and encouraging.  I would like to thank - Nat Lipstadt, SE Reimer, Wolf Spirit, Tonya Maria, Anubis the Philosomancer, Sjr1000, Timothy, The Anonymous Joker, K. Kalachandran, Pradip Chattopadhyay,Traveler, Jack and r who all supported me in those early days, as well as so many others.  Thank you and I wish everyone a wonderful New Year
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
Funny, how like
A freak she felt
Not knowing if she knew
How to love
How to give
From outside appearances
She was seen as
Quite nice –
How often deceiving
One’s appearances can be
As she lost herself
Behind a façade
Only ever seeing the
She hears the
Endless scream
Of her soul
No longer can she
Feel that pain
Lost, she no longer
Knows herself
She only sees
The façade
Though, deep down
She knows there must be more
She does not know how
To strip herself
Of her mask
And sorrow infuses
Her body and soul
As she seeks
A way out of the
Chains of her
Self deceit

Kelly Rose
December 27, 2015
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
Inner Demons
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
How I wish to embrace each day
Meet the Morn with a song in my heart
Instead depression pulls me into the dull and grey

Despair rises up, much to my dismay
Clouding my judgment and tearing me apart
How I wish to embrace each day

A new day dawns, but still with feet of clay
I succumb to the darkness, wishing it would depart
As depression pulls me into the dull and grey

I awake with good intentions that go astray
It’s a constant struggle that I don’t wish to be a part of
How I wish to embrace each day

Out of the quagmire I make my way
Towards the light, thinking it’s a new start
Instead depression pulls me into the dull and grey

How wondrous it must be to find one’s way
Rising above the despair and make a new start
How I wish to embrace each day
Instead depression pulls me into the dull and grey  

Kelly Rose
December 8, 2015
Dec 2015 · 713
Title below
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
She thought she found love
Joy filled her heart and soul
Her heart once held beauty
But now it has withered and died
Betrayal left its rancid seed
She loved a god, who took her as his bride
They sanctified their love in
A temple of the goddess Athena
Furious, Athena’s wrath fell upon her
She sought help from her beloved Poseidon
He smiled and walked away
Her heart slowly turned to stone
Where once glamorous tresses hung
Now poisonous vipers gleamed
So filled with bitter rage
Just one look from her transforms
One to stone
A love betrayed
Her heart now unfeeling stone
It is a monster that she has become
As betrayal’s rancid seed grows
Her soul silently weeps
As she seeks those who betray love
And turns them to stone
With one glance
Her tale has become myth
But still she exists
Even if only to be found
Within the hearts of those
Whose love has been betrayed

Medusa’s Legacy

Kelly Rose
December 8, 2015
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
Ghost in Life
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
She is a ghost within her own life
There, but never seen
She sought love in all the wrong places
Disappearing a little bit more
With each failed love affair
Then one day she was seen
She was loved!
Or so she thought
Now, frozen in fear
She becomes less visible
As love dies
With each harsh word spoken
One tear drop at a time
Each day she becomes insubstantial
A Ghost -
There, but not seen

Kelly Rose
December 2, 2015
A cycle now completed
Will she ever have the
courage to try again?
Nov 2015 · 743
Alone at Midnight
Kelly Rose Nov 2015
Alone at midnight
Beneath the cold stars
The warmth of the sun
Seems so far away
Suffocating deep within
Unheard screams echo
Trying to break those cold chains
That bind my heart
Not knowing how to unravel
Its stifling pattern
Living on the precipice
Fearful of the fall
Hopeful to take flight

Kelly Rose
November 16, 2015
Kelly Rose Oct 2015
The ghost of me from yesteryear
Visited me in my dreams last night
Reminded me of innocence so dear
Causing me to shed precious tears
Missing innocence’s wondrous light
The ghost of me from yesteryear
Encouraged me to release my fears
Now my soul struggles to take flight
And reminded me of innocence so dear
Though my path is not always clear
I fear being caught in an endless night
The ghost of me from yesteryear
Has snuggled in and holds me near
Wanting to fill me with such delight
And reminds me of innocence so dear
Silence fills me as I peer
Deep inside to find love so bright
The ghost of me from yesteryear
Reminded me of innocence so dear

Kelly Rose
October 16, 2015
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
Harsh Words
Kelly Rose Oct 2015
Harsh words spoken
Are an arrow that
Pierces one’s heart
Leaving its mark, a wound
That can slowly heal with time

The one who slings such arrows
In their bitterness
Wounds their own heart as well

The difference is…

The arrow the wielder receives
Leave such a wound
That erodes over time
With its bitter sting
Robbing them of
And compassion

Harsh words spoken
Harms all within its vicinity
Leaving some to recover slowly
And many who will recover, not at all

The best course of action
Is inaction
Leaving harsh words

Kelly Rose
October 9, 2015
Oct 2015 · 1.0k
Kelly Rose Oct 2015
So many words and languages
Often confuses more than clarifies
I pull words from deep within
And am left
Sil­ence reigns
Meaning is lost
As words pour forth
In an instant
A moment is perfectly captured
And I feel I finally know myself
Silence reigns
Meaning is lost
As words pour forth
          And I am lost

Kelly Rose
October 6, 2015
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
A Rough Patch
Kelly Rose Oct 2015
A Rough Patch

Only I can live my life
Accept my flaws and damaged soul
Childhood left wounds like a knife
Leaving its mark, taking its toll
Wounds fester when left unattended
Making room for woe’s despair
Longing for my soul to mend
And my broken heart repaired
All wounds do not heal with time
Making it hard to let love in
Life has no reason, nor rhyme
Hope comes and goes on a whim
Doubts and inertia often plague me
And I wonder if I’ll ever love me

Kelly Rose
October 3, 2015
Aug 2015 · 1.7k
Once We Were Lovers
Kelly Rose Aug 2015
Once we were lovers mind, body, and soul
Eros has flown, only philia remains
Sadness takes hold, no longer am I whole

Distance creeps in; the heart is inconsolable
I am drowning in sorrow’s cold grey rain
Once we were lovers mind, body, and soul

Love is diminished, leaving a gaping hole
Deep inside.  Our connection slowly wanes
Sadness takes hold, no longer am I whole

I feel I am only playing a role
Toleration fades, leaves only disdain
Once we were lovers mind, body, and soul

Failed actions have taken a painful toll
Slowly dying, overtaken by pain
Sadness takes hold, no longer am I whole

Future uncertain we’ve lost all our goals
This slow erosion lets sorrow’s madness reign
Once we were lovers mind, body, and soul
Sadness takes hold, no longer am I whole

August 2, 2015
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Emily Dickinson -Cento
Kelly Rose Jul 2015
Emily Dickinson – Cento

Me from Myself – to banish –
I’m Nobody! Who are you?

There is a pain – so utter
Time never did assuage
The Soul has Bandaged moments
Of Course – I prayed
Because Escape – is done-

The soul has moments of Escape –
To justify the Dream –
I took my Power in my Hand -

Creator – Shall I – bloom?
I thought if I could only Live
Somewhere – in Silence –
I dwell in Possibility –
The Impotence to Tell –
Exhilaration – is within –

Me from Myself – to banish –
I’m Nobody! Who are You?

July 30, 2015
Something fun to do with your favorite poets
Jul 2015 · 7.7k
I am the Poet
Kelly Rose Jul 2015
I am the Poet, hear my siren’s song
My woven whispers ****** ways and words
Mesmerizing, you will feel you belong
Be part of an inner circle and be heard

Write with me, no lines will be false or blurred
Together we will create and be strong
There’s no need for pleasure to be deferred
I am the Poet, hear my siren’s song

I have been sad and alone way too long
Belonging together is most preferred
Creating brings joy, won’t you come along?
My woven whispers ****** ways and words

Take a chance and your senses will be stirred
Part of our circle, not lost in the throng
We are more together, grace is conferred
Mesmerizing, you will feel you belong

All ideas are welcomed, no thought is wrong
Just know this; your spirit won’t be interred
May our venture be successful and long
Be part of an inner circle and be heard
I am the Poet

July 21, 2015
something new and different
Jul 2015 · 810
Contemplating Life
Kelly Rose Jul 2015
Contemplating life as time slips away
Feeling tangled by decisions she made
Mysteries unravel and thoughts run astray
She needs to move forward before hope fades

Life has slipped away, much to her dismay
Watching dreams die, emptying her cache
Lingering doubts leave her feeling jaded
Contemplating life as time slips away

Shadowed by loneliness, she feels like prey
She closes her eyes and hides to evade
Her pain and sorrow.  She will have her say
Feeling tangled by decisions she made

Cobwebs are clearing, hope brightens her day
Dark skies are changing, becoming pearl grey
She’s now able to step out from the shade
Mysteries unravel and thoughts run astray

Her mind is now clear; she’ll find a new way
As long as she is able to persuade
Her doubts to fade, while learning to pray
She needs to move forward before hope fades
                               Contemplating life

Kelly Rose Jul 2015
Lonely and filled with sorrow
Self-hatred burns bright, loss of self is profound
Defeated, she feels there is no tomorrow

Abandoned, she is left to beg, cheat and borrow
Hope is nowhere to be found
Lonely and filled with sorrow

She is torn asunder and on the morrow
She will stand firm and hold her ground
Defeated, she feels there is no tomorrow

As her heart is pierced by an arrow
The ground crumbles; she feels drowned
Lonely and filled with sorrow

She is bereft and feels quite hollow
Life makes no sense, leaving her confounded
Defeated, she feels there is no tomorrow

Hopeless, feeling despair she wallows
Afraid she’ll never rise up and be found
Lonely and filled with sorrow
Defeated, she feels there is no tomorrow

Kelly Rose Jul 2015
Her pain is tangible, it breaks my heart
She does not see it, but our love is strong
Despite her pain, we will never part

Together we can forge a new start
Despite her pain, entwined are our songs
Her pain is tangible, it breaks my heart

Shared laughter will make her pain depart
True love will give her strength and make her strong
Despite her pain, we will never part

We were meant to be, our hearts sing one song
She tries to hide, knowing it is wrong
Her pain is tangible, it breaks my heart

She smiles every now and then, it’s a start
Through she feels she has nowhere to belong
Despite her pain, we will never part

She smiles very now and then, it’s a start
Her heart and my heart, totally belong
Her pain is tangible, it breaks my heart
Despite her pain, we will never part

Trying something new.  Sorry I have been away
Kelly Rose May 2015

She is nobody
Not very memorable
She is a  ghost in life
Never making  or
leaving her mark
Easily, she could fade away
She knows not how to connect
Out of sight, out of mind
Lives too much within her head

She is...
too odd
that brick wall that is impenetrable

Never to be remembered
Never needed
Really nobody
She is loneliness

Kelly Rose
May 10, 2015
Sometimes how I feel
May 2015 · 1.9k
She Prevails
Kelly Rose May 2015
She will prevail

It can hurt
To have one's integrity or honor

She lives life
By her own rules
As the roads of life's journey
Are often like a maze
Filled with twists and turns
Leaving one confused and dazed

As one navigates their way
Through the labyrinth of life
Hard lessons are learned
One must live by
Their own rules
As they wade through
The deceptions and lies
Thrown their way by life

She rises above the petite hurts
And false accusations

Knowing the truth
Whether it is known to all
Or buried deeply inside
That she will prevail
Kelly Rose May 2015
A distance has opened
Between Heart and Soul
Passion and Desire


Disconnected from
Wants and Needs

Wondering how to
Weave back together
What has been
Torn asunder

Kelly Rose Apr 2015
Incapable of opening her heart
Hiding behind books
Exquisitely lies
So believable
Even she bought
Her own *******
Lock, stock, and barrel
or it is...
Hook, line, and sinker
The one who
Closes off
Heart and Soul
Never learns
No real impact
Silent screams
Or maybe not so silent
Drowning in a pool
Of cries for help
Unable or
To grab a life line
She breaks
Her own heart
Numbing her soul
Unknowing of WHY
She refuses to
Stop Self-Sabotaging
Keeps her heart and soul
Closed to others
Never letting them close
Feeling so alone*

Despair or just self pity?
Mar 2015 · 1.5k
She Loved Quietly
Kelly Rose Mar 2015
Her's was a quiet love
filled with love letters
and roses
His was a fiery love
filled with danger
rough kisses
and a certain violence
He gave her
the warmth she craved
through his fiery passion
without singe
She gave him
a cooling calm
soothing his ravaged soul
with her gentle breeze
Unlikely pair?
Most definitely...
But what a balance
they achieved
He was her fire
She, his cooling breeze*

Mar 2015 · 747
Dancing the Night Away
Kelly Rose Mar 2015
Dance is a breathe of love

****** me with your Waltz
Stir my Passions with your Tango
Steal my Heart
With your Rhythm and Grace

Dancing the night away*

Mar 2015 · 936
Dreams and Love
Kelly Rose Mar 2015
There comes a time
When dreams die -
There comes a time
When true love is unrealized -
New Dreams may whisper
And little loves
May kiss one's life
and Kisses
Don't always fill
The emptiness of
Lost Dreams
Love not realized*

Mar 2015 · 715
Kelly Rose Mar 2015

Sadness takes hold
it's grasp is just
too hard
to break*

Mar 2015 · 775
Kelly Rose Mar 2015
The doodles of my mind
the beginning of...

an idea
a discovery of self
clarity of thought

they are the beginning

real, but not

Kelly Rose Mar 2015
harsh words...

"you don't know
what you are talking about"

"shut up
no one wants to hear it"

"you're so stupid"

easily steals one's voice

harsh words
taken to heart

she may never find
her voice again*

The Poet Challenge
Mar 2015 · 977
Love, so strange...
Kelly Rose Mar 2015
so strange
sometimes ugly
fills my heart

A lover who...
draws a line on intimacy
who accepts, but not fully
who makes me laugh
but slings an arrow
a tear drop falls

Love so fulfilling
but leaves me wanting

the heart yearns
for romance
and sighs in comfort

Always touched
in friendship
denied a lover's touch
of sensual promise and passion

So strange
sometimes ugly

Fills my life

a love poem?
Feb 2015 · 641
Something different - Humor
Kelly Rose Feb 2015

She is often told
she has no sense of humor

But really....
It wasn't that she
did not enjoy the absurd
Or laugh

The problem is
she's just not funny

So strange...
you would think
humor and funny
are one and the same

Obviously not...
She sees the humor in that

Do you think funny people -
those who gift others with laughter
have a sense of humor?

their fun-ni-ness
comes out of pain

Do you think they see the absurd?*

Feb 2015 · 786
Unexpected Moments
Kelly Rose Feb 2015

She looked up
and met the eyes
of a man on the
other side of the glass

A lifetime lived within a moment

Oh how she felt the loss
Feb 2015 · 794
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
A pearlish grey morn
Flowers soaking
up the rain
Wishing it was
as easy
To nourish one's soul
While, shivering from
the wet chill
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
The dawn greeted me
in hues of pink and violet

The dusk bid
fare thee well
in hues of orange

The moonlight
kissed and caressed
my skin
in a gentle glow

The mists of time and space
bathes me in dew
drenching me to my soul

Drenched and shivering,
The mauled slivers of trash
Drag themselves down the sewers
And into a bottomless pit of hate.

It meets my heart there,
Sitting and wallowing in self pity for its destruction,
Reminiscing the old days
Where it was plump and happy,
Red and full...
When it wasn't exposed to the true nature of love.
Words of hate thrown like snowballs,
Freezing it over,
Chipping bits of it away
Until it was almost gone...

Tears soaking up all the blood spilling out of the wounds of the dear heart,
It mixes in with the dew
Bubbling, steaming,
Churning into poison,
Until finally it burns through everything,
And no heart, no soul is left.

How hard it is to be grateful
for all those little pleasures
when the heart is torn asunder
A joy to write with A Creep That Loves You; hopefully a joy to read
Feb 2015 · 395
What Dreams Come?
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
A dream hovers
just out of reach

Battered, baffled
a little bit broken

She struggles
her focus


What dreams come?
Feb 2015 · 1.7k
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
She's told...

Be Strong
Be Perfect
Never show weakness
Or be vulnerable

Nothing prepares her
as she slowly falls apart

How does she
pick up the pieces?
Feb 2015 · 671
A Moment of Freedom
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
There is no better
than riding a horse
on a moonlit night
a cool breeze
gently caressing
sending shivers
as freedom flows
through your veins
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
Not all receive hearts and flowers this day...
Not all are reminded of their true love
Soft tears
for Valentine's that never come
just another holiday
that reminds
no family gatherings here
no hearts and flowers
just a little ache
a reminder
that you are not in
his heart and thoughts
it's just another lonely day
Feb 2015 · 362
Maybe one day
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
Love lives within her
hidden so deep

Maybe one day...

She'll tap into that
endless well
that abides deep
within her

And love will
blossom and shine
setting her aglow
Happy Valentine's
Feb 2015 · 435
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
She tries to quiet
her silentless
on this eerily quite
she fears the silence
and yearns
for the silentlessness
of her mind

intrigued by the word silentless
but true nonetheless
Feb 2015 · 492
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
Guilt destroys
taking its toll
upon the soul
strips acceptance
of one's self and for others

the only cure

But can she ever forgive herself?
So much harder than it sounds
Feb 2015 · 1.8k
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
A gentle rains falls
in sight and sound
Wistful thoughts
She feels
the loss
of the love
she never had
Feb 2015 · 18.3k
Another Sleepless Night
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
Another sleepless night
3am, a bit beyond
the witching hour

A time of quiet reflection
Remembering dreams lost
& Creating dreams to be

Thinking of past sorrows
Anticipating tomorrow's

Another sleepless night

Contemplating Life's mystery
Marveling at the
Wonder of it all...
Feb 2015 · 548
Moment lost (15 w)
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
He gently brushed
the tear from her cheek
his heart shattering
as their moment passed
Feb 2015 · 660
Life's Reality (for me)
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
How i wish for
rainbows, magic and joy
I struggle with life's
ups and downs
There are many
filled with laughter
Even though life
is not all
Rainbows and Magic
Love, laughter and happiness
help balance out
The frustrations, angers, and disappointments
that life sometimes
throws my way

It's just a matter
of remembering

All the love, laughter, and happiness
that comes my way
and lights my path
leading me out of the darkness
Feeling philosophical...I think (lol)
Feb 2015 · 1.9k
Magical Moment
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
For a moment in time
we heard the same song

Magic and music
dancing in the air

For one magical moment
we shared a beautiful song
Feb 2015 · 521
A Moment of Silence
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
In moments of silence
She wonders if
she knows love

Fear is such a comfortable
emotion for her
does she feel anything else

Taught shame...

She wonders if
she will ever overcome

Maybe love's illusions
are all she knows

Yes, sometimes
she hates those
moments of silence

She struggles
that she knows
more than just the illusions
of love
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