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Kelly Rose Dec 2014
A festive time
we share
Slowly now
the light shall return

The Winter Solstice
is upon us

From one
who always goes
left instead of right

May joy and happiness
find you
as the light
slowly returns

May the gentle
touch of Eirene
live within your soul
any weariness
that has taken its toll

Not only for today
but for all the
days that follow

Happy Holidays everyone

May this 1st day of Winter
find you wrapped
in warmth
Leaving strife
on the outside
While you are
toasting and celebrating life
Kelly Rose Jun 2017
A kind word,
Thought or deed
Lifts one’s spirit
Turning a moment
Or a day around
How blessed am I
To have had such
A generous gift
Bestowed upon me
Reminding me of
Life’s little pleasures and
Shedding light on
This dark weary soul

Kelly Rose
© June 23, 2017
Thank you PPx for your generous heart
Kelly Rose Nov 2015
Alone at midnight
Beneath the cold stars
The warmth of the sun
Seems so far away
Suffocating deep within
Unheard screams echo
Trying to break those cold chains
That bind my heart
Not knowing how to unravel
Its stifling pattern
Living on the precipice
Fearful of the fall
Hopeful to take flight

Kelly Rose
November 16, 2015
Kelly Rose Oct 2014
Your pain has
reached across the miles
I know you are no
stranger to grief -
I know no words
to bring you comfort
Just know...
Despite the distance
you are in my thoughts
Despite the distance
your are in my heart
I hope to bring
you a moment filled with joy
Despite the distance
there is a place in my heart
that only you can fill
Despite the distance
please know
I love you!
For my best friend who
lost someone she loves
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
There is no better
than riding a horse
on a moonlit night
a cool breeze
gently caressing
sending shivers
as freedom flows
through your veins
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
In moments of silence
She wonders if
she knows love

Fear is such a comfortable
emotion for her
does she feel anything else

Taught shame...

She wonders if
she will ever overcome

Maybe love's illusions
are all she knows

Yes, sometimes
she hates those
moments of silence

She struggles
that she knows
more than just the illusions
of love
Kelly Rose Jan 2016
A New Beginning
Can happen any time
Any where
And at any age

A new beginning is
The dawn of a new day
Or a new year
From one moment to the next
It is an opportunity
To start anew
If one has the courage and
The drive to capture
And willingly grasp this change
To make new dreams
And then make those
Dreams come true…

A new beginning
Whispers of wishes and dreams
As the morning sunlight
Gently kisses me good morning
Filling my soul with delight
I dare to take flight
In a new direction

Kelly Rose
January 2, 2016
To letting go of fear and living one's dreams
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
Not all receive hearts and flowers this day...
Not all are reminded of their true love
Soft tears
for Valentine's that never come
just another holiday
that reminds
no family gatherings here
no hearts and flowers
just a little ache
a reminder
that you are not in
his heart and thoughts
it's just another lonely day
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
Another sleepless night
3am, a bit beyond
the witching hour

A time of quiet reflection
Remembering dreams lost
& Creating dreams to be

Thinking of past sorrows
Anticipating tomorrow's

Another sleepless night

Contemplating Life's mystery
Marveling at the
Wonder of it all...
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
"I am not going to be the person
I am expected to be anymore"

I heard this thought and was
kind of blown away
Making me question
all sorts of things

Who do I expect me to be?
Who do others expect me to be?
Am I
Do I even care?
What do these labels even mean?
Why can I not label me Friend?
Is there anything expected of
    an acquaintance?
I am trying on new labels
Whatever the label
   poet, daughter, wife; maybe even friend
These masks sit uncomfortably upon me
What of the unspoken and often unseen labels
Do these fit me any better? --
I don't think I have ever been
The person others expected,
Certainly not myself

How extraordinary!
"I am not going to be the person
I am expected to be anymore"
Heard this in a commercial and it must of hit a nerve.
Kelly Rose Jan 2015
Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things things are not what they seem.

Life is real! Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal;
Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
Was not spoken of the soul.

Not enjoyment, and not sorrow
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each to-morrow
Find us farther than to-day.

Art is long, and Time is fleeting,
And our hearts, though stout and brave,
Still, like muffled drums, are beating
Funeral marches to the grave.

In the world's broad field of battle,
In the bivouac of Life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
Be a hero in the strife!

Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant!
Let the dead Past bury its dead!
Act, - act in the living Present!
Heart within, and God o'erhead!

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time; -

Footprints, that perhaps another,
Sailing o'er life's solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
Seeing, shall take heart again.

Let us, then be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.

My favorite poem
Kelly Rose Jan 2016
“I am not going to be the person
I am expected to be anymore”

I heard this thought and was
Kind of blown away
Making me question
All sorts of things

Who do I expect me to be?
Who do others expect me to be?
Am I
Do I even care?
What do these labels even mean?
Why can’t I label me Friend?
Is there anything expected of
An acquaintance?
I am trying on new labels


Whatever the label
Poet, daughter, wife, maybe even friend
These masks sit a little uncomfortably upon me

What of the unspoken and often unseen labels


Do these fit me any better?

I don’t think I have ever been
The person others expected

Certainly not myself!

How extraordinary!
“I’m not going to be the person
I am expected to be anymore”

Kelly Rose

Heard this in a commercial and it hit a nerve  
Someone asked me to post an old poem and I give others the option of posting an older poem that touched them - it is a lovely experience
Kelly Rose Oct 2015
A Rough Patch

Only I can live my life
Accept my flaws and damaged soul
Childhood left wounds like a knife
Leaving its mark, taking its toll
Wounds fester when left unattended
Making room for woe’s despair
Longing for my soul to mend
And my broken heart repaired
All wounds do not heal with time
Making it hard to let love in
Life has no reason, nor rhyme
Hope comes and goes on a whim
Doubts and inertia often plague me
And I wonder if I’ll ever love me

Kelly Rose
October 3, 2015
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
Her true self is lost
in pleasing others
How does one
become comfortable
with who they are
when most are uncomfortable
She can be
whoever you want
So much easier
than being
her true self
Her authentic self
has been repressed
for so long
She wonders
if she can ever be found
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
With the cooling
of Summer days
I reflect upon
a mother's pain
at having to say

Loosing her daughter
to the deep dark depths
of the underworld
Demeter's tears and
sorrow forever changed
the weather into four differing seasons

Though I feel a mother's loss
I am so thankful
for Hades' Love
So Blinded was he
to True Love's call
He stole Persephone
for his own

Lost in despair
at the loss of her daughter
Winter ruled the realm
Feeling the bitterness
of Demeter's pain
the gods did come together
and a bargain was made

Three months of the year
would Persephone live with
her love, beneath the world
The other nine months
returned she will be
to her Mother's love

All four seasons
do I cherish
and isn't it strange
that without Hades
having fallen in Love
we might only know
unrelenting sameness
One season of never change....

Lost in contemplation
on this most
beautiful Autumn day
I marvel at how Love
gave us this wondrous gift
of beauty and
four seasons always changing
Kelly Rose Jul 2017
Lavender perfumes the air
And chamomile clouds
Drift amid
The midnight sky
And sweet dreams
Grace her repose
So easy
It seems
To stay lost
In sweet dreams…
No matter how
Wondrous those
Dreams may be
It’s time to wake up
Sleeping Beauty
And make your
Dreams come true.

Kelly Rose
© November 12, 2016
Kelly Rose Oct 2014
Bittersweet feelings
wash over her
The scent of roses and lilacs
perfume the air
Feeling cast adrift
as she walks that tightrope
of knowing and feeling lost
loving life and sorrow
Feeling the distance
between them
Knowing he doesn't
Wondering how to feel
about that
as the fragrance of
roses and lilacs swirl
through the air
and bittersweet feelings
wash over her
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
Her inner beauty
Shone so brightly
And was seen by others
blind, she knew not her own worth
Kelly Rose Dec 2014
They stood at a fork
in the road
She went one way
he the other
A distance has grown
between them
But still....
Despite twinges of loneliness
they stay together
Grappling with the changes
life has wrought
Certainly does not rhyme
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
Her life
chaos and harmony
never knowing
the face he
will reveal tonight
Biting Joker
Loving Friend
Raging Alcoholic

How beautiful
Life could be
with the happy go lucky fellow
rarely does he appear

Ouch! that Biting Joker
well he often hurts
seen too much of him lately

As for the raging alcoholic
Well, lets just not go there
his presence
though not wanted
shows up more and more

Sometimes she
hates that happy loving fellow
as it is always a
shock to see him go

Her life
chaos and harmony

always wins out
that tyrant
Kelly Rose Dec 2014
in praise
I read such
beautiful poetry
But never know what to say
to convey
what I feel inside
For those times
when I am at a loss
for words
I <3 the poetry
though it leaves me
feeling inadequate
To all the poets
I follow and read
I just want to say
you all write
I just may not
have the right words
to express...
words are lost
Kelly Rose Jul 2015
Contemplating life as time slips away
Feeling tangled by decisions she made
Mysteries unravel and thoughts run astray
She needs to move forward before hope fades

Life has slipped away, much to her dismay
Watching dreams die, emptying her cache
Lingering doubts leave her feeling jaded
Contemplating life as time slips away

Shadowed by loneliness, she feels like prey
She closes her eyes and hides to evade
Her pain and sorrow.  She will have her say
Feeling tangled by decisions she made

Cobwebs are clearing, hope brightens her day
Dark skies are changing, becoming pearl grey
She’s now able to step out from the shade
Mysteries unravel and thoughts run astray

Her mind is now clear; she’ll find a new way
As long as she is able to persuade
Her doubts to fade, while learning to pray
She needs to move forward before hope fades
                               Contemplating life

Kelly Rose Feb 2015
A pearlish grey morn
Flowers soaking
up the rain
Wishing it was
as easy
To nourish one's soul
While, shivering from
the wet chill
Kelly Rose Oct 2014
There is nothing
that brings more contentment
than listening to music
I love
and lazying
on a Sunday afternoon
Yeah, for my music library
where the music does not have to make sense
Kelly Rose Apr 2017
Cento of the Poetry of Gutter Punk

Could you…take me as I am?

Feel the tremble of the parchment
I close my eyes
In the shadows of the Spruce
They weep like the willows
Walk on by as you’ve done before
Into the darkness
As my madness wept in black tears
A bleeding soul, fractured light
I slice the silver from my blade
****, ****, ****, life
And this ******* masquerade
Could you…take me as I am?
Eyes closed wide to the focus
On the sight
In the witching of night
‘Neath the misted sky
Walk with me through the dancing shadows
Could you…take me as I am?
The woe was seeded deep,
Deep in poetry
I tasted your tears
As they dripped and mixed with mine
Could you…take me as I am?
Silent steps through forlorn sands
That even in darkness we can love again
Could you…take me as I am?
Shadows don’t leave, they stay
Never, can you touch what I have
See what I have seen
Could you…take me as I am?

Kelly Rose
© April 12, 2017

This is a collage of brilliant lines from poems of Gutter Punk, whose poetry always touches something deep within me.
Kelly Rose Mar 2015
Dance is a breathe of love

****** me with your Waltz
Stir my Passions with your Tango
Steal my Heart
With your Rhythm and Grace

Dancing the night away*

Kelly Rose Jan 2018
A dandelion’s caress
Lures memories
Of love’s tender passions
Sorrow burns
For what is no more

Kelly Rose
© January 13, 2018
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
How I wish...
to be accepted for who I am
Yes, I am outside of the box
I yearn to be loved
for who I am
Are you the one
can you pick up the gauntlet
Can you love someone on the fringe
Flawed and damage, am I
but I long for that....yes that
love that is acceptance
Please won't you find....
Yes , please look beyond the surface
find that which is lovable
Am I worthy of your
Dare I say it...
Kelly Rose Oct 2014
Dark Moments...
Sometimes I desire
the pain that
hurts sooo good
Illicit pleasure
runs through me
Intoxicated from it's
forbidden taste
I fear...
I'm too easily seduced
Kelly Rose Jul 2015
Her pain is tangible, it breaks my heart
She does not see it, but our love is strong
Despite her pain, we will never part

Together we can forge a new start
Despite her pain, entwined are our songs
Her pain is tangible, it breaks my heart

Shared laughter will make her pain depart
True love will give her strength and make her strong
Despite her pain, we will never part

We were meant to be, our hearts sing one song
She tries to hide, knowing it is wrong
Her pain is tangible, it breaks my heart

She smiles every now and then, it’s a start
Through she feels she has nowhere to belong
Despite her pain, we will never part

She smiles very now and then, it’s a start
Her heart and my heart, totally belong
Her pain is tangible, it breaks my heart
Despite her pain, we will never part

Trying something new.  Sorry I have been away
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
She lives her
life within
the mist
Her true
within the dewdrops
Kelly Rose Mar 2015
The doodles of my mind
the beginning of...

an idea
a discovery of self
clarity of thought

they are the beginning

real, but not

Kelly Rose Sep 2014
I am lost
Doubt infuses
my every breath
New to following
a dream
I know not
how to navigate
this foreign terrain
I feel like a
fish out of water
Wondering if
instead of success
I will drown instead
Kelly Rose Jan 2018
The rabbit hole she goes.

Inner demons and sorrows
Lurk and fester
An open wound
On one’s soul
So deeply hidden
So dark in nature
They remain submerged
But for the incessant taboo beat
That chokes the air she breathes
The only relief is
Deep in the rabbit hole.

Kelly Rose
© January 19, 2018
Kelly Rose Dec 2014
She hoped
The price was worth it
It was unlikely.
Buying another's dreams
Those throw away dreams
Only seemed
To lead to loneliness.
If only...
If only she could
Find dreams of her own.
Kelly Rose Oct 2017
Living dreams today
no longer are they deferred

Kelly Rose
(c) October 12, 2017
Just a little bit of play with Langston Hughes Dreams Deferred
Kelly Rose Mar 2015
There comes a time
When dreams die -
There comes a time
When true love is unrealized -
New Dreams may whisper
And little loves
May kiss one's life
and Kisses
Don't always fill
The emptiness of
Lost Dreams
Love not realized*

Kelly Rose Nov 2014
He touched her soul
oddly making her
feel whole

Her dreams fulfilled

The gentle breeze
reminding her of
his caress that teased
across her body

within her

Yes, dreams fulfilled
as her ghost lover
of his love
Kelly Rose Jul 2015
Emily Dickinson – Cento

Me from Myself – to banish –
I’m Nobody! Who are you?

There is a pain – so utter
Time never did assuage
The Soul has Bandaged moments
Of Course – I prayed
Because Escape – is done-

The soul has moments of Escape –
To justify the Dream –
I took my Power in my Hand -

Creator – Shall I – bloom?
I thought if I could only Live
Somewhere – in Silence –
I dwell in Possibility –
The Impotence to Tell –
Exhilaration – is within –

Me from Myself – to banish –
I’m Nobody! Who are You?

July 30, 2015
Something fun to do with your favorite poets
Kelly Rose Apr 2017
Music, he sweetly plays
Young love
Accepting tribute
As Eros’ notes
Inciting all
To revel in
Such sweet emotion

Kelly Rose
© April 1, 2017
Kelly Rose Jan 2015
She struggles with depression
it leaves her
feeling quite insane

Too crazy really
She ain't nobody's dream

Feelings of gratitude
Like grains of sand
that slip though her hands

Life is not so bad
She struggles with depression
it leaves her
feeling quite insane
Kelly Rose Jun 2017
Your belief in me
Gave me the courage to
Believe in myself
You always give me the
Priceless gift of acceptance
I have no words
For the love and gratefulness
That I feel for having you in my life
I love you and thank you.

Kelly Rose
© June 29, 2017
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
I am frozen
holds me within her grasp
fill my heart
Am I worthy?
deserving of...
is it love
or acceptance
as fear whispers
to me
telling me
yes, telling me
you are not worth it.....
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
She is a ghost within her own life
There, but never seen
She sought love in all the wrong places
Disappearing a little bit more
With each failed love affair
Then one day she was seen
She was loved!
Or so she thought
Now, frozen in fear
She becomes less visible
As love dies
With each harsh word spoken
One tear drop at a time
Each day she becomes insubstantial
A Ghost -
There, but not seen

Kelly Rose
December 2, 2015
A cycle now completed
Will she ever have the
courage to try again?
Kelly Rose Dec 2014
The best gift
is the joy
of sharing a feast
with family and friends
where conversation
and laughter
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
If I had a grain of sand
for every tear drop
you made me shed
for every time you
yelled because of your unhappiness
I would have enough grains of sand
to fill an entire beach
no wonder I hate sand
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
Guilt destroys
taking its toll
upon the soul
strips acceptance
of one's self and for others

the only cure

But can she ever forgive herself?
So much harder than it sounds
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
Why is he portrayed
as ugly and scary?
Shouldn't he at least
be pleasing to the eye?
Yes, he reigns over the
land of the dead
But, is death necessarily heinous?
Shrouded in mystery
He's the essence
of all our fears
Tomorrow holds the unknown
An unknown
I do not fear
I choose not to fear
the Great Unknown
Giving it a softer countenance
One pleasing to the eye
Kelly Rose Jan 2015
I wish all a Happy New Year

For me,
The new year
is about

Like the new dawn
the new year is
a time to start anew
for following dreams
being the person
I want to be
A chance
to learn
A chance
to love
A chance
to dwell in possibility

is the chance
the hope
for all to dwell in possibility

Happy New Year

May your dreams come true
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
Harmony is what she most wants to achieve
Balancing her ying and her yang
She does battle her darkness
But not with much success
They say insanity is
doing the same thing over and over
and expecting a different outcome
Lord knows she's earned
That right to be named
Quite Insane
Though it took too many years
She is finally smartening up
There is no way she can
Battle the darkness
and come out a Winner
Acceptance is the Key
She is dark
and always will be
On the other hand
She is light
and always will be
Only by accepting
this Dichotomy
Within herself
Can she finally defeat
such darkness
For without the darkness
There can be no light
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