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18.2k · Feb 2015
Another Sleepless Night
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
Another sleepless night
3am, a bit beyond
the witching hour

A time of quiet reflection
Remembering dreams lost
& Creating dreams to be

Thinking of past sorrows
Anticipating tomorrow's

Another sleepless night

Contemplating Life's mystery
Marveling at the
Wonder of it all...
13.6k · Sep 2014
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
Her inner beauty
Shone so brightly
And was seen by others
blind, she knew not her own worth
8.3k · Apr 2017
Mistress of Spring
Kelly Rose Apr 2017
She is moonbeams
And dappled sunlight
Renewal and
New beginnings
Gracing the land
With fragrant blossoms
Buzzing bees
And dandelion flurries
As children play
In Spring’s garden
Blowing happy bubbles
And laughter floats
Touching the heart and soul
She is Mistress of Spring

Kelly Rose
© April 1, 2017
7.7k · Jul 2015
I am the Poet
Kelly Rose Jul 2015
I am the Poet, hear my siren’s song
My woven whispers ****** ways and words
Mesmerizing, you will feel you belong
Be part of an inner circle and be heard

Write with me, no lines will be false or blurred
Together we will create and be strong
There’s no need for pleasure to be deferred
I am the Poet, hear my siren’s song

I have been sad and alone way too long
Belonging together is most preferred
Creating brings joy, won’t you come along?
My woven whispers ****** ways and words

Take a chance and your senses will be stirred
Part of our circle, not lost in the throng
We are more together, grace is conferred
Mesmerizing, you will feel you belong

All ideas are welcomed, no thought is wrong
Just know this; your spirit won’t be interred
May our venture be successful and long
Be part of an inner circle and be heard
I am the Poet

July 21, 2015
something new and different
7.3k · Dec 2015
Lucky to be a poetry lover
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
Is there anything more wonderful
Then being part of the poet’s corner?
Lucky am I to be a poetry lover!
A romance novelist used poetry to ponder
A story that changes and transforms
One’s heart.  Is there anything more wonderful?
Joining a poetry site, I blundered
My way to writing a poem, oh what torture!
But lucky am I to be a poetry lover.
Many offered their support, allowing me to discover
My path and slowly my writing became stronger.
Is there anything more wonderful?
So many inspired awe and wonder,
Giving me strength to claim my own corner,
Justifying my becoming a poetry lover.
To those who offered encouragement so tender
I offer my thanks and give honor.
Is there anything more wonderful
Than becoming a poetry lover?*

Kelly Rose
December 29, 2015
When I first came to this site, everyone was so supportive and encouraging.  I would like to thank - Nat Lipstadt, SE Reimer, Wolf Spirit, Tonya Maria, Anubis the Philosomancer, Sjr1000, Timothy, The Anonymous Joker, K. Kalachandran, Pradip Chattopadhyay,Traveler, Jack and r who all supported me in those early days, as well as so many others.  Thank you and I wish everyone a wonderful New Year
4.1k · Nov 2014
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
She lives her
life within
the mist
Her true
within the dewdrops
3.2k · Sep 2014
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
***** and Pillaged
At a young age
A veil descended
Closing her heart to others
Yearning for love,
She understands not
That the veil must drop
For love to fill her heart
2.7k · Sep 2014
Pumpkin Pie
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
I am the Pumpkin Pie
I rule....
Woofer drools with envy
Over the Pumpkin Pie
Oh, yeah he tries so hard
To Usurp me
But I grab that dude
by his ear
And drag his *** about
Cause that Fool
is no Pumpkin Pie
I rule the Roost.

Just a few words
by Pumpkin Pie
The most supreme
dog of the Land
Two puppies who constantly fight for attention
2.6k · Sep 2014
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
Why is he portrayed
as ugly and scary?
Shouldn't he at least
be pleasing to the eye?
Yes, he reigns over the
land of the dead
But, is death necessarily heinous?
Shrouded in mystery
He's the essence
of all our fears
Tomorrow holds the unknown
An unknown
I do not fear
I choose not to fear
the Great Unknown
Giving it a softer countenance
One pleasing to the eye
2.5k · Jan 2017
Young Love
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
Young love,
Bitten by the Rose’s thorn
Giving the lovers’ their first blush
Powerful imagery stirring memories
Of first love, of true love

There was a time when
He would have suffered
Her pain as his own
So connected were they
That even in dreams they were one

Sadly, Rose’s thorn
Left its poison behind
And betrayal cut
Deep and true
Its ravaged scars
Leaving an indelible stain
Upon their souls

Bonds torn asunder
Young love’s blush
Turned scarlet red

How I yearn to warn the lovers
Of the Rose’s devious ways
Slyly infusing their love
With betrayal’s bitter pain

For in that moment
When they thought
Love was won…
Well, I guess that’s why
First love’s wound
Colors forever one’s love

Kelly Rose
© January 27, 2017

This poem was inspired by an image - The Thorn by Charles West.  Here is a link to the portrait is you wish to view it.
2.5k · Jan 2017
My Dark Tale (A Sestina)
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
I apoligize for not reading your posts. I have been battling my depression and have not been online .  I have written a poem about it (of course lol).  I hope you enjoy and I hope to be online tomorrow.

My Dark Tale (A Sestina)

It is a lovely time of day for tea
As I sit curled up to the song of rain
Memories arise of a deep dark pain
Storm clouds gather within my heart, darkly
Dimly, I am aware of rainbow’s hope
Wanting dreams infused with Rosemary and Thyme

Out of work, I suffer from too much time
Overeating and drinking too much tea
Depression worsens, stealing all my hope
And all my dreams shatter in the cold rain
Leaving me empty in the bitter dark
As I stare out of the broken windowpane

How I long to conquer my bitter pain
If only I would organize my time
I know then, I would rise above the dark
Instead, I get caught in cookies and tea
And sink deeper; chaos supremely reigns
I flounder once again, losing my hope

I am tired of losing precious hope
Letting despair and worthless bitter pain
To take control and determinedly reign
Structure! Will that allow me to use time
Positively? Cutting back on black tea
Getting needed sleep to fight back the dark

Rested, I can push back the hated dark
Strive to capture peace and beautiful hope
Learning once again to enjoy my tea
And not as a crutch that causes me pain
While I mourn the loss of wasted sweet time
Instead, I would see rainbows in the rain

I yearn to topple depression’s long reign,
To walk in the sun’s light, not the cold dark
Eager to greet the day and enjoy time
Pursue my dreams, infusing life with hope
Do away with doldrums and bitter pain
Relaxing and enjoying Earl Gray Tea


To sum up, I yearn to enjoy my tea
Overcome my darkness and pain; to feel hope
While I take time to enjoy the sweet rain

Kelly Rose
© January 5, 2017
2.1k · Sep 2014
Light Bulb Moment
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
Shedding that
overwhelmed me
I found balance
between work and pleasure
2.0k · Sep 2014
True Love Scorned
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
True Love Scorned

She scorned true love
betraying her soul mate
with another

Finding his lover
in Love's illicit embrace
a dark rage came upon him

When the dark cloud of rage cleared
he saw what his rage had

He left the bedroom
stained blood red

Just remember....
those who scorn true love
end up dead
                 or worse
1.9k · Feb 2015
Magical Moment
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
For a moment in time
we heard the same song

Magic and music
dancing in the air

For one magical moment
we shared a beautiful song
1.9k · May 2015
She Prevails
Kelly Rose May 2015
She will prevail

It can hurt
To have one's integrity or honor

She lives life
By her own rules
As the roads of life's journey
Are often like a maze
Filled with twists and turns
Leaving one confused and dazed

As one navigates their way
Through the labyrinth of life
Hard lessons are learned
One must live by
Their own rules
As they wade through
The deceptions and lies
Thrown their way by life

She rises above the petite hurts
And false accusations

Knowing the truth
Whether it is known to all
Or buried deeply inside
That she will prevail
1.8k · Nov 2014
Pyrrhic Victory
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
Voice unheard
she tries to remain silent
Words twisted
turned back upon her
She feels compassion
for Pyrrhus
as she may have won the day
but the war,
she has been totally defeated
Deviant that is what I have been deemed
I am pagan, I got a new tattoo
I laugh
but it is not fun
1.8k · Sep 2014
Whip of Intolerance
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
Pain slices through his heart
As he watches her
Once again
Beat herself with that
Whip of Intolerance
Each time he is Stunned
By the Violence
She directs at herself
His heart bleeds
As he wonders....
          as he wonders
If she will ever find
Acceptance and Tolerance
Of her self
That she so freely gives to others
1.7k · Feb 2015
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
A gentle rains falls
in sight and sound
Wistful thoughts
She feels
the loss
of the love
she never had
1.7k · Jul 2017
Kelly Rose Jul 2017
Lavender perfumes the air
And chamomile clouds
Drift amid
The midnight sky
And sweet dreams
Grace her repose
So easy
It seems
To stay lost
In sweet dreams…
No matter how
Wondrous those
Dreams may be
It’s time to wake up
Sleeping Beauty
And make your
Dreams come true.

Kelly Rose
© November 12, 2016
1.7k · Aug 2015
Once We Were Lovers
Kelly Rose Aug 2015
Once we were lovers mind, body, and soul
Eros has flown, only philia remains
Sadness takes hold, no longer am I whole

Distance creeps in; the heart is inconsolable
I am drowning in sorrow’s cold grey rain
Once we were lovers mind, body, and soul

Love is diminished, leaving a gaping hole
Deep inside.  Our connection slowly wanes
Sadness takes hold, no longer am I whole

I feel I am only playing a role
Toleration fades, leaves only disdain
Once we were lovers mind, body, and soul

Failed actions have taken a painful toll
Slowly dying, overtaken by pain
Sadness takes hold, no longer am I whole

Future uncertain we’ve lost all our goals
This slow erosion lets sorrow’s madness reign
Once we were lovers mind, body, and soul
Sadness takes hold, no longer am I whole

August 2, 2015
1.7k · Feb 2015
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
She's told...

Be Strong
Be Perfect
Never show weakness
Or be vulnerable

Nothing prepares her
as she slowly falls apart

How does she
pick up the pieces?
1.7k · Nov 2014
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
Her true self is lost
in pleasing others
How does one
become comfortable
with who they are
when most are uncomfortable
She can be
whoever you want
So much easier
than being
her true self
Her authentic self
has been repressed
for so long
She wonders
if she can ever be found
1.6k · Dec 2014
A Holiday Toast
Kelly Rose Dec 2014
A festive time
we share
Slowly now
the light shall return

The Winter Solstice
is upon us

From one
who always goes
left instead of right

May joy and happiness
find you
as the light
slowly returns

May the gentle
touch of Eirene
live within your soul
any weariness
that has taken its toll

Not only for today
but for all the
days that follow

Happy Holidays everyone

May this 1st day of Winter
find you wrapped
in warmth
Leaving strife
on the outside
While you are
toasting and celebrating life
1.6k · Jan 2016
A New Beginning
Kelly Rose Jan 2016
A New Beginning
Can happen any time
Any where
And at any age

A new beginning is
The dawn of a new day
Or a new year
From one moment to the next
It is an opportunity
To start anew
If one has the courage and
The drive to capture
And willingly grasp this change
To make new dreams
And then make those
Dreams come true…

A new beginning
Whispers of wishes and dreams
As the morning sunlight
Gently kisses me good morning
Filling my soul with delight
I dare to take flight
In a new direction

Kelly Rose
January 2, 2016
To letting go of fear and living one's dreams
1.5k · Mar 2015
She Loved Quietly
Kelly Rose Mar 2015
Her's was a quiet love
filled with love letters
and roses
His was a fiery love
filled with danger
rough kisses
and a certain violence
He gave her
the warmth she craved
through his fiery passion
without singe
She gave him
a cooling calm
soothing his ravaged soul
with her gentle breeze
Unlikely pair?
Most definitely...
But what a balance
they achieved
He was her fire
She, his cooling breeze*

1.5k · Nov 2014
Soul Mate
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
Is there such
a thing as a soul mate?

I don't know

I'm just learning
about me
How can I expect
someone else
to know me?

It would be
Lovely to
really be understood
would it?

I must travel
my own path
lonely though it may be
at times

And as for being
I suspect it is highly
is it?
1.5k · Oct 2017
Kelly Rose Oct 2017
Living dreams today
no longer are they deferred

Kelly Rose
(c) October 12, 2017
Just a little bit of play with Langston Hughes Dreams Deferred
Kelly Rose Oct 2015
The ghost of me from yesteryear
Visited me in my dreams last night
Reminded me of innocence so dear
Causing me to shed precious tears
Missing innocence’s wondrous light
The ghost of me from yesteryear
Encouraged me to release my fears
Now my soul struggles to take flight
And reminded me of innocence so dear
Though my path is not always clear
I fear being caught in an endless night
The ghost of me from yesteryear
Has snuggled in and holds me near
Wanting to fill me with such delight
And reminds me of innocence so dear
Silence fills me as I peer
Deep inside to find love so bright
The ghost of me from yesteryear
Reminded me of innocence so dear

Kelly Rose
October 16, 2015
1.4k · Jan 2016
Just for Today
Kelly Rose Jan 2016
Just for Today....
My smile came easier
I laughed more freely
I liked myself just a little bit
Causing a certain calm, peace, and warm glow

Just for Today...
I had a golden moment

There is hope for tomorrow

Kelly Rose
January 27, 2016
1.4k · Apr 2017
Kelly Rose Apr 2017
Moments lost,
Adrift in the sands of time
Regret stains the soul
As unlived dreams linger
Life erodes,
Memories fade to sepia
Worn and disillusioned
The spark of life wanes
She struggles
To reignite
Her lust for life

Kelly Rose
© April 12, 2017
1.4k · Jan 2015
Winter's Silence
Kelly Rose Jan 2015
It is Lady Winter's
time to shine
Swirls of snowflakes
covering the world
Remaking it
into a Winter Wonder Land
Icicles glisten
sparkling like
Diamonds in the sky
That hushed
that envelops
my world
Showing me the
beauty of Silence
in this Winter Wonder Land
Missing the Blizzard
Jersey girl now living in FL
1.3k · Nov 2014
Music Fills Her Soul
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
Music fills her soul
as different
melodies capture her moods
who hasn't yearned
for that country
somebody did somebody wrong song
or just feeling
or want to jazz it up with
a little of the Latino explosion
visiting Birdland when all else fails
dancing the night away to Donna
saving that last dance for someone special
chilling to the smooth blues' riff
as Michael Grimm crones
how you don't know him
every now and then
when the mood is
moonlight sonata calls
and romance and roses win the night
who can resist
when a gal's
in the mood
or sitting before a campfire
signing of the harvest moon
sometimes a body just feels lost
looking for a way to get "closer to god
and f#@%ing like an animal
to feel alive
or banging it out
to AC/DC
beebooping to Madonna or Lady Gaga,
or justifying that
bad love
trying to convince
that you *like the way he lies

maybe relaxing and
using your imagination
while you talk about stupid girls
and all that garbage
listening to the B52s
doing the *rock lobster
Inspired by Quinnfinn aka Wolf Spirit
variety is the spice of life
1.3k · Apr 2018
Kelly Rose Apr 2018
The moon’s pale light caresses me
My desire wakes by the moon’s glow
Dreaming under the Willow tree
The moon’s pale light caresses me
Passion is ignited and set free
Dark lust leaves me feeling ******
I dream of him in naughty glee
My desire wakes by the moon’s glow

Kelly Rose
© April 8, 2018
1.3k · Nov 2014
Dreams Fulfilled
Kelly Rose Nov 2014
He touched her soul
oddly making her
feel whole

Her dreams fulfilled

The gentle breeze
reminding her of
his caress that teased
across her body

within her

Yes, dreams fulfilled
as her ghost lover
of his love
1.3k · Oct 2014
Moonlight Kisses
Kelly Rose Oct 2014
Moonlight at midnight
Weaves it's beautiful spell
As its kisses rain down
Like silken rose petals
Spreading love's glow
All around
1.3k · Oct 2014
Kelly Rose Oct 2014
There is nothing
that brings more contentment
than listening to music
I love
and lazying
on a Sunday afternoon
Yeah, for my music library
where the music does not have to make sense
Kelly Rose Mar 2017
How I wish my life was
Just a dichotomy
Or even “Fifty Shades of Grey”
I am standing still
And moving forward
Living in the present,
But pondering the past
While worrying about the future
I am neither here nor there
But somewhere in between
I go so easily from feeling good
About myself
To self-sabotage
So even though
No matter where I am, there I am
I am in my dreams
Or somewhere
In between
Oh, how I wish
I was either here or there
But no!
I am everywhere
I am nowhere
And everywhere in between.

Kelly Rose
© March 30, 2017
Kelly Rose May 2015

She is nobody
Not very memorable
She is a  ghost in life
Never making  or
leaving her mark
Easily, she could fade away
She knows not how to connect
Out of sight, out of mind
Lives too much within her head

She is...
too odd
that brick wall that is impenetrable

Never to be remembered
Never needed
Really nobody
She is loneliness

Kelly Rose
May 10, 2015
Sometimes how I feel
Kelly Rose Feb 2017
Catching a glimmer
Of distant dreams
In a photograph she found
Lying between the pages of
Her favorite book of poems
Through a distant lens
A backward glance
She sees it…
A reflection of her life
In black and white it speaks
And frames for her the picture
Of a life that might have been
Slowly, a tear escapes
As she ponders all it says
This teller of lies
Filtering truths never told
Of a past disguised
A pain so strange
Inside her arose
Holding her transfixed
By this portrait of old
The outward reflections
Of this life-altering moment
She now uncovers
The truths never told
As the lies unfold
Then, in a moment
Her choice is made clear
This flash from the past
Brought her life into focus
Through she may shed a tear
For what might have been
She knows deep within
She would not alter
Her past life’s album
Nor the choices she made

Collaboration between Kelly Rose Saccone and SE Reimer
© February 6, 2014
1.2k · Dec 2014
Tyranny Defeated?
Kelly Rose Dec 2014
Was Tyranny defeated?

They had a tea party
taking a stand
against Tyranny

Fighting for what was right

we fight
for the right
of equality
for justice

In remembrance of those
who stood against injustice

Fighting for what was right

Even if they felt
the need to hide
and disguise
(who knew, is was a costumed
tea party)

If only a tea party
really did
make Dreams come true
Creating a world
where all were considered equal
and justice prevailed
defeating tyranny
1773 Boston Tea Party
1.2k · Sep 2014
Kelly Rose Sep 2014
Harmony is what she most wants to achieve
Balancing her ying and her yang
She does battle her darkness
But not with much success
They say insanity is
doing the same thing over and over
and expecting a different outcome
Lord knows she's earned
That right to be named
Quite Insane
Though it took too many years
She is finally smartening up
There is no way she can
Battle the darkness
and come out a Winner
Acceptance is the Key
She is dark
and always will be
On the other hand
She is light
and always will be
Only by accepting
this Dichotomy
Within herself
Can she finally defeat
such darkness
For without the darkness
There can be no light
Kelly Rose Dec 2016
You have given my life grace and beauty
Offering your light when darkness filled me
Never has your love felt like some duty
No, you have filled my life with joyous glee

Offering your light when darkness filled me
You gave me courage to discard the hate
No, you have filled my life with joyous glee
Always, you make me feel lovely and great

You gave me courage to discard the hate
Allowing me to discover my way
Making me feel like your wife and soul mate
And always meeting me more than halfway

Allowing me to discover my way
Is a gift beyond compare, truly
And always meeting me more than halfway
You have given my life grace and beauty

Kelly Rose
© December 24, 2016
1.2k · Dec 2015
Ghost in Life
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
She is a ghost within her own life
There, but never seen
She sought love in all the wrong places
Disappearing a little bit more
With each failed love affair
Then one day she was seen
She was loved!
Or so she thought
Now, frozen in fear
She becomes less visible
As love dies
With each harsh word spoken
One tear drop at a time
Each day she becomes insubstantial
A Ghost -
There, but not seen

Kelly Rose
December 2, 2015
A cycle now completed
Will she ever have the
courage to try again?
1.2k · Jan 2015
Silvery Light
Kelly Rose Jan 2015
Slowly clouds filled the sky
Silver lined the air
She turned her face up
And felt the first rain drops
Her tears were washed away
And her sorrow took flight
Leaving her bathed
In a silvery light
1.1k · Jul 2015
Emily Dickinson -Cento
Kelly Rose Jul 2015
Emily Dickinson – Cento

Me from Myself – to banish –
I’m Nobody! Who are you?

There is a pain – so utter
Time never did assuage
The Soul has Bandaged moments
Of Course – I prayed
Because Escape – is done-

The soul has moments of Escape –
To justify the Dream –
I took my Power in my Hand -

Creator – Shall I – bloom?
I thought if I could only Live
Somewhere – in Silence –
I dwell in Possibility –
The Impotence to Tell –
Exhilaration – is within –

Me from Myself – to banish –
I’m Nobody! Who are You?

July 30, 2015
Something fun to do with your favorite poets
Kelly Rose Dec 2014
The muse of
Edgar Allen Poe
visited with me
late one night
And the walls
of my mind
bled red

The muse of
Emily Dickinson
visited with me late
one night
And I found out
is a real chatty kind of guy

The muse of
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
visited my dreams
late one night
Teaching me the sweet
depth, breadth, and height
of a love so true

The muse of
Robert Frost
gave me nightmares
late one night
Making me choose a road to travel
and reminding me of the
"miles to go before I sleep"

my muse laughed
"just stick with me
at least with me
blood won't coat the walls of your mind
nor will you have to listen
to Death's incessant chatter
you'll never drown
in that big river
of love
nor worry about the miles you have to travel
so open your heart
your soul
what you will find
is the most
beautiful gift ever bestowed
your voice
and finally your song
will be sung"
Just trying something new
Kelly Rose Jan 2015
Steamy hot
With an appreciation
for fine music
Tells it like it is
Wolf Spirit aka Quinnfinn
You make a girl swoon
& Song
do you bring
a smile to warm the heart
Always do you bring joy and pleasure
with your poetry
Kelly Rose Oct 2014
Empty, am I
The well
Has gone dry

Not empty,
You simply need to breathe
Maybe even cry

Black is the Silence
That fills me
Madness reigns

Not black, just hurt
You need to find words
To express the pains

And all is Lost
Hope has Flown

Never lost,
You've just grown

No light
Do I deserve

Brighten up,
Keep a smile in reserve..

Even the moonlight
runs and hides away

But my sunlight
Is forever here to stay

Scared, am I
of that forever night

Don't be scared,
Take my hand
Together we can fight

That empty place
that does devour
and holds me tight*

No, a special place
For only you and I
Where our smiles
Will shine bright
Melz brought light to the dark, a great pleasure to write with her.  I hope you enjoy this flip coin of ours.  So flip the coin, I hope it lands on the light for you.
Kelly Rose Apr 2015
Incapable of opening her heart
Hiding behind books
Exquisitely lies
So believable
Even she bought
Her own *******
Lock, stock, and barrel
or it is...
Hook, line, and sinker
The one who
Closes off
Heart and Soul
Never learns
No real impact
Silent screams
Or maybe not so silent
Drowning in a pool
Of cries for help
Unable or
To grab a life line
She breaks
Her own heart
Numbing her soul
Unknowing of WHY
She refuses to
Stop Self-Sabotaging
Keeps her heart and soul
Closed to others
Never letting them close
Feeling so alone*

Despair or just self pity?
1.1k · Dec 2015
Inner Demons
Kelly Rose Dec 2015
How I wish to embrace each day
Meet the Morn with a song in my heart
Instead depression pulls me into the dull and grey

Despair rises up, much to my dismay
Clouding my judgment and tearing me apart
How I wish to embrace each day

A new day dawns, but still with feet of clay
I succumb to the darkness, wishing it would depart
As depression pulls me into the dull and grey

I awake with good intentions that go astray
It’s a constant struggle that I don’t wish to be a part of
How I wish to embrace each day

Out of the quagmire I make my way
Towards the light, thinking it’s a new start
Instead depression pulls me into the dull and grey

How wondrous it must be to find one’s way
Rising above the despair and make a new start
How I wish to embrace each day
Instead depression pulls me into the dull and grey  

Kelly Rose
December 8, 2015
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