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ken ken Feb 2015
green grass,
no   coats
ken ken Feb 2015
this is so *******...!
I'm not even good at sports.
I am addicted...
ken ken Jul 2013
heart is cold but hands are warm
you take up the broken space
the closer i get
the father it seems
wasting feelings on wasted dreams

i try I try
but all in vain
it's  avoidable
all this pain
I give up
but I find hope
and give up again

smile's warm, eyes filled with tears
and I just wasted all these years
concerning all my mind with you
there's nothing child
there's nothing child

don't sympathize
don't  patronize
your insignificance
your cliche emo ballads
there's nothing child
there's nothing child
ken ken Jul 2013
hey i might like you and you won't notice or care
hey you might think i'm cool but not romantically
and for some reason i misinterpert it as romantic
hey you actually act interested or nice and i'm too uncomfortable with myself and i'm so gross i just ruin everything but hey that's just how i am i don't know if i'll ever get over this so please just move on with your life don't take me seriously don't feel hurt just please stop caring so i won't feel so bad
ken ken Jun 2013
why is it that
when I think
I'm okay

I'm going to be okay

the smallest things
cause me to crumble.

why is it that
when I really am okay

sadness lurks

in the dark alley
behind the bushes
in the corner of my room

can't you just leave me be?
ken ken Jun 2013
it's really sad when
you step outside of yourself
and think;
'it would be better without you'

'better without you'
the only person
you ever remember being

and why aren't you good enough anyway?
ken ken Jun 2013
mom says
"you have psychic abilities"

I almost laughed.
I looked in the mirror.

"not I,"

I say to the chubby face
and brown eyes
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