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she thinks
she is astonished
she wonders
how could she
have forgotten
that happiness
you do not find
but create

she smiles
she stands up
and begins
to create
Our backs hold stories
Not even the spine
On a book can handle
A dragon deep inside, it's true
I know you are a dragon too
And when we do what dragons do
I feel that savage part of you

All woven up in twisted seam
Waiting in darkness deep, unseen
So civilized, that's how we seem
But we are dragons when we dream
 Oct 2018 Krista DelleFemine
my life is about me
this has always been
a foreign concept
but now
my life is about me
i have decided to be
to do the things
that i enjoy
to make myself happy
my happiness should never again
come from another person
and so today
when i sat down
the first thing i wrote down is
my life is about me
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