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That's the answer to the question I asked that I can't find anymore
The distance between Earth and Mars
He was A great guy
And pretty cute
We flirted back and forth
After a while, we wound up in bed
And he went for all he was worth
Unfortunately it didn't last long
I didn't expect the whole playlist
But at least, please finish the song
I have seen people obsessed with God
This is the last acceptable obsession
I remember
After my daughter died
I had the incredible need
To beleive there was a Heaven
Twenty years later
I have accepted
There is no Heaven
And this life is
Gift enough from God
I expect nothing more from Him
God owes me no Heaven
And I still worship Him
If there is a Heaven
This attitude will probably
Get me in
An actual headline I read today...
"I'm a good parent!  CPS has been called to my house over 20 times, and never found anything"
**** that teen mom show
There is a difference between an insult
And constructive criticism
When you can discern this
No matter your age
You have become an adult
This also includes some into senior citizenship
Who have yet to attain adulthood
We had the stone age
The iron age
The bronze age
And the oil age
Trying hard to be mysterious
Makes one easy to know
Insisting we all stay
Only makes us want to go
You lock us in the car
And turn off the radio
Twinkle shining grace
Butterflies whispy lace
Unicorns, faries, and stormy seas
Contemplative yous and mes
Star shine, moon, and
Lemondrop lace
Sail our ship all over the place
Laughter and giggles and filling with glee
Sadness, darkness,
Scraped up knee
Heart tug, lady bug
Someone pulling out the rug
Space junk, rock punk
And Billy the Kid
History, horses
Heartbreaking divorces
College courses, too
Don't forget about
The heartbreak of me and you
I think I've got it covered
The poem is done, of course
Anything I add now
I would just have to force
I miss you
I wish you
Were not
Exactly you
I wish you could be
A better version
Of almost exactly you
That Boy
I see we've finished, though barely started yet
Apparently your motto is
Keep it short and sweat
Pretty much says it all
I lost my baby daughter
She was two months old
And for many years
My heart stayed very cold
Then I finally realized
All good people He lets in
But He only makes angels
Of those who live and die without sin
I annoy most people
That's just my thing
I don't intend to be annoying
Maybe I shall try to attach it to a form of mental illness
"Her illness is she annoys the **** out of everyone around her.  She cannot control it."
If I can do that, nobody would get to ***** about it.
I'm a minimalist poet
Without pantomime
Or a suit of any kind
Other than sweat
Sometimes I'm tie dye
Sometimes I'm rainbow
But I'm usually colorful
I'm honestly rude
Rudely honest
And often annoying.
The group
With the Guy Fawkes mask
As if it isn't clear
Anonymous is a
Yes, I heard your apology
You foolish, foolish kid
Don't you know the best apology
Is one you never have to give
This is less a poem
And more an observation
Whoever decided to call it a "******"
Deserves a standing ovation
Bo Derek would have
Caught huge flack
For her style in
If cultural appropriation
Was offensive
At the time
The truth is the least popular entity in the room
And everyone seems to prefer to crowd around the *******
But that's what we do
I like to keep my poems quite short
That's the thing about me
It's not that I don't like to write
I just have ADD
Please, baby
Please baby
Craft it for me
Set me free
For eternity
In your poetry
Attention *****
That's me
My poem wasn't that great
But the comments were Fascinating
Awkward is such an awkward word
I applaud whoever named it
She probably also came up with *****, ****, and dangnabbit
If you rip something apart
You put it together
If you want to be a part of something
You put it separate
A part
I think we can all agree
One who says " if you say that I'm gonna hit you"
Well that's a big bully
But what of the one who says
"If you say that, I'm gonna act like you hit me."
That, my friends, is the backwards bully
The method may be different
The effect similar
Both prevent you from saying your words
Temper is always on it's
Worst behavior
When hanging out with
You annoy the **** out of me
I think it's just the chemistry
I try to not bristle at the sound of your voice
But, ugh! It's the most irritating noise
And the things you say, your slant on life
All you ever do is gripe
I wish you the best, and hope you're happy
But please, oh please, stay away from me
I wish I could relate to your pain
And grateful I do not bear it
Your sadness is your ball and chain
And I cannot fathom that you do not have the key
Maybe you just can't find it
But I think you have it somewhere
After an eventful
And exciting water balloon fight With my grandkids,
I have realized the world
And grandmothers' backs
Are in desperate need
Of biodegradable
Water balloons
Cleanup is a ***** with water balloons
All these mental health issues
Invading all our teens
Gender no longer known
By through what you ***
(Could it really be that simple?)
Everyone's got an acronym
Placed upon their chart
A laundry list of drugs
In the pharmacy cart
It used to be when life
Pelted us with rocks
We all went about it
Taking the hard knocks
I tried contemplating
If any
Band or singer is reminiscent of
My poetry
I don't know what it means
That I might be mostly
Bare Naked Ladies
Ugh, that crazy boy
It could never last
I noticed he got an *******
Watching a show about big-mouthed bass
I can see why they sang of the octopus
Such a miraculous beast
Though nothing rhymes with octopus
That song was an incredible feat
Something about
That Boy
Which makes it impossible
To meet anyone who
Measures up
Lots of fools
Can measure down
Just like him
Is always dumb
And rarely
Dumb luck
That Boy
The most beautiful mess
I've ever encountered
He was A magician.  He punched a hole in my chest without swinging a blow.
You tell her she's beautiful
I think you should tell her what you really mean
You think she's beautifuck
Being a girl means feeling compelled to apologize to the person who got in your way.
Or when somebody hurts you, and you beg them to stay.
That is being a girl
A woman, on the other hand
Will not beg for any man
And woe to you who block her way
For she has not come here to play
I know you love me
And you know I loved you
My love changed you
You did not react well to being loved
Or maybe loving
But you became a different person
I am not blaming you for
Though you are clearly blaming
For refusing to accept
That you have changed
From the person I
Fell in love with
Perhaps it is
You who is the bad person
I do not know if there
Needs to be one
Best wishes
To you
I'm the one
Commenting out loud
On what everyone else
Is pretending not to see
See...i can tell you're a big thinker
And I don't want to tinker
But I can't understand
Why you think about such little things
So big of the time
When tough love
Meets up
With someone
Too weak to.
Handle it
Thank goodness, my warm bed
Comfy place to lay my head
Crawl inside
Snuggle up
Work is done
Finally free
Ugh, now I've got to get up to ***
Nobody can break your heart without your consent.  
Blame is always a two way street
Please, please, please
Give a like to me
I know that this is shameless
But I want it desperately
I might not have the talent
But I may have the charm
Just hit that thumbs up button
After all, what is the harm?
It takes very little effort
And will cost you not one thing
Just think of all the happiness
Your like is gonna bring
Please, please, please
Give a like to me
"Deep Thought"  has blocked me
For one comment
"Deep Thought"
Is pretty shallow
And can't handle "Different Thought"
I win.
Pay no attention to the title
I just had to draw you in
What I really want to talk about
Is something more within
Can a conscience be measured
Or weighed for what it's worth
Oh......forget it
I'd really rather think about blow jobs.
There's an incredibly fine line between judgement
And pity
We pity those less fortunate
Yet think they must be to blame
God will punish the evil
That's what the preachers claim
People look so beautiful
When they are blushing
Embarrassed is gorgeous
I think he wrote me a poem
Though he won't tell me so
But it hit me like a warm spring breeze
I think he wrote that poem for me
I farted today in public
I did not have a choice
I'm pretty adept at farting
Without making any noise
I'd already farted
A couple times
And they'd passed the ol' smell check
So when I had to **** in the meeting
I thought "oh what the heck"
But this time it smelled
Like a beach at lowest ride
Ugh, why did I have to do this
When we were all inside
I wrinkled my nose
You know how it goes
And pretended it wasn't me
But how does one distance themselves
From a smell reeking so noxiously
I tried to look innocent
As a girl could be
I did all I could, short of saying
"Peeeeeyoooou, that wasn't me"
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