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12.1k · May 2018
If birth control pills could give a buzz
"Unwanted" pregnancy would no longer be a
3.9k · May 2018
You're dead now
****** overdose
But if you were alive
I wouldn't call
You were terrible
Calling me "****" all the time
Beating me up
If there's a Mother's Day
For worst of all time
I'd nominate you
And you'd win
3.2k · May 2018
Things That Make You Go Hmmm
How does
It come to pass
That no one in Catholic church
Realizes it is traumatizing to a
To tell them they're
"The body of Christ"
2.7k · Jul 2018
Men in spandex
There are few things more pitiful
In this first world society
Than a man
In stretchy pants
With a
Pointing down *****
Getting a *****
In a situation where
Adjustment is
Out of the question
That's what you guys get for wearing spandex.
2.6k · Nov 2017
Pooping in Peace
There's a thin line between obsession and love
Often hard to discern
Obsession sits in the bathroom while you ****
Love shoves a magazine under the door
2.5k · Apr 2018
Reluctant Tickle
Pulling a long hair out of your **** crack
2.4k · Jul 2018
Beautiful mess
Something about
That Boy
Which makes it impossible
To meet anyone who
Measures up
Lots of fools
Can measure down
Just like him
Is always dumb
And rarely
Dumb luck
That Boy
The most beautiful mess
I've ever encountered
He was A magician.  He punched a hole in my chest without swinging a blow.
1.7k · Apr 2018
Scar Tissue
She had been
Mostly fortunate
In the blessed surrounding
Of good people
She had been permanently damaged by a bad person
But found
Much to her surprise
The damage was not permanent
Though the layer she brought from it
Was uniquely her
To those lucky to see
She was not damaged
She was scarred
And scars grow back tougher than the original
And, in most cases, leave a beautiful reminder of the day God taught your *** a lesson
1.7k · Jul 2018
Common Knowledge
Everyone is thinking it
You are the only one who
Don't see
Nobody else will tell you
Nobody else, but me
Here you sit
So whiny
Insulted as you can be
All I can say is
You're welcome
For my obvious honesty
1.3k · Feb 2018
Grow Towards Sunlight
You feel you are being buried
When you are simply being planted
1.1k · Jul 2018
"We've used up and wasted all of our resources, so now we're gonna steal them from you.
And charge you for it"
Oh yes...and force you to take up our approved religion, too, as well as make you speak our language.
1.1k · Nov 2017
I lost my baby daughter
She was two months old
And for many years
My heart stayed very cold
Then I finally realized
All good people He lets in
But He only makes angels
Of those who live and die without sin
1.1k · Mar 2018
We always think of Hell as down.  I wonder if it's not up
And evil souls are burning in the sun, returning the warmth that they stole from the world.
1.0k · Mar 2018
Ownership of Art
As artists
We want to hold on to our creation forever
We want the reader to interpret our art with our intention
We want to control
But the truth is
Once we release our art into the world
It becomes common property
And belongs to the world
We do not get to dictate
How our art will be received
Or whether the viewer must laugh
Or cry
Or become nostalgic
The purpose of art
Is to let it go
1.0k · Mar 2018
You're insisting to meet me in a battle of wits
And are woefully oblivious to the fact you are unarmed
I don't want to battle
But backing down isn't in my DNA
I'll outwit you every day
996 · Feb 2018
Hero Shortage
No wonder the world is falling apart
Superman no longer has access to a phone booth
966 · Jun 2018
Happy Poet
Nobody seems to care
About the happy poet
It can get very depressing
Being a happy poet
I just can't seem to let that dirt sit
On my shoulder
And so I remain
Happy poet
934 · Dec 2017
Input appreciated
Is it against the "rules"
To comment without giving a thumbs up?
(I commented on someone's poem, and she sent me a private message about how rude it was to comment, when I hadn't given it a like.  I told her to just delete my comment.)  I'm interested in your opinion.  Is it an unwritten rule to only comment on poems you "like?"  If so, I stand corrected.
930 · Jul 2018
Balloon Bits
After an eventful
And exciting water balloon fight With my grandkids,
I have realized the world
And grandmothers' backs
Are in desperate need
Of biodegradable
Water balloons
Cleanup is a ***** with water balloons
841 · Jun 2018
Men write ****** odes
Which is only a painful reminder
That men have no clue
How to turn women on
810 · Jun 2018
A couple of times
I called one of my grandkids
They told me they didn't like it
I apologized
And told them
I thought I was paying them
A huge compliment
They also don't like it
When I call them "beautiful"
(They're boys)
I think they might be being
Too picky
Which is probably
The opposite of weird
695 · Dec 2017
Chance Not Taken
He entranced my mind
So clever was his wit
I would gladly bind
Myself ever to it
Unfortunately his mouth
Was full of
It took just a short while
To see he wasn't for me
Yet, still I think about him
The boy who ignited my brain
Oh, the chance I didn't take
Saved me a lot of pain
683 · Apr 2018
Attracting Special
My poem wasn't that great
But the comments were Fascinating
678 · Feb 2018
Too Late
Everyone cared
As soon as she died
Love shows up from all corners
After suicide

(But not before, because if you talk about suicide more than once, you'll just annoy the **** out of people, and if you talk about it too much, they'll start to think you're full of ****)
674 · Jul 2018
That beautiful brain
With the wise ***
So reluctantly romantic
It makes your sweetness
Feel like flying
Even in memories
It's still a high
So **** fine
With your afro
And your braids
And your "frohawk" jokes
And your teeny tiny pudgy belly
Lovely frame for that perfect belly button
Half outie
That's also an innie
That **** southern twang
Playing my heartstrings like a
So perfect
You sent me **** picks
Even when you were limp
Because you've  got that kind of
Confident swag
A boy not scared to be soft
Is **** as ****
You're simply
That Boy
For me
That boy
671 · Jul 2018
I Have A Dream
I have a dream
That one day
A white man will say "******"
And a black man
Will take it as a compliment
We will all finally be healed
From the disease of the past
If it could ever happen
I have a dream
That when people say "******"
It will mean
"Person who's ancestors built this Nation
Into greatness
With their bare hands
And sweat"
If i were to pay attention, id probably care to notice that some people don't like me because I am vocal about race, and how much I respect black people.  I'm not sure why it has to be an either or thing.  Pro black is not anti white. Most people know that, but some do not.
644 · Jul 2018
God made Adam
And thought
Ugh!  I can do better than this!
God did not make Eve as a
She was an upgrade
642 · Jun 2018
Very often
It is the
To accept constructive criticism
That will cross a person
From mistaken
To ignorant
610 · Nov 2017
I write too many poems
They're bursting from my brain
Hundreds may come out
But thousands still remain
I've got so much to say
Most of it is true
It's lifted from my shoulders
When I share it with you
607 · May 2018
Current Events
When Mother Earth
Weighs in
On the leadership
Chosen by us
We are
A bunch
Of idiots
With undersized
Aortic pumps
And oversized
America should take the hint...the White house is going all to Hell.
581 · Feb 2018
Twistedly Romantic
Your mind is beautiful
But honest
And reluctantly romantic
But romantic
All the more romantic
Because I can tell it pains you
To be so
But I can also tell
You will do all you can
To avoid paining me
573 · May 2018
Rite of Passage
It is less a loss
Experiencing heart break
Than never experiencing heartbreak
Of the two possible options
I'd choose the heartbreak
553 · Feb 2018
Opinion, Please
So, Medusa and I were discussing ways we can protect children on this site.  We want kids to have a place to express their art, and we don't want to stifle them, but we thought about how dangerous private messaging can be for kids.  
If a child says something publicly, here, we are all here to protect them from harassment of any kind, and we all will protect them, but what about private messages?  Any perv can send a private message to a child, and none of us will be there to help.  Maybe hello poetry should have a rule that children under 17 cannot receive or send private messages.  
Does anyone else think this will be helpful and safer for Kids?
548 · Mar 2018
What's the point of admiring a ***** that you never get to watch walk away from You?
Per request from Medusa.
536 · Feb 2018
Never trust a man who tells you he has never measured his *****
531 · Nov 2017
I am made of stardust.  
How freakin' poetic is that?!
525 · Apr 2018
Mountain Climbing
Tougher for the bones
On the way down.
Humans are built for uphill
DeShane took me mountain climbing today.  I was panting and groaning until we were done, and then, so grateful.  And I told him so, a lot.
520 · Jun 2018
A lot of people
Seem to dislike me
I suppose
I could claim
It's because I'm a (bold)
Or because my kids are biracial
Or blah, blah, blah
A lot of people don't like me
Because I'm me
516 · Jul 2018
My prayer
Dear Universe
Give everyone
What they deserve
499 · Dec 2017
I know I made you
Than you've ever been
For both of us
You played at love to win
The thought that you can win at love
Surely is a lie
The best you can hope for
Is to bring it to a tie
495 · Dec 2017
There is a difference between an insult
And constructive criticism
When you can discern this
No matter your age
You have become an adult
This also includes some into senior citizenship
Who have yet to attain adulthood
493 · Mar 2018
When the only virus on your phone seems to be that stupid ad that keeps popping up to tell you "we have found a virus on your phone... scan now."
470 · Feb 2018
What goes around
May come around
But it is
Perpetually tardy
469 · Feb 2018
Worst Poet
I'm a poet who has no idea
How to write poetry
I don't understand meter
Or metaphor
I just write what I feel
And try to explore
467 · Feb 2018
There is no nice way
To say
"Your poem gave me a headache"
464 · Jul 2018
Ignorance is as stupid does
The difference
Ignorance and stupidity
Is that
The ignorant person
Is capable of knowing better
But doesn't
464 · Feb 2018
Mr. On Time
He always shows up right when you start missing him
455 · Dec 2017
I'm the girl who says too much
I get it off my mind
Most of the time
I do my best
An attempt at being kind
But at times, I disagree
This is not a taunt
I just like being free
Expressing how I want
452 · Feb 2018
Taking all of your problems
Multiplying them exponentially
And nailing them to the backs
Of everyone who cares about you
To be carried forever
446 · Mar 2018
I am not mentally ill
But I wonder
If I was
How envious I would be
Of all those
Who know
The bliss
Of boredom
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