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karma is dead Jan 2015
I like to write because the words
That lay on this tear soaked page
Wrap around my heart and protect me,
It's not that they stop pain from getting in they stop my emotions from getting out and stop me from creating a storm in witch I can't control
karma is dead Jan 2015
Every soul carries around
A small ember to witch it
Uses to ignite the fire inside our hearts
This ember enables us to roar
And it is what renders us human
But when that ember is doused
We become just a shell
We feel no fear no shame nor happiness or joy because when your
Soul burns out and the light in your
Eyes Become dull Try and find hope
It's what a soul is made of even though
It no longer roars it can still be re-lit all that's needed is a spark
so just keep my ember lit
And my roar will keep you warm
karma is dead Jan 2015
Just like a heart beat
I need you to breath
But just like a drug
I need you to feel sane
The idea of normality
Sinks into my soul
And I feel comfortable when your
Presence is near its like an angel
Wrapping me in her wings
I'm bullet proof
Protected from the devastation and corruption that would easily course through my veins
But she keeps me pure she keeps me free she makes it okay for me to be me
  Dec 2014 karma is dead
the problem with
being a poet in love,
is that you savour
& trust each word your lover has
without  question.

we are simply in love
with bare literature,
spoken from the lips of someone we hold
in higher regard
than ourselves sometimes.

when you love a poet
each word you utter,
should be a piece of artwork

each sentence,
a highly thought out structure of awe and beauty to leave us seeping
in the warmth of your voice
caressing such fine words

so when deciding that you love someone,
who writes or reads
fill their souls with beauty, memories & truth especially,
for a poet's heart breaks at ease.
karma is dead Dec 2014
when a poet loses his words
It's like a bow without a arrow
Useless on their own
But powerful when combined
Because if I was a engine
you'd be my fuel
As I struggle to write
The light because dim
Because you were the light
But now this tunnel is caving in
karma is dead Dec 2014
A wise man once told me
You have to stand for something or you'll fall for everything
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