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karma is dead Jul 2015
I met a girl that had eyes so wide,
they were a place for demons to hide.
They filled her with lies, self doubt, and different hair dyes,

trying to defend her heart, with a corrupt shield, thinking,
that maybe she could yield,
some form of defence.

But instead it swallowed her whole.

With no place to go and no place to feel herself,
she surrendered at the edge of a blade

until that last drop fell, and she smiled.
Suicide completely ends the chances of things ever getting better there's a way out, contact me if you need someone to talk to
Apr 2015 · 482
Real feelings
karma is dead Apr 2015
I remember the first time I saw you, the world stopped spinning that smile shone brighter then the earths sun it made me believe I could achieve true happiness I kept you locked away in my heart, right from the start this where you have stayed I even through away the key because I promised you I would never forget that little laugh you made and I prayed and I prayed and did everything I could to you believe I could hold you safe forever
karma is dead Apr 2015
Would you rather be born great
Or be born into darkness and come out the other side knowing you were strong enough to fight your demons?

I was born and raised into neither instead I began to listen to the sorrows of my own demons and learn from there mistakes sometimes I confide in the darkness and listen carefully because when all is silent that's when you hear the words you minds trying to express
Mar 2015 · 640
It's that simple
karma is dead Mar 2015
A simple vision

A simple smile

A simple greeting

A simple kiss

A simple wish

A simple dream

A simple thought of you and me

A simple memory of when you died

A simple memory of how much I cried

A simple pain that escalates

A simple reason why I shall never let a day go by, without making you proud of me where ever you may be
Feb 2015 · 588
I don't know what to do
karma is dead Feb 2015
i understand that maybe your not okay
And all you want is the doctors and the pain to go away
I'll stand by your side
holding your hand, I'll even be there when you try hide to escape the fear of feeling dead inside
But please forgive me when I spend
Too long away it's just every tear
That falls from your cheek
makes My heart feel weak behind closed doors
My inner being steps out of this shell
I've renamed hell, and sits alone stitching itself back together
And when it's done I put on my disguise and smile for you one more time
Feb 2015 · 704
I'd die alone for you
karma is dead Feb 2015
You know sometimes I think about if I'll ever find someone that loves how weird I am and respects me like you do, then I think about the fact your with someone and how that takes up sometime and I can't spend time with you as much as I want to, and if I found someone I'll have to give some of my attention to someone else then all I can think about is how I'd rather spend the rest of my life alone if it means I can give you all of my attention and care, and I'd happily be that guy that stands at the back of the room of your wedding drinking whiskey straight and the only reason I'm there is because I'd never miss seeing the happiest moment of your life and then I start to think about how you will never. Ever. understand how much I love you because I'd rather die alone then ever entertain the thought of losing you
Not so much a poem just needed somewher to express it
Feb 2015 · 394
Alone and always afraid
karma is dead Feb 2015
Lost and alone in this empty house
Trying to scream but the noise just
Won't come out I'm lying on the ground with the bitter
Taste of tears in my mouth the silence
Slowly destroying my soul
Only trying to reach out and find something new
But my hope is fading
And in death I think about trading
What I have left for one last vision of what I had just to make me smile
Just so I can think of you for a little while
Jan 2015 · 691
They protect me
karma is dead Jan 2015
I like to write because the words
That lay on this tear soaked page
Wrap around my heart and protect me,
It's not that they stop pain from getting in they stop my emotions from getting out and stop me from creating a storm in witch I can't control
karma is dead Jan 2015
Every soul carries around
A small ember to witch it
Uses to ignite the fire inside our hearts
This ember enables us to roar
And it is what renders us human
But when that ember is doused
We become just a shell
We feel no fear no shame nor happiness or joy because when your
Soul burns out and the light in your
Eyes Become dull Try and find hope
It's what a soul is made of even though
It no longer roars it can still be re-lit all that's needed is a spark
so just keep my ember lit
And my roar will keep you warm
Jan 2015 · 284
Sent by God
karma is dead Jan 2015
Just like a heart beat
I need you to breath
But just like a drug
I need you to feel sane
The idea of normality
Sinks into my soul
And I feel comfortable when your
Presence is near its like an angel
Wrapping me in her wings
I'm bullet proof
Protected from the devastation and corruption that would easily course through my veins
But she keeps me pure she keeps me free she makes it okay for me to be me
karma is dead Dec 2014
when a poet loses his words
It's like a bow without a arrow
Useless on their own
But powerful when combined
Because if I was a engine
you'd be my fuel
As I struggle to write
The light because dim
Because you were the light
But now this tunnel is caving in
Dec 2014 · 485
Stand up
karma is dead Dec 2014
A wise man once told me
You have to stand for something or you'll fall for everything
Dec 2014 · 391
karma is dead Dec 2014
You are just another scar on my heart
I'm just another promise you couldn't keep
Don't hesitate to give feed back or just to comment :)
Nov 2014 · 359
An finished dream
karma is dead Nov 2014
I remember when I
was young and in love
I remember thinking of
and wanting no one else
I always thought you'd always be the girl I loved forever  
I told you that one day I'd build my house and we would live together
And hear I sit in a throne I crafted to perfection sipping on the whiskey
That burned the most as it was a pain I come to love
I created my home in the way I described and my dream home came alive I guess you could say my dream came true the only problem is this house is empty and its memory's were meant to be filled with me and you
My thoughts are still the same
You're still the girl for me I just wish you were here so you could
See I kept my promise
That I would build a house just for you and me
Oct 2014 · 460
Just a mere opinion
karma is dead Oct 2014
Just like beauty, perfection is an opinion
It's designed and crafted ever so carefully
By the minds of us all
Opinions are unique
Just like the individual
That creates the fantasys and wild
Dreams that involve nothing but
What they perseve to be irreplaceable
And my idea of perfection
Is you
This came to mind about my best friend I'm lucky to have her around
karma is dead Oct 2014
In a war between heaven and hell
Witch side will you take
Will you fight for the good
Or give into fear of the bad
Will you stand beside the angels
Or be enticed by the devil
If I was given a choice I'd stand by the light
But my sins surround me in darkness
A great shadow now follows me every where that I go
But I'd rather be watched over by a angel then followed by the devil
You should always be given a choice in life don't let that be taken away from you
karma is dead Oct 2014
Don't pretend your sorry to make yourself feel better for the sins you created on the premise that you are who you are and you can't change because everyone can change you just refuse to,  accept one day you'll realise its all your fault and you could of done something about it but you just make out like you have a demon inside and you like to communicate with the devil because of your past stop making excuses for yourself, accept what you've done, because I did a long time ago I just can't watch you professionally destroy yourself anymore
This isn't really a poem just a train of thought
karma is dead Oct 2014
you complain that your never heard
that you wish someone would understand your sorrow
and that poetry is a way to express your innself
then hide your thoughts you write down on a page
as if your embarrased to show your true self
but maybe you should be willing to show anyone that shows
slight interest maybe you should open up your mind for the
world to see maybe you shouldnt look at others
and worry about what they think of me
negatiuve thoughts over come
optimistic actions
and sublimely create destruction
reactions that in time form into sanctions
of allowing someone to find just what there looking for
because lets be honest you've always wanted someone to find you
because your too scared to find someone yourself out of fear
they'll cause you one particular pain you dont believe
your heart can go through again
but how can someone find someone so perfect
if they dont even know they are there
you were given a voice so use it
dont abuse the power of silence because one day it will
be the only thing you will ever hear and break you piece by piece
this is really a poem it was more of a rant about myself, hope you enjoy
feel free to comment
Sep 2014 · 306
shall we begin?
karma is dead Sep 2014
So lets start with rejection
And how it turns to obsession
the need and greed to find
a soul willing to stay
without needing to pray
they wont fade
so you know happiness won't be delayed
anymore and the time you've spent looking
wont eventually turn to a family booking
a sibling or sons funeral
hoping it doesnt turn communal
because the family doesnt want them all to know
you weren't strong enough
to stand up and show your pain inside
and they weren't there to find the signs
they wish you'd left behind

so lets end with acceptance
and how it turns to repentance
of the life you were given
and the fact you emptied your veins
to rid your body of all the names
of the people you thought you new
and knowing that no matter what you do
it just isn't enough for you to find a reason
to smile anymore, this is my closure
this is my end, this is a letter i wrote
to my friend, this is the start
of my design of how my end
will be defined
karma is dead Sep 2014
Why do you always
Reignite the fight
Shoot me down when I'm in flight
And then hide your cruelty out of sight
In a harsh attempt that I might
Just give in
To every sin
Just for the pleasure you'll win
You're Evil and corrupt
You have a demon within
You smile at the scars on my skin
And you don't stop
till the light in my eyes
Becomes dim
Then bring me back from the brink
And make my heart sink
I fall so hard I can't even think
About the pain you caused previously
I can't help that your smile
means so much to me  
I just wish everyone would see
That you may be a devil inside
But your always my girl to me.
Sep 2014 · 249
karma is dead Sep 2014
You know your things are bad when even poetry won't help
Sep 2014 · 361
Wondering into chaos
karma is dead Sep 2014
Lost in the Forrest of my own mind
Trying to find the trail I left behind
Trying to find where it all began
But still I search only to find myself
Wondering deeper into the chaos
My self hatred created.

I came looking for answers
But all I found is why I
Questioned my very existence
Still I feel hollow
Still I feel trapped
Still I feel empty
Still I feel collapsed
Sep 2014 · 349
What is life?
karma is dead Sep 2014
Life is a
Beautiful lie
And death is
The ugly truth
Sep 2014 · 312
karma is dead Sep 2014
I like the way you smile
I love the way you taste
I adore the way you look at me
I hate that your not mine
Sep 2014 · 593
Sound Of Silence
karma is dead Sep 2014
I like to watch from a distance
Observe from a far
And listen to the sound of silence
I like how it makes a persons
Inner conscience come alive
Because when all said and done
We all have something to hide
So don't confide with your demons
They'll only pull you down
And When you lie still in
Your own Sea of treachery
They'll help you drown
Sep 2014 · 289
A sanctuary for the lost
karma is dead Sep 2014
In distant years I plan to build
A house for you and me
And for it to be a sanctuary
For the lost and those in need
Because people come and go
But memories will never fade
I will build a home
For happiness to be made
A place where your pain and fears will cascade
Sep 2014 · 271
Irony (10w)
karma is dead Sep 2014
We pay the price
for the sins of
our fathers
Sep 2014 · 381
fate played a cruel card
karma is dead Sep 2014
Comfort is something regularly
But eyes like yours
And someone like you
Just isn't
So when you combine those three things
Perfection is created
You always said if you could choose
Itd be me without question
Fate played a cruel card
Some things are just never meant to be
I just wish it wasn't you and me
Sep 2014 · 304
An angels tears
karma is dead Sep 2014
When angels cry
The sins in us all
Are washed away by their tears
But there anger tears apart the sky
So when you hear the thunder roar
It isn't the atmosphere cracking
Under pressure
Its when the good are done wrong
And the bad should begin to feel fear
For their end is near
Aug 2014 · 399
I thought I was untouchable
karma is dead Aug 2014
When we were young
We were invincible
No one could catch us
No one could stop us
Driving round the streets at night
Being chased in the moonlight
By everyone trying to hold us back
And in that moment it was silent
You dared me to trust you
What a mistake I made
What a silly game we played
I lost it all everylast bit
Well good, you can keep
Just don't come back
Jul 2014 · 365
the devils call
karma is dead Jul 2014
When your mind becomes numb
When your emotions are gone,
When your anger is a time bomb,
When you cry out to the sky
Because your lonely and scared
But only the devil responds
Because god isn't there
Remember your better then
To let your life flow out your veins
Don't let your bones be the only thing that remains
Just remember what your once were
Remember what you can be
Remember who I am
Not who he wants you to see
Jul 2014 · 340
ill stay right here
karma is dead Jul 2014
She told me if she could choose
It would always be me
but it only seem to hurt more knowing
I did all I could but it was just never meant to be
If she told me to wait
I'd stay right here
And my thoughts of you would never disappear
Jul 2014 · 820
Put yourself in my shoes
karma is dead Jul 2014
Just watch
Just observe
Just listen to every word,
Just think
Just wait
Just recreate,
Just try and do
All the things I do for you
And I promise we could make it through
Jul 2014 · 285
A soul like no other
karma is dead Jul 2014
You have
Beautiful soul

karma is dead Jul 2014
I know there's a lot of things I wish I didn't say
But please believe me I never meant it that way
There's not enough paper in this world
For me to write down how I feel
But to keep it short and sweet
All I ever wanted is for you to smile
And its taken me a while
To reach a point where I can except
That me and you were never meant to be
Only god himself could ever see
How much you really meant to me
but the decision your making
I hope you stick with it
Because you and him just seem fit
To the girl I fell so hard for that her happiness allowed me to fly back up
Jun 2014 · 676
karma is dead Jun 2014
I met this girl once
Her personality was as wild
As her hair
And her sweet smile
Matched her eyes
I remember telling myself
The Sweet little lies
That got me through my day
To make me believe she'd be okay
But there was nothing left for her here
Not after her soul got burnt
I admired her strength
She taught me a thing or two
But now she's gone
To find a new home
And I'll forever remember that smile I loved to see,
You know that one that used to save me,
Nor her eyes that used to amaze me.
Jun 2014 · 1.4k
I am the architect
karma is dead Jun 2014
I am the architect
of my own destruction
So don't be under any assumption
That this is self inflicted pain
I just consume corruption
So when the devil returns
Relief is what I'll feel
Knowing this is the end of our deal
Jun 2014 · 442
I'm not giving up
karma is dead Jun 2014
These roses
are dead
The violets
are to
But just keep strong
I won't
Give up on you
May 2014 · 1.2k
Will you be my Queen?
karma is dead May 2014
In the hours I can't sleep
I like to think of when we will next meet
I know the things I say can be aggressive
And I wish I weren't so possessive
Saying I love you just isn't enough
I know sometimes I make it tough
So I'll continue to write
To express what I mean
So I'll be the King, will you be my Queen?
May 2014 · 446
What happened?
karma is dead May 2014
You said you'd stay
What happened to that?
May 2014 · 1.0k
karma is dead May 2014
When you separate the complete devastation you feel from life
Life seems all to pointless
We all learn from our mistakes
So we are all born to do wrong
In a small hope they won't happen again
But in a life time you feel a similar kind of pain
A million times before you pass
So why are we not learning
Why is my stomach still churning
I'm trying to see what were meant to be
But all I see...
Is a lost cause
May 2014 · 402
Locked away
karma is dead May 2014
Look at what you've done
I used to enjoy the warmth of the sun
But locked away
Is where I stay
So thank-you for your time
But please give me back mine
Because it's starting to run out
And I've lost the energy to shout for help
May 2014 · 654
Anger makes me feel no pain
karma is dead May 2014
Anger is a ugly emotion
But anger doesn't hurt
So when you look at me
And I giving you that ****** expression
You hate to see
Don't ask me what's up
Don't get annoyed when I tell you I'm fine
Because anger blocks my ability to talk
Just look at me and smile
And tell me I'll be okay
And hug me till tears fall down my face
May 2014 · 301
I remember you
karma is dead May 2014
I remember this feeling
A scar with no chance of ever healing
My mind is lost
My heart is numb
Here we go again
It has just begun
It starts off small
But it begins to grow
It's when all my wounds
Start to show
I'm not as strong as I'd like to think
In reality I'm incredibly weak
There's only so many times
You can ignore a certain feeling
Before you feel your actions have no meaning
May 2014 · 382
Do it right?
karma is dead May 2014
Is what enslaves a nation
Into hatred
But it's not what god intended
When we were created
So do what makes you feel good
Do what your heart tells you, you should
So when you lie there reviewing you life
You'll know you did it right
Apr 2014 · 804
karma is dead Apr 2014
It's a disease
A painful virus that runs deep
In everyone's mind
It's pulls and tears
The heart apart
And takes over all other emotions
It clouds your judgement
It renders all happy memories
So next time it takes control
Remember they have a soul
And they still need you to feel whole
Mar 2014 · 373
Just once more
karma is dead Mar 2014
I understand that your now too busy
I understand you don't have time
I don't know if it's because
You know I'll always stay
Or because your not bothered either way
Jealousy is a disease
And it's growing inside my veins
It's flowing through me
Like water into drains
I only want a hour
Maybe even two
Just one more time
To show you I love you
Mar 2014 · 615
karma is dead Mar 2014
It feels cold as Ice
But as heavy as a rock
It festures in your heart
It plagues your mind
It binds resentment
To your soul
And makes your insides
black as coal
That feeling of lonliness
We've all felt
And we remember the pain
It has dealt
Mar 2014 · 413
River runs deep
karma is dead Mar 2014
They say the river runs deep
So at the bottom is where I sleep
Drowning in my pain
Blood no longer courses through my veins
No longer do I struggle to reach the top
My soul was burnt in a melting ***
I just want it to end
I just want it to stop
Mar 2014 · 365
karma is dead Mar 2014
In times of peace sons bury there fathers
But in times of war fathers bury there sons
Because when the rich wage war
it's the poor who die
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