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Kaitlin Frost Jul 2015
she could end it all.
no one could stop her.
complete power in her small hands.
finally some control over something.
the bath water would no longer be clear,
but burn crimson red.
nobody was there.
all alone with herself,
and her thoughts.
her stupid mouth and her stupid thoughts.
she hated herself.
like no other hatred.
her body her mind her soul,
swallowed by the darkness and
consumed by the crimson red.
she was a good girl,
she did was she was told.
she brought happiness to others,
and smiles and tears.
she was troubled,
but all smiles.
no one would of thought she would do it.
she was smart enough to know.
she should have been smarter.
but she never could measure up to anything.
she was a disgrace.
her broken body and soul lay across the floor.
all she ever wanted in life,
the crimson red rushed around her shattered being,
giving her an ethereal glow.
she looked happy, at peace.
Kaitlin Frost Jul 2015
i once knew a boy,
he wasn't any boy,
he was mine.
he had troubles and lost spirits,
he lost his way.
i could not find him anymore.
i searched and searched the dark mists for him,
but all i could see were shadows.
things that once were,
things that should have been.
i once knew a boy,
who taught me how to love.
it wasn't an ordinary love,
it was our love.
Kaitlin Frost Jul 2015
you stupid girl
you really thought that you could be happy
you really thought that you could do something nice
you stupid girl
once those demons enter your life,
you can never be happy.
a lie.
a rumor.
you can never be happy.
the devil is here.
Kaitlin Frost May 2015
My mind gets to the point where it's done,
I can't take it anymore.
You say you love me,
why don't you show it then?
I can only do so much.
Drinks and drinks and drinks.
I am waiting patiently,
maybe not so patiently.
Is that your car?
Is that you coming home?
All there is in this house is yelling and fighting.
I know how you feel
I do,
I really do.
You give me everything I need and want.
It's like a ticking time bomb sometimes.
Just the slightest push or shove,
and BOOM

I want you here with me.
Where are you?
I am waiting patiently,
maybe not patiently.
Kaitlin Frost Sep 2014
I hate being a woman
Some may ask why and others shake their head because they know.
I hate being a woman.
People look at me,
I talk about the big things in life because I want to be somebody.
I want to help people I want to save lives I want to matter in the world.
I have thoughts I have hopes and dreams.
I have big ideas.
But everybody is more concerned with what I'm wearing, or what size bra I wear, or what my favorite *** position is.
I hate being a woman.
We stand on a pedestal miles high, and high heels much higher,
for everyone to gaze at our complexions and so called "temples" of a body.
We are taught to shut our mouths and do what others tell us to do.
It's wrong to say no.
It's okay for our men to ****** and be ****** to release and express,
But women are delicate and pure.
We are not ****** beings.
We aren't allowed to speak our minds freely because we are wrong.

I hate being a woman.
Because in a world of free men,
We stand, still chained to the past.
Kaitlin Frost Dec 2013
I'm just a scared kid.
I don't know what I want,
and I'm not ready yet.
I'm just trying to cling to the sides of life and slow it down.
It's not easy going through it alone,
but someone's gotta do it.
The more it happens,
the more it hurts.
I thought I already went through this.
I didn't make this choice,
and it's not my fault.
When he talks to me I hear you in his voice,
and it's too much to handle.
Shut everything out.
I want to be alone,
I don't need anyone's comfort.
I feel like a puppet on a string,
and life is dragging me along.
I can't stop it.
I can't change it.
The past is the past,
I'm not that girl.
My heart has gone cold.
I don't have a capacity to feel anymore.
I don't need alcohol to numb my pain.
I'm already numb,
and it doesn't hurt.
I did what you told me to do,
and you made your choice.
Kaitlin Frost Dec 2013
Society made me.
Society made me who I am.
They made me do it.
I did as they told me to do.
Was I ***** enough?
Was I **** enough?
No never.
I had to show them how it's done.
I had to be worthless
to be worth someone's time.
I had to do all of those things
so they would like me.
But they didn't,
they never did.
They are ripping my clothes off,
trying to take what is left of me.
There's so little left.
I barely see it anymore.
No rays of light,
no kindness.
It's worse when they aren't here.
When I look in the mirror,
I'm not there.
I don't think I'm here either.
I seek temporary comfort,
cold and lifeless.
Oh you don't want to know.
I should get help,
but there's no reason to anymore.
I don't need help.
I am awake in this nightmare,
and nothing will get me out.
It is my burden to carry with me.
I'll be loved,
just not now.
I want to feel beautiful.
I don't want to be another object.
I want to break my walls that I am trapped in.
I just can't.
I'm not strong enough.
I let it all come down upon me.
I have no anchor.
Society made me.
Society made me who I am.
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