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Jul 2015
she could end it all.
no one could stop her.
complete power in her small hands.
finally some control over something.
the bath water would no longer be clear,
but burn crimson red.
nobody was there.
all alone with herself,
and her thoughts.
her stupid mouth and her stupid thoughts.
she hated herself.
like no other hatred.
her body her mind her soul,
swallowed by the darkness and
consumed by the crimson red.
she was a good girl,
she did was she was told.
she brought happiness to others,
and smiles and tears.
she was troubled,
but all smiles.
no one would of thought she would do it.
she was smart enough to know.
she should have been smarter.
but she never could measure up to anything.
she was a disgrace.
her broken body and soul lay across the floor.
all she ever wanted in life,
the crimson red rushed around her shattered being,
giving her an ethereal glow.
she looked happy, at peace.
Kaitlin Frost
Written by
Kaitlin Frost
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