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 Jun 2017 Just Me
The Jolteon
Trust, honesty
And mutual respect
Are these things
We forget
Or things
We neglect

For our friends
We attempt
A semblence
Of intent

For our lovers
We invent
Illusions of
What's best
 Jun 2017 Just Me
Kayotic Tragedy
The lions outside of your door
The wolf is in your bed
The lion's claws are sharpened for war
The wolf's teeth are red
And what a monstrous sight he makes, mocking man's best friend
The lion and the wolf both crave the same thing in the end
I hope you're ok
I really do
I close my eyes
Just to think of you
 Jun 2017 Just Me
Devan Ducasse
Alone at night
Surrounded by dark
No ones answering
Her deadly remarks

They laugh
But don’t see
The sadness she has
Is to the worst degree

She scars her skin
With razors and things
And she hopes in the morning
She’ll grow a pair of wings

To fly above
The crowd and see
That no one misses
The girl she used to be

But what she doesn’t know
Is that she can’t believe
She’ll be looking down
To find people grieve

No one will be laughing
Everyone will care
Because no one ever noticed
What she would wear

They would notice her smile
And her hair parted in half
Because no one gave a ****
And just wanted hear her laugh

She never understood
How much she would be missed
And now her true love
Will never feel her kiss

I wonder if she’s sad
Or regrets her choice
But I hope she knows that
Everyone misses her voice
 Jun 2017 Just Me
Luna Craft
 Jun 2017 Just Me
Luna Craft
A dash of color to express
Phase against a monochrome body
I dress in black
Perhaps out of convenience
Or a sign of financial insecurity
My nails are all that sing
Colors that are oh so bold
So light to the touch
 Jun 2017 Just Me
Ryan Holden
Have I lost the touch
I was given from superior,
Do my views and likes replace
soul that is dripped in my ink,
Because as I write I feel
Every single line,
Like it's my first day at school,
My first love, heart break,
Backstabbers and enemies.

It fills up this empty ink
With fuel, fire and soul,
Designs and pictures
That I paint on paper
No matter how many people
Try stop this tide of words
I sew together with meaning
And life choices.

My emotions are drained
Onto the paper like a sponge,
Along with those tear drops
And for what is to remain
Whether it's good or not,
Everything I write
I feel with passion and pain.
I wrote this because I've had a lot of negative comments about poetry as a whole recently and it frustrated me haha!
 May 2017 Just Me
If you were the sky
Then I'd be the sea
And when you shined bright
It would reflect in me.
When you're at rest
Then I am steady.
If you wanna get rough
I'm always ready.
Past closing at the bars
If you show me the stars
I'll open right up
And cast them out far.
And on the darkest night
If you won't shine a light.
Then I'm silent alongside you
Until you feel right.
We'll meet at the horizon
Where lovers will stare
And wonder with passion
Why they can't meet there.
And you'll share me a kiss
As bright as two suns.
When they meet in the middle
I'll know the days done.
And I can tell that's your way of saying to me.
Goodnight my love.
If you were the sky and I were the sea.
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