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Jordan Chacon May 2015
I don't know you much
But what I do know
Is that your the sweetest thing
I've ever seen
Your beauty is the best I've seen
With I'm with you
I don't want to leave without you
Let's just see if can't get to know
One another more
And see where this thing goes
Jordan Chacon Aug 2014
I quit tired of trying
Tried this
Tried that
No response
I try get back in your heart
No passage is given
So just let it go
Stop looking for love
Where it won't belong
Jordan Chacon Aug 2014
"Heart Break"
My heart beats for you
No scratch that
My heart broke for you
all the time we were together
The memories just bring back pain
I always just wanted to be with you
You just ended it there
Without even thinking about the ways
The ways we could be together
After all this was out the way
You didn't say you didn't feel the same
You just said there was no way
That you and could be together
After you graduate
But please I would be 18
I could've just came with you
And finish at another place
So you didn't even think about
All the different ways but **
I wish you would have saw
All the different ways
Then I would followed in every single way
Girl broke up with me after a good month and taking it hard because the reason was I am in 11th Grade and she is a senior and going to college
Jordan Chacon Aug 2014
"Wasted Time"
So the time wasted
The foot steps pasted
All this talk of future and desire
Was lied meant to lay there in fire
Oh I love you what a bust
So you love me cause
It sure seems that the only thing
You love is to make me miserable
What was the point of the time spent
If you just wasted all of it
Jordan Chacon Aug 2014
"That Day has Came"
That Day has Came
Throw away the mask
Let it be clear
The hole is filled
She is here
She is here
The one I adore
Has finally reappeared
Back to the way
Where everything is clear
I know what I want
I have what I want
the one I adore right here
Jordan Chacon Jul 2014
A Tattoo is a permanent thing to get
Well I got this Tattoo on my heart
It's you my love tattooed right in the middle of it all
I'm glad it's there I never want it to disappear
I am always seeing it from ever angle
You are my love and that should be a permanent thing to shoot hmm pout about it all the time can't get you off my mind
I love you my baby and I will always love you no matter what happens it's permanent just like a tattoo
Jordan Chacon Jul 2014
"Everyday Without You"
Everyday without you minus well be a day of hell
Wish you were here or I was there
thinking of all the time we had together every moment I was
Right by your side
All the sweet kisses you bring to me
Feeling me with joy and excitement
Oh how I miss those everyday with you
I swear to you I would be there if I could
Cause baby I love you and no one could ever change the way you makeme feel
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