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16 weeks pregnant
No father just a ***** donor
one second LATER

**** THIS ****

Broken world
Government starts being overbearing
As the earth turns

Scary things


Scares the **** OUT  of me
I am so lonely, so tired of sleeping alone
I want to be wanted, not used and disposed
Sick of feeling like guys only want me to fulfill their needs
Lies and decent
What is the point of trying to find LOVe
When all I seem to find is the ones that
Just need a piece of *** or are wearing a mask
Soon it will all be revealed
Pushed out of their minds didn't even phase them
A waste of time...
I have been lost in this like place, like I get lose in outer space.. As I walk down this Path .. I hang my head in disgrace.
All broken and crumbled and scratched. I see the fire At the end of the burns brighter and has a evil laugh...
I look Up in wonder ... And see your dark soul bust In to embers amd dance to the floor::
Your the exact reason I now crave for more,

I have this hungry branded in my mind i got to have to ., and i will stand up amd fight .., you amused .. Your smile. Makes my smile widen
By Anna Marie Rose Howard March 2016
I'm lost
Floating without purpose
Living lifeless
Away from love
Sickness listens to us sigh.
Sniggering snidely as we die.
Seeking our soul as we comply.

But still I live
And yet I am not alive.
Do it to african musk.
Roll it like finely carved dust.
Hold it like dynamite just.
When angels fall, damage must.
Together bind it with trust.
Yet time goes on without rust.
Why is it that we seek the ephemeral, when we are so grounded in reality?
The plight of man is to suffer the walk between worlds
Knowing the reach of the atomic bond wistfully longing to embrace something beyond
With knowledge, application, and dreams
Man ultimately stays unrest
Somewhere between the heart and the chest.
What is the purpose anymore
Of writing hopeful love letters to you?
Nothing more than a box filled with papers
Set aside to never be looked at again.
No stamp will ever cling to them,
No kiss shall ever seal them.
They serve me no purpose,
They bring me no answers.
Instead I write letters to her,
Some as simple as little reminders:
That you like your eggs overcooked,
That the color orange makes you naseous.
That you only drink tea with cream,
And that the ocean makes your heartache.
To remember to wake you
With kisses upon your eyelids,
And always before the sun rises.
Still I find myself writing more than reminders.
At night, when the moon stops speaking,
And the crickets will not answer,
I write her pleads.
I set aside my pride,
And find myself begging.
I beg her to please hold you tightly when you sleep,
To please forgive your stubborn, irrational fits,
I beg her to cherish your soul more than gold,
To wipe away your tears when you think about your mother.
And at the end of every letter I write,
I bow my knees down on these pages,
And on my knees I beg her.
I beg her to please love you.
To love you the way you deserve to be loved.
To love you as much as I always have,
In the way I never could.
I want You
I need You
I got You
I loved You
I stayed by You
Then something changed
You used Me
You didn't want Me
You made a fool of Me
You didn't love Me
after everything I gave You
You threw it away along with Me
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