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Joe Carroll Jun 2014
Stop at least three times a day..
Clear your mind,  think, connect and say:

Dear Universe and all within;
Plants, Animals, Whirling Winds,
Rocks, Rivers, Oceans, Streams,
Every Soul, Every Being:

"Love is what we seek."
Death is our final destination, but not today!

Connect as one, feel the power.
Spread healing light to every corner.
Think beyond our universe,
harness the power to save
Mother Earth

*~J. Carroll
Black roses with a white sun
White knuckles, holding onto the gun

Ready to die, but wanting to live
How much more can I give up?

Sounds of bombs exploding
But I'm the only one who can hear it.

Am I dead?
No, it's only in my head.
Joe Carroll Jun 2014
Great love
must be


— The End —