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Junebug Feb 2016
There's this guy he has the cutest smile
His hair is like a mop of black curls
His eyes color is like chocolate
And his voice has a deep ring to it
He has this kind of perfection that cant be explained in words alone
He has a *****-dropping smile
He is like an angel that came down from heaven
Hes sweet but has a dark side to him
Im told not to get closer to him but the more im told no The more i want to get closer
I'm waiting for the day where i can feel his pink lips on mine, his arms around my waits, his hair tickling my cheeks, and his body close to mine.
Hes so perfect it has to be illegal.
I'm falling for him faster and faster every day and i cant stop, i dont want to stop
I'll NEVER stop!
Junebug Jan 2016
Every time i see a couple kissing my heart aches
Every time i see the word love i feel like falling off a bridge
Every time I see you with my best friend i run to the bathroom and cry my heart out
Every time we cross path its like the world stops for a painful moment
Are you suffering like i am or am i going through this pain alone
Did you ever feel for me at all
Did you forget all we had in just the year you spent with her
Was i wrong to let her have you
Was i not thinking logically
Was it wrong that i just wanted to be loved
Or was it wrong that i taught you had a better chance with her than you ever had with me?
All i want now is to go back to the time when we were young and in love
Is that wrong?
  Oct 2015 Junebug
You're so ****
I know it's a fact
Because my wild
Tells me so
I want you so bad.

© Peyton 2013
  Oct 2015 Junebug
Just Melz
First touch
First kiss,  bliss
I lick my lips
The tension releases
This feeling I feel
A sickness
This desire builds
All this touching
Still can't get my fill
Craving that look
Of passion in your eyes
Your disguise,
The satisfaction
Of friction,  sweat
Dripping between crevaces
Following the path
The moisture leaves a trail
To the bottom of the ocean
Keep going
To the flame inside
It burns,  for you
Steady and hard
I feel this hunger
Quench my thirst
A slow and soft kiss,
Then it's just enough
The volcano erupts
Fall down,  bliss
It all started
With one sweet kiss
  Sep 2015 Junebug
I watch the chatter of long time friends
The jealousy's blooming
It will never end
The thing that's always been there that refuses to let go
This ***** named jealousy is the only friend I know.
Junebug May 2015
You said you loved me
You said you cared for me
You said that you would never leave me
That you would always be with me
But this morning I woke up and you werent there
Your side of the bed was cold and empty
You left nothing but a note: Sorry to leave but i realized that we were not meant to be together.
Pictures of you and the girl you told me you hated is all over the internet
You are smiling at her the same way you used to smile at me
You kiss her the way you used to kiss me
And now you leave me here alone lying on the cold floor only in my underwear
Did you mean the words that you always whispered in my hears every night
Do you really care about me or was it all a BIG FAT LIE!!
  Apr 2015 Junebug
Lost Happy Endings
Pretty girl,
You are not a Barbie.
You are not a bleach blonde plastic object to be dressed up and toyed with.
Pretty girl,
You are not a balloon.
You are not meant to be filled up and emptied or popped.
Pretty girl,
You are not scratch card.
You are not meant to be scratched open and apart
People looking for answers and joy within you.
Pretty Girl,
You are a human being.
You are meant to be flawed and scarred and to watch movies on a Saturday night alone.
Your body is meant to be a temple
It is not meant to be judged for its sexiness by
Teenaged boys who have no idea what the world is made out of.
A size 16 and a double zero have the same claim to happiness
Without stepping outside their house and feeling like there is no place for them there.
Pretty girl,
You are a pretty girl.
And there is pride in that.
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