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Anonymous Sep 2017
If a heart shatters when there's no one around
Will it make a sound?
Anonymous Dec 2015
The concept of a day has been lost in my sadness.
Anonymous May 2015
A little nonsense is good for the soul
But human emotions are hard to control
It's too easy to take a twisted thought and make a twisted mind
You ignore all the damaged spots
To convince yourself that you're fine
It seems like a lifetime of mental disease
You see yourself as helpless
Sledgehammers straight to the knees but
I guess theres always a rocky start
on the path to greatness
They say keep courage in your heart
And you will be most famous
To live a life devoid of love and passion is not to live at all
There are too many who stand so strong but still continue to fall
Pick yourself up off the ground
An earthly experience can be truly profound
Just be sure to take time to come to terms
with the darkness within us and the life beyond "our world"
Anonymous Apr 2015
People like lies
They think they dont
But they do
Lies protect from the hurt for awhile
They makes things worse in the end
But for just a little while  
You still get to think things are okay
And thats a blessing in disguise
Anonymous Apr 2015
Its hard to love someone thats depressed
Maybe that makes the end result more worth it
I dont know
But its really hard.
Anonymous Apr 2015
I have to accept the fact that no one will care like I do. I've got to stop expecting satisfying responses from people. My life is the definition of something left to be desired.
Anonymous Apr 2015
I'm sorry I'm never okay
Sometimes I try but it's just too much
Im bipolar in my spite
Leaning in favor of the usual heavy nights
I don't want to be this way
Drowning in self hate and craving pity
I don't know who would want this
I'm ashamed of everything I want
I'm ashamed of who I am
Sometimes I marvel at how thick the mask I put up is
I even trick myself into getting close to self love
Of course then I breakdown and realize how horrible I am
It can only last for so long
I never think of my self as suicidal
Because I couldn't actually commit it
I can't commit to anything
But I constantly think how amazing it would be to just be done with it all
I want to be done with everything
I crave a day when it's easy to breathe and I'm not terrified of everything and everyone
When someone asks what's wrong with me I never really know how to respond

I do now

"I am terrified of myself"
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