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Jessica Vogt Oct 2015
I am she and
You used to be
Our nothing
is yet something.
Jessica Vogt Oct 2015
Blue snow and white tips
Blotting out the dark patches.
Our son has your eyes.
Jessica Vogt Apr 2015
She opened
and fell
In his hands
the boots
the gun
the tags.
ā€œIā€™m sorry,ā€
he said
and left.
Jessica Vogt Nov 2014
I love this, this quiet, this silence,
this absence of sound. Our thoughts
answering each other's and nothing
more. Unwhispered whispers and
nothing more. Bodies together and
nothing more. We are one in this space,
in this nowhere, this everywhere.
We are us in this feeling, in this
spirit, this communion.
We are.
Jessica Vogt Nov 2014
Shape the clouds.
Show me what I need to see.
The point is sailing right beyond me.
Jessica Vogt Nov 2014
You have no time for fear my dear,
You have no time for fear.
Go run and jump and play a while,
You have no time for fear.
Go show the world your crooked smile,
You have no time for fear.
Go find the love who fits your style,
You have no time for fear.
Jessica Vogt Nov 2014
Driving on a road of glass,
the clouds under my wheels, I ask,
"Will you join me upside down
through a life we couldn't imagine?"
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