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Each being has a charter,
Something, to symbolise its essence.
Nature’s way to cater,
For its passion and presence.

A smiley face,
An ocean breeze,
The city’s pace,
A story to seize.

Not just a symbol but a bridge,
Between you and the self you never want to lose.
To define you as much as you do it.
Your charter holds the passions you will choose.

Like a vast meadow; barbaric,
And wild. Just daring you.
To run it through to its end and muse,
At a portal carrying a breeze of tomorrows dew.
My heart recognized you
the first moment I saw you
I didn't have a chance to get
  your name
Or even say anything at all
  to you...
And as the rest of that night
As I drove towards home
I never thought I would get
  a chance to see you again
But my heart knew
It knew right away
That it loved you
And that for the rest of my life
  I would love you too
Completely, impossibly, and madly
This life
The next
For all time
Or back
I would always love you
And that I always have
In that one first moment
My heart knew
  Feb 2016 JEM jAZzY WATERS
The only thing
impervious to
to death & decay,
is inner space...
remain there.
You were never to blame
For it was I who wrapped
myself around your finger
The warmth there pleased me
It was I who chose to eat
Off the palm of your hand
Everything tasted better there
Shared on Hello Poetry on February 2, 2016
Copywrite under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
Jesus all power, all glorious
Walking in majesty above all
The world and the universe too
Jesus, Jesus, hears when we pray
He knows our weakness, coming
With mercy, forgiveness and blessings
He is all power, Jesus, so glorious
Sitting at His throne where He
Comes to reign
Jesus is all victory and He's hope
Promises of places to be at His own
Where He alone rules with  power
To claim our souls
For goodness and love
From heaven above
Jesus, Jesus, power to heal
To be glorious among all
Others in this world

      BY:  Leona Chaput
Hear the song, the song to worship
The song to praise our Savior who
Reigns with power beautiful among
Those who call Jesus,  Lord of all
Jesus so wonderful, gracious and
Awesome to everyone who calls
On His name
Receiving the glory, the time to
Songs to praise Jesus forever more
Hear the song that means to worship
Jesus who walks silently with us
Carrying us through times of storms
Times of searching for healing from Jesus
Sing with a heart full of praise to Jesus
Time to praise and a time to pray
Faith is the power to reach out to Jesus
For faith is what brings us closer to God

                       BY:  Leona Chaput
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