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  Apr 2018 Jeffery Massey
Zeljka Clark
"Love is blind"
I wonder:
Is this a warning...Wisdom...
Dare I dream with my eyes open
Am brave enough
To allow your voice to guide me
When we both cannot see
What others see
When they look at us
Walking through the labyrinth

And who is lost
Who will lose
Who will come out
Who has the thread
Who's Love is wise?
Who's heart can stand
To embrace the Beast
To lose itself completely
Stepping into magnificent
Immortal, passionate Tango
Turning the Beast into Artist
Labyrinth into Castle
Where Love is just Love
Free to be as it is
However it feels
We'll never be lost
Jeffery Massey Apr 2018
I remember a time before innocence drifted away,
Those were the days when
God Blessed Me with a pure heart not led astray,
You came into my life like
a spring breeze upon the fresh morning dew,
And then I knew that my heart and soul belonged to you; Forever my love for you became
The center of all things to me,
A heavenly gift, you were life itself; guardian angel of my heart.
But alas, I did not know
To be careful for what I wished for
Because you reap what you sow,,
I worshipped and adored you so,
Never realizing that I wasn't ready to know
All that was goodness in you needed to be,
Treasured, Nurtured and Worshipped;
Guarded jealously from the hungry world taking aim at me.
I couldn't understand how much you'd mean to me,
And I let the ways of the world cloud my path to paradise that you made for me.
I became the fool who squandered your blessings away,
Blinded to Your Love that saved me every day,
And I lost your heart and my way
Along that two-way street,
I lost my heart and my soul
As a blind man in the dark
For years the memory of losing you tore me apart,
I wandered this bitter earth,
A man without a home
Seraching desperately, like a tiger in the rain...Afraid of the thunder and lightening he can never explain;
Doomed to wander and cursed to roam,
The four corners of this world
Seeking to reclaim the one thing worth all,
A chance at redemption, forgiveness and yes, the sound of your sweet love call;
The years have come and gone
Flowing like water between my praying hands,
And my empty heart hangs heavy with a sorrow that's more than a man can stand;
I can never forget you
No matter how hard I try,
Because, time and the Lord knows the answer I seek and why;
As this road of my living comes to the end of the road,
And the sun begins to set
of one sure thing I know;
You are the Love of My Life
as God can surely tell,
And being with you, for you is where my soul will forever dwell;
A Love like ours is divine you see,
And Death Shall have No Dominion in keeping you from me because...
I Love You.....
Jeffery Massey Jan 2018
By Mr. Erik Young...

Born on January 15, 1929...Dr. King truly shined,
He was noble and he thought global,
In fact, Dr. King worked so well...That in 1964 he earned the Noble Peace Prize, but in the world
PEACE was on the demise.
Only fire hoses, police billy clubs, shotguns and bombs seemed to be on the rise,
So Dr. King fought to correct inequality, not only racism and segregation but also poverty...
Along with flawed Voting Laws, Dr. King deserves Major KUDOS and applause,
He was the bomb because he was bold enough to oppose the Vietnam War,
Causing many in the U.S. to call King a traitor, an ungrateful agitator
who was only a trouble creator...
But King believed in a "Holy Power" greater
Than the FBI, CIA, or "powers that be" in the USA..
He was aware of the cruel games the world might play,
And we're not only talking about James Earl Ray,
April 4, 1968 was the fateful, foul date
Where the empthasis we see was on Menphis, Tennesee,
But you see the whole world felt this extraordinary error
And now today, we have the nrve to say we live in terror.

For some members of the world community, terrorism is nothing new,
If you think the U.S. has immunity from terroism then your thoughts are untrue,
Dr. King fought to teach us that we all must follow the rules,
If not then we will all "perish together as fools,"
And we say Dr. King fought because he was on the frontline...Consistently 24/7 all the time,
Staring victorious(ly), violent mobs in the face,
looking "Kingly and Calmy,"
Practicing nonviolently, civil disobedience like Mohatma Ghandi,
But don't think for a minute that King was weak, timid nor soft,
He didn't need a hoodie, sagging jeans, hip-hop, lots of $$$$, **** or guns to go off,
In fact, King did not need a pair of Jordan's or Timberlands
Because Freedom, Justice & Equality fueled his adrenaline
To fight for the rights of all and not just a few,
Before you recite 'I have a Dream" you better decide what you want your dream to do.
Jeffery Massey Oct 2017
Loneliness is a place
Where you never know
How you got there,,
A barren home
From whom you have
No idea of how
You will ever escape...
  Mar 2016 Jeffery Massey
I want back what I have lost.
To be whole once more,
To find the piece that fits.
I can't feel much;
But what I can,
Is just enough
To get up again.
The hope that tomorrow,
I'll find someone new,
To help me place the pieces;
To show me love again
  Mar 2016 Jeffery Massey
Got Guanxi
Hello pearl,
quartz thoughts,
beautiful girl.
Are you my whole entire world?
In tiny palm fist,
amethysts of magic tricks,
envy green in sentiment;
Plenty of men felt your eminence,
In sparkled emeralds,
cut precisely into these grooves,
to take a walk in my shoes,
you lose crazy diamond
you lose.
Some days so mundane,
I'll come after you Monday,
some say it's a Tuesday, Ruby,
but I can see through them like transparent jade,
your gaze shines opaque,
still lost in the landscape.
You shook me like a handshake,
revealed like aftermaths of earthquakes,
just another precious mineral,
subjective to the pearl,
subliminal to the world,
  Feb 2016 Jeffery Massey
Arlina H
I thought i was the only flower in your garden
I thought i was the only leaf on your tree.
I thought i was the only drop in your ocean
And i thought, you needed me.

                                                        ­                                       -**A.H
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