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Apr 2018
I remember a time before innocence drifted away,
Those were the days when
God Blessed Me with a pure heart not led astray,
You came into my life like
a spring breeze upon the fresh morning dew,
And then I knew that my heart and soul belonged to you; Forever my love for you became
The center of all things to me,
A heavenly gift, you were life itself; guardian angel of my heart.
But alas, I did not know
To be careful for what I wished for
Because you reap what you sow,,
I worshipped and adored you so,
Never realizing that I wasn't ready to know
All that was goodness in you needed to be,
Treasured, Nurtured and Worshipped;
Guarded jealously from the hungry world taking aim at me.
I couldn't understand how much you'd mean to me,
And I let the ways of the world cloud my path to paradise that you made for me.
I became the fool who squandered your blessings away,
Blinded to Your Love that saved me every day,
And I lost your heart and my way
Along that two-way street,
I lost my heart and my soul
As a blind man in the dark
For years the memory of losing you tore me apart,
I wandered this bitter earth,
A man without a home
Seraching desperately, like a tiger in the rain...Afraid of the thunder and lightening he can never explain;
Doomed to wander and cursed to roam,
The four corners of this world
Seeking to reclaim the one thing worth all,
A chance at redemption, forgiveness and yes, the sound of your sweet love call;
The years have come and gone
Flowing like water between my praying hands,
And my empty heart hangs heavy with a sorrow that's more than a man can stand;
I can never forget you
No matter how hard I try,
Because, time and the Lord knows the answer I seek and why;
As this road of my living comes to the end of the road,
And the sun begins to set
of one sure thing I know;
You are the Love of My Life
as God can surely tell,
And being with you, for you is where my soul will forever dwell;
A Love like ours is divine you see,
And Death Shall have No Dominion in keeping you from me because...
I Love You.....
Jeffery Massey
Written by
Jeffery Massey  62/M/Chicago
     Zeljka Clark, Azazel and Jeffery Massey
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