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Jeffery Massey Apr 2018
I remember a time before innocence drifted away,
Those were the days when
God Blessed Me with a pure heart not led astray,
You came into my life like
a spring breeze upon the fresh morning dew,
And then I knew that my heart and soul belonged to you; Forever my love for you became
The center of all things to me,
A heavenly gift, you were life itself; guardian angel of my heart.
But alas, I did not know
To be careful for what I wished for
Because you reap what you sow,,
I worshipped and adored you so,
Never realizing that I wasn't ready to know
All that was goodness in you needed to be,
Treasured, Nurtured and Worshipped;
Guarded jealously from the hungry world taking aim at me.
I couldn't understand how much you'd mean to me,
And I let the ways of the world cloud my path to paradise that you made for me.
I became the fool who squandered your blessings away,
Blinded to Your Love that saved me every day,
And I lost your heart and my way
Along that two-way street,
I lost my heart and my soul
As a blind man in the dark
For years the memory of losing you tore me apart,
I wandered this bitter earth,
A man without a home
Seraching desperately, like a tiger in the rain...Afraid of the thunder and lightening he can never explain;
Doomed to wander and cursed to roam,
The four corners of this world
Seeking to reclaim the one thing worth all,
A chance at redemption, forgiveness and yes, the sound of your sweet love call;
The years have come and gone
Flowing like water between my praying hands,
And my empty heart hangs heavy with a sorrow that's more than a man can stand;
I can never forget you
No matter how hard I try,
Because, time and the Lord knows the answer I seek and why;
As this road of my living comes to the end of the road,
And the sun begins to set
of one sure thing I know;
You are the Love of My Life
as God can surely tell,
And being with you, for you is where my soul will forever dwell;
A Love like ours is divine you see,
And Death Shall have No Dominion in keeping you from me because...
I Love You.....
Jeffery Massey Jan 2018
By Mr. Erik Young...

Born on January 15, 1929...Dr. King truly shined,
He was noble and he thought global,
In fact, Dr. King worked so well...That in 1964 he earned the Noble Peace Prize, but in the world
PEACE was on the demise.
Only fire hoses, police billy clubs, shotguns and bombs seemed to be on the rise,
So Dr. King fought to correct inequality, not only racism and segregation but also poverty...
Along with flawed Voting Laws, Dr. King deserves Major KUDOS and applause,
He was the bomb because he was bold enough to oppose the Vietnam War,
Causing many in the U.S. to call King a traitor, an ungrateful agitator
who was only a trouble creator...
But King believed in a "Holy Power" greater
Than the FBI, CIA, or "powers that be" in the USA..
He was aware of the cruel games the world might play,
And we're not only talking about James Earl Ray,
April 4, 1968 was the fateful, foul date
Where the empthasis we see was on Menphis, Tennesee,
But you see the whole world felt this extraordinary error
And now today, we have the nrve to say we live in terror.

For some members of the world community, terrorism is nothing new,
If you think the U.S. has immunity from terroism then your thoughts are untrue,
Dr. King fought to teach us that we all must follow the rules,
If not then we will all "perish together as fools,"
And we say Dr. King fought because he was on the frontline...Consistently 24/7 all the time,
Staring victorious(ly), violent mobs in the face,
looking "Kingly and Calmy,"
Practicing nonviolently, civil disobedience like Mohatma Ghandi,
But don't think for a minute that King was weak, timid nor soft,
He didn't need a hoodie, sagging jeans, hip-hop, lots of $$$$, **** or guns to go off,
In fact, King did not need a pair of Jordan's or Timberlands
Because Freedom, Justice & Equality fueled his adrenaline
To fight for the rights of all and not just a few,
Before you recite 'I have a Dream" you better decide what you want your dream to do.
Oct 2017 · 117
Jeffery Massey Oct 2017
Loneliness is a place
Where you never know
How you got there,,
A barren home
From whom you have
No idea of how
You will ever escape...
Feb 2016 · 946
Jeffery Massey Feb 2016
WITNESS ME by Jeffery Massey 2016

I see you when u touch me so
Like the beat of a hummingbirds wing.
I Soften as  your burning gaze sets fire to my ❤,
As my soul so lightly trembles
Awash in your flowery fragrance
Drifting lightly ever so tender your rose petal hair;
Your Truth I hear, Your Voice so near
Shimmering Wind Chimes within my secret desire
Lost so long hiding the treasure within me you seek...
I see your piercing reality throughout time's arrow...
WITNESS me as your love see me too...
Jeffery Massey Feb 2016
The  roughness signifies my pain
my struggle my Grind in this life.
One way or another I continue to climb.  
The proverbial  ladder of life!
Isn't  it amazing how our bodies can
physically  reflect our pain and Internal  wellness.
My knits and Cuts, scrapes and burns
reminds me of what I've overcome and
how far I still need to go
I take my time though and treat myself well
and learn to be gentle
*** life has a way of reflecting pain and happiness.
All u have to do is look closely.
The signs are right in your hands.
Jeffery Massey Oct 2013
SMILE by Elizabeth June

Sunshine beaming on my lidsstreaming through my blindsdreaming of a time in our mindswhen we could see clearlywhen we could hear yearlythe auld-lang-syne of happy timesresolutions new solutions to oldproblems of race, religion, creedproblems we face, admonition, greedwhen we could feel dearlythe cal-a-mine lotion soothing the poison ivy of hate to make a happy, though persecuted, person smile
SMILE BY ELIZABETH JUNE copywrite 03/2013
Jeffery Massey Oct 2013

By Poor Richard’s Son © September 2013

How certain-there appeared whispered pronouncements which proclaimed the utter emptiness of his lonely state.  Such a place where he dwelled, propped upright by an inherent absence of self-knowledge that fleetingly explained and defined his reality.  A whispering reality, it seemed, that cried out to the god of raw truths regarding bitter human nature and yet, a sublime presence presented by all he would ever encounter.

An unsettling serenity tasted of a sweet and sour paradox of which he was possessed, captured by the strangely beatific attraction that lay deep within all things grotesque.   Astonishingly, flotillas of startling enigma had emerged from within his memories of youth. They came, flowing with the bitter tide of unfulfilled promise.  For always there existed a rather twisted reality. And that was all he really had; a sojourn through the veil of an eternal gratitude which had not served him very well at all.

Thus, he quietly peered thru the windows of his pristine prison-once more reaching without reason for yet another promise unfulfilled.  There, he stoically stood as a monument to reaching after the unreachable, standing there, halfway through this trial by fire-on his way toward a collision course with failure perhaps, vetted to try once more to survive this proving ground of academic acceptance.

His participation was a living testament to the folly which only the fool would ever really know.  Yes, he knew all too well the absolute denial of his ongoing failure to thrive, a failure fueled by the utter blindness that befalls those with the purest of faith.  A faith that one fine day his ship would finally roll into the bay;  success would surely be within his grasp at last .

So passionately he watched the desolate streets outside the college, through the immaculate window like a tiger in the rain, knowing the thunder and lightning he can’t explain…can never contain…could never retain.
Aug 2011 · 1.1k
Sorrow's Formation
Jeffery Massey Aug 2011
August 29, 2011
Sorrow's Formation

Sorrow's Formation

The Source of sorrow bears a treacherous form
Morose with such a solemn look
Deep disdain for those who keep
Misery for what past blows they took

And so despise the countless hours where lay
Some soulful feat to come what may;
And trespass through the broken gates
Where sorrow dwells and lies and waits.

Awaken all! Redemption's near.
Bring along hope that won't borrow fear.
Hypnotic realms we trespass on
Seek to tatter our dreams before the dawn.

Sweet embrace of tender light,
I look up to see your face;
To brighten up with warm delight
And leave the gloom without a trace.

Malea Renee Miller
Apr 2010 · 478
In Over My Head
Jeffery Massey Apr 2010
Why did they do that; I can’t tell
Blows so fast I was down before I fell,
Friends & Lovers all said they were true
But when loyalty came to collect, no payment was due

Cause those who had my back were far & few.
As it all hit the fan, it was then that I knew
I couldn’t love me cause I gave it all to you.

So I stared at that crater where there was once my heart
Brimmed with the bitter thorns left behind by promising false starts
Trimmed with sparkling tears as my hope departs,

Rimmed by golden angelic halo’s
Foretelling a future good and true
Skimmed off the top of a fantasy love affair,
My betrayed hope turned blue,

Choking, gasping & grasping
For sight of the oasis promised in this desert;
I remain marooned, touching so sad a life,
Holding onto the promise that was you.

So why Did they do that?
I will never know
Cause the blows came so fast
I was still too busy giving myself credit
For escaping my fate to reap what it was I sowed.

So now I face my fate
As I collect my gate
For the show which became my life of late
As I get exactly who I paid for in hate.

Swimming with the Sisters of sin,
Heartache & Strife.
Copyright March 2010
Jeffery Massey Apr 2010
Would you ever hold the night
With just a single hand?
Would you ever let me go,
And make me understand?

Would you ever kiss me softly,
As if that kiss meant good-bye?
Would you hold me, oh so closely,
If I was to start to cry?

Would the tears I cried for you
Make you feel my pain?
Or would you not care for me one bit,
And my hurt would be in vain?

Would a simple question,
Remain unanswered?
Or if you were asked who you love,
Would I be your answer?

Would you keep your word
Of being always together?
Or would this lonely life of mine
Last forever?

If I told you I felt sad
Would you come be by my side?
If I was to get you mad,
Would it hurt you deep inside?

Don't ever tell me you don't care
Because I just know that isn't true.
If your heart decided to love someone,
   ...Would I be the one for you?
Unknown Poet

— The End —