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Jaycer John Bajo Jul 2016
This year in Chinese astrology
Is that of the fire monkey
Unlucky, as I am
A wooden pig, unfortunately

Monkey and pig don't go together
Pig is of peace, monkey's a mischievous creature
Wood can be weak and eaten by fire
Twice the misfortune, not any better

I lost alot, and I mean alot
They say to count the blessings
oh why? I cannot
The reason, maybe I'm a pessimist
and rely alot
On the fate of these animals than the power I got

The power to think  and the power to act
The power to let go the things that can't be back
To pursue and dream and never nag
To control the things that I can, to be back on track.
Jaycer John Bajo Mar 2016
Saw you and your eyes were telling me
How I should look up and see
The beautiful sky spread above the sea
It is never alone though seemingly empty

At day there's the sun embracing; the clouds frolicing
At night the moon, with stars that are dangling

You were smiling and your eyes turned lines
Your warm soul laughed; my sadness faded
Seemingly closed as it hides
Thoughts of loneliness ended

Xie xie ni yi xiang

— The End —