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Silencer Dec 2018
The heart follow not, for the desires that it holds
lest those desires they be good

like the wild beast that seeks escape,
so too it is the heart that must be tamed.
I had a poem written a couple weeks back, and I wass quite proud of it so I decided to post it, but when I highlighted my poem , I clicked seleect instead of copy and erased everything. I couldn't get it back. Needless to this part, it is or better say was my ending to captivate its finishing touch. I will come up with another and add this in the end of it.
Silencer Jul 2018
In captivation I seated myself
Like that of a coaster ride
Leaving my morals and my sanity behind
The notion of such adventure led me blind
through wasted times I lost all purpose the sense to focus with open feelings floating in the surface
With earnest genuine of my excitement and my nervous
Night falls
Quicker than wood left burning in the furnace
Like the ashes of memories that once were, left to dissipate forever all across the ocean
Synchronized in motion you managed to reach shore
Whether unaware or inability to care you left me drowning in emotion
Sunk for years that I was
That your presence left me like an alcoholic that your absence kept me drunk
Swimming through barriers of heartaches to believe you were the one
And I was done..
searching through the abyss of all seas
Rising to new surfaces in hopes that I could breathe
Knowing that in you I'd never come to reach,
the finding to know love..
And I was done..
Silencer Jan 2018
There’s an ocean
An ocean filled with fire
An ocean that represents the eyes
As it spreads with every lie
Drenched in a purée of honey laced lullabies

Though it doesn’t seem that way

A cool calm breeze inviting you to play
the simple and the innocent take their part through waves
All seems dandy, all seems well
never realizing it is the beginning of a never ending tell,

A journey into hell..
Silencer Aug 2017
Her mind captivated her very being
in seclusion
breathing in everyday
To know nothing but the fantasies residing within
It was all she knew
More than just dreams
it was the only thing that allowed any form of sensible peace in a world full of screams
Destined for more
and I know,
all you wanted was to rebuild the life that depression had torn
all you wanted was your spirit to fly
àll you wanted was to do and find right
all you wanted was to find the person that would give you the right reasons to cry
a man to say, "in you I found life."
For the fruits that she beared had become suddenly dry

Robbed from the happiness that once gave her life
suffocation by a heart darker than night
and eyes representing the thunderous skies
A wrenching curse left upon through childhood
she met Depression, by his side where she stood
The greatest iconic deception
That would eventually unfold to become..
Reality's reflection.
Reality's Asleep and she hasn't gotten up
I tried to wake her
I tried to shake her
but it wasn't enough
I hope you hang tough
I hope you come to understand that there's life outside of the relationship with the man you once loved
Cause when you wake up from the hypnotic state that once made you blind
You'll realize you had given up more than just the man you were leaving behind.
Silencer Dec 2016
I once too was a victim,
A victim of desire..
Luring me in slowly, drowning, in its unquenchable fire..
I needed escape
I realized soon, it was a life, I needed replaced
It was freedom that I needed to taste
To never be fazed
To be in control
To bring back everything that desire had constantly stole
The wrong path that I took, now I wander the netherworld in search of my home
In time I will know
The darkness will be caved by the light at the end of the road
Love will shine, and fear will not prevail anymore
As of now we keep traveling fro
You are never alone, and where ever you roam
Soon we'll all be together, soon we'll cross paths,
Happily we'll live and we'll dine
To never remember the past...
No more worries
No more pain
No more hate and
No more games
All that we'll know, all there will be, is the beauty of love that never failed to cease or wash away..

Merry Christmas everybody :)

Death, life, & Jesus Christ

Older me talking to the present you and I. One day I will look back on this, and It'll be great
Silencer Dec 2016
I saw the gaze that she'd hold
Infinite, like diving through space
In to the galaxies
Where paradise rests
Courageous, she put it all to the test
Unknown areas that became apart of her world
Creating to destroy what had once taken away her sanity
In the blink of an eye
The old world had perished, for her kingdom to rise
She now had it all, all commands lied in her power at hand
A world she would rule and control, Never again to expose the once broken heart she now had made whole
*..Destiny's role
  Nov 2016 Silencer
Sarah Steck
It's a feeling I think
I have to crave
Your hand in mine
Is like a lullaby
Your eyes sparkle
In the sweet sunlight
And by the moon's light
They don't loose their luster
My head on your chest
I can hear your heart beating
And time stops for a second
The world around us
May still be moving
But we lay here stagnant
In our own universe
With little infities
Enough for a lifetime
But yet this moment could
Not last long enough
For our time is fleeting
Though it just begun
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