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Dec 2016
I once too was a victim,
A victim of desire..
Luring me in slowly, drowning, in its unquenchable fire..
I needed escape
I realized soon, it was a life, I needed replaced
It was freedom that I needed to taste
To never be fazed
To be in control
To bring back everything that desire had constantly stole
The wrong path that I took, now I wander the netherworld in search of my home
In time I will know
The darkness will be caved by the light at the end of the road
Love will shine, and fear will not prevail anymore
As of now we keep traveling fro
You are never alone, and where ever you roam
Soon we'll all be together, soon we'll cross paths,
Happily we'll live and we'll dine
To never remember the past...
No more worries
No more pain
No more hate and
No more games
All that we'll know, all there will be, is the beauty of love that never failed to cease or wash away..

Merry Christmas everybody :)

Death, life, & Jesus Christ

Older me talking to the present you and I. One day I will look back on this, and It'll be great
Written by
         kennedy, ST Rossa, Born, ---, Kim Johanna Baker and 10 others
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